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THANK YOU for shopping at BAD GIRLS COUTURE and remember to Create Something Beautiful!


Wendy La Croix

Bad Girls Couture 2018-19 Design Team Call!


Hi Everyone! And welcome to our 2018-19 Design Team Call. I am very excited about taking Bad Girls from the world of Kit Club to Manufacturing, so our new team will be representing our new Mixed Media Paint Line, Art Journals and MORE!

We are an eco friendly company…so if you are passionate about preserving the environment also you will be happy to be working with a company who is striving to save the planet and do our part to lessen our carbon footprint.

Our initial paint line aptly called “Haute Mess” comes in an array of 27 colors! Our new Art Journals are Gorgeous and unlike anything you have ever seen! That, along with our Journal Jewelry, Stick Pins, Gems, Glitter, Tags, Pockets and more will make for an extremely satisfying design experience!

In the spirit of being BAD….here’s an early sneak peek of a few of the paints….

If you have any questions or comments I welcome you to leave a comment here or email me @ I will answer you promptly!

Good luck to all and I can’t wait to see all of your entries! ….and now for what you’ve been waiting for…here is the Design Team Call….

Bad Girls Couture Design Team Call


Entry Period: 9/1/18-9/15/18

Open to all US and INTERNATIONAL Artists


Wanna be BAD??!!!!


Bad Girls Couture is a private label manufacturer specializing in state of the art mixed media , art journals, home decor, and authentic vintage products. Bad Girls Couture prides ourselves on being a green company, helping to sustain our environment by manufacturing products that are eco friendly. We believe in providing our community with an exceptional experience through a team of artists who come together to teach, inspire, and instill an ever evolving atmosphere of innovation. Matter of fact… if you are a RULE BREAKER then you are in the right place! We are looking for artists who create art with no fear and are not afraid to break every single rule, push the envelope, and who have no boundaries! If you want to join the best in the industry and at the same time gain some really good exposure, enjoy great perks, and get to create with some of the best products then you are who we are looking for!




Passion for creating art and projects with a broad knowledge of mixed media, and the ability and desire to grow as an artist and try new products. You must be adept at working with acrylic paint,

art journals, mediums (gesso, moulding paste, gel medium, clear gesso, etc.)

Proficient with excellence in photography and knowledge of video taping tutorials and classes. Must have prior Design Team experience with knowledge of typical duties and the mixed media art industry.


Must work well under pressure and tight deadlines.


Must be a team player and participate in Bad Girls promotions and contests


Must be active on at least two of the top Social Media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, & Twitter)


Must have a current Blog and You Tube Account.


Other Manufacturer and Kit Club design teams are acceptable. Our paint line is 27 different custom and unique colours and we expect our Design Team members to promote our paint solely

in your online and print work.


You must be able to contribute a minimum of 1 Video Tutorial and 2-3 Blog Posts per month.


You must be able to commit to posting all your work for us on your Social Media, Blog, and Online Galleries where permitted.


Graphic Design experience is not required, but a definite plus.


Entry Requirements:


Submit a combination of 4 projects/layouts…at least one MUST BE a project, or give us a link to a gallery on a  Social Media account that features a good selection of your artwork.  Make sure this is your best work and it epitomizes your unique style and abilities.


Submit your resume, links to any online galleries, your Blog, your Social Media accounts, and anything else you deem highlights the exposure of your art, social media, and ability to advertise it.


Please indicate which Design Teams you are currently on.


Tell us why you would like to be a BAD GIRL! What makes you a good fit for our team? What would you like for us to know about you?


You may submit your completed entry to:

In the Subject Line please write Design Team Entry/Your Name


Include your name, address, email address, phone number.


Artists will be notified by 09/17/18. We will have a meeting in September and your official term will begin! Luscious Design Team boxes will be shipping out the same week! You will receive all 27 colours of our Haute Mess acrylic paints, all of our Haute Mess mediums (Gesso, Moulding Paste, Matte Gel Medium, Glass Bead Gel, Clear Gesso), Gorgeous Haute Mess Art Journal, Gems, Stick Pins, Vintage Fabric and Papers, and more!



Your Benefits as a BAD GIRL DESIGNER:


You will receive our Private Line to design with. As we manufacture and release new lines you will also receive shipments with those contents.


We will also be releasing random Limited Edition Kits. Some Design Team Members may be eligible to Design with these kits.




A discount in our Shoppes of 30% off.


Published projects with BAD GIRLS COUTURE signature products will be generously compensated. Amounts to be disclosed to Designers who become a part of our team.


Opportunity to attend and teach at trade shows and retreats.


If you have any questions or comments please send to:


Good Luck to all you BAD GIRLS!!!





OK…FIRST of ALL….I have to say I MISS ALL OF YOU! I feel like I have dropped off the earth for a while…but all for good reason! So…of course a girl has to get her SHOP ON…and YES!!! The ENTIRE STORE is 40% OFF (code: 40OFF)…with FREE SHIPPING (code: FREESHIP) on US orders $100 and over! So please…help a girl out (I’m eyeballing the Miu Miu’s) LOL…and GET YOUR SHOP ON!!! Go get all those pretties you’ve been wanting and create something GORGEOUS!

HONESTLY…Labor Day is a Great time to shop, but it came at the right time…We need to clear out all of our inventory to get ready for our NEW VENTURE….YESSSSSS…that’s correct!  I always dreamed of developing my own line and as much as I tried to do my kits and work on that, there was only so much time in a day. I just couldn’t make it happen. So I decided to discontinue the subscription kits and JUST FOCUS on being the manufacturer that I always wanted. I love to DESIGN! And as an artist, I always picture what I want…and how I would design…so it was time!  For those of you that have been with me since way back in 2007 you may remember I tried to do it back then too…but same problem…not enough time!

I must say…it has been quite the journey! I have laughed, cried, sat back and wondered what I was doing…LOL, but mostly I have learned OH.SO.MUCH!!! I will soon tell you the whole dang story and what our new mission is…but I tell you this…I AM SO DANG FREAKING EXCITED AND SO PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED! I will spill the beans on a couple of issues I am most proud of….

  1. Everyone knows I am super proud of being a staunch protector of the environment…and with that being said I have made a solid decision to be a GREEN art company. We WILL reduce our carbon footprint! We will manufacture eco friendly products! We will package with the environment in mind! We will teach how to recycle our goods! More about that later too! There is soooo much more to brag about!
  2. One of the products we are releasing in about 6 weeks is a paint line that I developed with ummmm….27 COLOURS!!!! WOW!!! I KNOW….I told everyone here I was starting with only 10…and I couldn’t contain myself…I designed all the COLOURS myself and I just couldn’t STOP…LOL!!! I had to basically  have it all…but trust me…I am not done. Lots more will be developed in the near future. Again….much more about that later too! OH YA…the paint? Completely ECO FRIENDLY! Yayyyy!

So, get ready to see some changes around here while we get ready to be a wholesale manufacturer…but I am still going to be my same old self and YEP…you guessed it…I am going to do things my own way and break all the rules like I always do…heaven help me…hahahaha. You will still be able to make purchases here on our website and there will be limited edition items that we will only make available here for our clients. I KNOW you are going to love what we have planned for you!  Not only that, but I know you all love our kits and our Vintage flair so I am NOT abandoning YOU! I am still going to develop Limited Edition Kits. More on that later too! We will still specialize in AUTHENTIC VINTAGE and you may be wondering just how we are going to do that. Re-read above…..about the laughter and the tears….LOL…it took some time to figure out how to squeeze in all I love, and alas…I figured it out. I think we will all be happy. excited. life is good. a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my customers who have stayed by my side and sent me emails and checked on how I was doing and asking me “Where is my BAD GIRL fix”? LOL…

So, you will start to see some activity around here. You will see the site change a little…not too much! You will see a Design Team call go up tomorrow. You will start to see postings with more information and some sneaky peeks soon! We are slotted to release our new line appropriately called “HAUTE MESS” mid October! Get ready to see the ART JOURNAL (oops)…Its BEYOND GORGEOUS and unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

We will talk soon and if you have any questions, comments or just wanna say hi…please send me an email to:

((((HUGS))) xoxo


Outfit sets the mood!

Hello bad girls! While I was preparing a photo for this post, I got a lot of new experience and had fun! It’s hard to take pictures of your clothes))) That’s what I got! My work requires a strict style in clothes. Therefore, it is a lot of black. But I like diversity and I still have to play with textures)))

I’m small and I really like French clothes.

I like the little invisible details, they make style! This metal bow is very cute)))

The combination of different fabrics and textures is what I most like, it does not look boring.I’m already looking forward to when the weather gets warmer and I can put on my favorite coat in blueberry. Of course I’m not a fashion photographer, but I spent a lot of fun doing this photo)))

In my spare time I prefer bright juicy colors in clothes. Such clothes create a mood. We walk on the beach and I want to fly up with the seagulls))))

Bright clothes look great in the photo for my scrap layout!

Try to photograph your wardrobe, this is an interesting experience, I began to look for different angles and compositions.

I love scarves, is it noticeable? )))))))))))))

I hope I inspired you to experiment! I think it’s worth making a page about my wardrobe 2018, after some time when I’ll become a grandmother, I’ll show my grandchildren and tell what was in vogue)))


Repurpose that old piece of jewelry!

Hey y’all!  I’m ready to get you digging through your grandma’s jewelry stash or your old junk jewelry/button bins with this project!

This was such a quick and pretty project to do with stuff you have in your stash and the March BGC kit.  I used the wooden clipboard (don’t you just love that clipboard?!) and just lightly rubbed on some of the blue paint from the March kit.

Next I moved on to the flower.  I took apart one of the flowers in the kit and rubbed some Bad Girls Couture gesso in the middle of both flower sections.  When that was just about dry, I came over that with some of the yellow paint in the kit.  I loved rubbing it on instead of brushing it because it gave it such a natural effect and really made it look like the inside of a flower.  I then brushed on some clear crackle paint and allowed it to dry.  Once the crackle dried I rubbed on some brown ink to give added dimension and highlight some of that beautiful cracking.  Finally, I added some glitter to the edges of the petals with some gesso before glueing both pieces of the flower back together.  And as the crowning touch to this lovely flower, in the center I placed a beautiful vintage rhinestone earring.  I removed the clip from the back and just adhered it with a bit of hot glue.

The flower is attached to the clip with another touch of hot glue and it’s now ready for use!  Fun for displaying mini pieces of art, pictures or cards!

Now go digging in your junk jewelry and buttons and find a treasure to REPURPOSE!!

Best Day

        Hello to creative girls)))) Today is Wednesday, which means the rubric “Color splash” and I have an incredibly bright and cheerful card for you. The set of March Kit “With Sprinkles On Top” is so bright and life-affirming that it is obvious – to create bright projects)))) I took several sheets of Shimelle “Glitter Girl” by American Crafts: “Snap To It” and “Make Magic”

I was inspired by the inscription “Today is the best ever”))) I made it the main one in this project. I cut out the card from the sheet and worked the edges a little, First with a blade of scissors, and then shaded them with bureau color.

   Bright pictures on the sheets can become independent elements of the decoration of your project. Just cut what you like! My choice is a small raspberry camera. Gently cut it out along the contour and have a gorgeous decoration!

This postcard has several layers. On the workpiece from the white cardstock, first glue the cover from the yellow paper into the crimson asterisks. The second layer is a smaller-sized cover from a turquoise leaf to a yellow strip. Lastly, paste a card with an inscription! All covers are glued to adhesive two-sided adhesive tape.I often use in my projects a strip with a patterned border – this is the bar on which the bar code and the name of the collection. I cut off these strips and then play with them, using them for decoration. 

All the decorations I glue on bulk adhesive pads to create volume and emphasize many layers.

The main decoration of this postcard was a kite! From the patterned leaf we carve a lilac rhombus. And then we make a contrasting turquoise substrate under the diamond, it is obtained from two layers.Between the layers attach a yellow waxed cord. It will perfectly complement the composition in terms of texture and free attachment. It is important not to stick the cord along the entire length! Only a few fixing points! I decorated the rope of a kite with colorful bows made of one-colored cardstock and patterned paper.

This postcard will get a real Splash of color! It will give you the mood and inspiration for today! Have many better days in your creative life by my creative girls! We are waiting for your work in the gallery of the blog)))) I’ll see you soon, thank you for visiting our blog!

Inspire Me: Altered Frame


Hello crafty friends! It’s Rae, and today I am sharing a project I made using some items from the March scrapbook kit, and some things from my stash. I collect images of color palettes on Pinterest and all over the internet. Here’s the color palette that inspired me:


Here’s what I came up with:


The green paper from the kit was perfect for this palette, so that was what I started with as my base. I have picture frames that I am not using, so I decided to use one for this project- I painted one that was 8 X 10 in size. I started with black gesso, and then dry brushed the pink paint from the March kit. Here’s a close up of what the finish looks like:

I added some large roses from my stash to each of the corners. The green leaves are made from the green ribbon in the kit- I sewed them for added dimension.

For center of the design, I added the red playing cards from the March kit in a way that they look fanned out. The ribbon is also from the kit. The small green flower petals are also from the kit and the cover up the cows on the cards, which didn’t really go with this design, and it  helps blend the green with the rest of the design of the frame. The heart and the crown are from my stash. I painted the heart, which was white to start, with the pink paint from the kit, then added some pink wax to give it a mottled look. I added one of the Prima Marketing Junkyard Findings metal pieces “Home” to the heart.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog today!


Good morning!! The other night, I was bored so I grabbed a patterned paper from the February Bad Girls Jardin des Tuileries Kit and started cutting out the flowers…

Once I had a few patterns cut, I had an idea as to what I wanted to do with them. Initially, I was going to create a quick card, but then I decided to create a layout using photos of my sister with her BFF, Maddie. The photos are pure bliss and they make me smile every time I look at them. Oh, to be young, free and fearless again!!

I used Creative Memorie’s Circle Cutting System to cut circles from more patterns to frame the photos.

Then I just moved the matted photos and flowers around until I was satisfied with the arrangement. This took me some time…

I tore a few pieces of patterned paper and added them at the bottom of the layout to fill in the space a bit. Then added a few die cuts and the chipboard title to complete the layout.

What do you think? Do you ever have a hard time cutting into pretty paper? I do, but sometimes, it’s so worth it!!

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Altered Wall Art

Hi everyone! Today, I have a very fun project to share with you! A few weeks ago, I was thinking I needed something for my wall in my scraproom. I searched online for something pretty with lots of color and shapes/patterns and saw some paintings that were a few hundred dollars…and I didn’t even like them that much! So, I sat at my computer searching other websites and I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I talked to Wendy for a little bit on the phone and was like, I gotta go… LOL, I have an idea. hahaha, I just love when that happens.

I didn’t waste any time. I pulled out a piece of white cardstock and applied lots of Bad Girls Couture’s gesso to it. While it was drying, I pulled out stencils, paints, mists, Nuvos, stickers and buttons. I had a vision!!

When applying gesso to cardstock, I don’t worry about making sure it’s completely smooth because I want to add some texture to my project. Notice the messy look… You’ll see what I mean later in the post. 🙂

I used several stencils on this piece with a variety of different bright colors. I started with the darker color (blue) first using a mini circles screen. The brayer helped flatten the acrylic paint. Then I added some orange mist and blended it in with a baby wipe. Initially, I was going to use a pink butterfly. If you look closely, it’s there… but isn’t really clear. I decided to use the white paint to mute it down some. I used the cap to add a few bigger circles in the background, here and there. I used a scribble stencil at the top left-side of the paper using the orange mist to give it a rougher appearance. Once the paint dried, I added a little bit of lime to break up the orange, blue and pink a bit by applying a small dot on the brayer and rubbing in on the layout… By using a little at a time, I had more control over the color.

Here is a glance at the stencils I used…

I used Bad Girls Couture’s Molding Paste and a triangle stencil to add more dimension to the background. I decided to keep it white so it would pop off the page more… rather than mix it with some acrylic paint.

I was going to stamp a girl with wings to the center and it didn’t turn out well… so I covered her up with some more paint and splashed some more orange paint to the background. That is one thing I like about creating a mixed media piece…you can easily cover up your mistakes!

I love a little touch of black with bright colors… So I used this splatter stamp and some black ink. Then made swirls in the center of the splatters. Once the Nuvo dried, I added Jillibean Soup Buttons to the center using Tombow Glue. This glue is awesome… Nothing is coming off this page with this glue.

As an after thought, I added the chipboard hearts as well. I left them in their natural color since I had enough color… These chipboard hearts are by 7 Dots Studio. I glued some Doodlebug rhinestones to the center of the buttons just for fun.

And here is the final piece! I just love this piece and I especially like the fact that I didn’t have to pay a few hundred dollars for it! What do you think?

And here’s what it looks like framed. I was looking for a 12 x 12 metallic frame, but then I decided to just go with a gray frame.

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I’ve inspired you to experiment with your mixed media products. It’s sooooo therapeutic and fun. I totally want to try this again. 🙂