We are super excited to bring you our first offering of Kits…we have Four kits this month to offer you.

We feel we have something for everyone…our main Subscription Kit (SOLD OUT) September 2017 Scrapbook Kit “Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up”  September 2017 Mixed Media Kit “Caricature”, September Vintage Kit: “SideShow”, September Home Décor Kit: “Kisses: 5 Cents”. Please visit our KITS PAGE to order! Please visit our SUBSCRIBE PAGE for more details on how to subscribe so you can ensure you get your BAD GIRLS KIT.

This month we are so excited to bring BAD GIRLS back so we thought the best theme would be CARNIVALE!!! Everything is a GRAND CELEBRATION…with plenty of laughter and joy…so come take this journey with us and explore how FUN art can be when you add lots of BOLD, BRIGHT COLOR!!! Every kit has a good dose of Mixed Media so that you can learn to use these amazing mediums…and remember when you are BAD…there are NO RULES!!! NO FEAR!!!

So…come on….let’s go…are you EXCITED???… As we enter the CARNIVALE I hear someone say “HURRY, HURRY, STEP RIGHT UP!” , as we come to the man who wants to draw our picture like a cartoon…the “CARICATURIST”…look at all the funny nuances…OMG..he has so much fun as he draws and he has no qualms about adding lots of FUN COLOUR…I stand and watch and he beckons me to look at a book he has created… over years he tells me….as I turn the pages I am amazed at all the beautiful art…he calls it a JUNQUE JOURNAL…I am fascinated and make a mental note before leaving that I MUST create a book this GORGEOUS also…I grab my funny picture and my next stop is….

The “SIDESHOW”! WOW…I am amazed at all the people standing around here just marveling at all that is going on…I see everyone running around…laughing and talking…holding bright, colorful balloons and I am drawn to the beauty all around me…I vow to create something that reminds me of the beautiful little booth..sparkling with color and promises of FUN!!

I run to the Kissing Booth…It says “KISSES…5 CENTS”… I find a woman who tells me her forlorn story of hoping to find love working at this booth…she told me she dreams of being an artist one day and she collects little bits and pieces and every night she goes home and adds them to a wooden board that she painted. It’s well worn now and years later it has lots of memories on it…she promises to show it to me later and I think about creating something just like this….

Make sure you take a look at all the projects on the KITS PAGE that were created this month as a result of this AMAZING CARNIVALE experience!

And now for the ULTIMATE SURPRISE for our GRAND OPENING…I would like to introduce you to our Guest Designer for September…