Greeting card with peonies

Creative girl, hello everyone! I gave this gentle postcard to my girlfriend for her birthday! she really liked it;)Do you like to create postcards? I do not do it often, but I love it!  Patterned paper – a favorite again inspires me))) and I very much hope that you, too, are encouraged! This antique pink, and asks him to do this background for a card with peonies)))) Am I right? Do you also think so? As a basis for a card, I took a gray cardboard oist and stuck a sheet of pink in it for the cover. I do not like chasing, but I really like the peonies in this set))) I am a pale pink powder, and then watercolor. I cut out a jar of tracing paper on the plotter, it seemed, was made of frosted glass. it looks really cool! 

A few glass drops became expressive accents! A small sticker from the set of stickers from American Craft looks very stylish on this postcard.

Each element has its own level for gluing. This is very important for creating volume. Share your work in the blog gallery! It’s so interesting to see what you are creating my girlfriends!


Bad Ass Faux Stitching


Hello friends!

One of my favorite techniques to use on my projects is stitching! However, I don’t always have the sewing machine out, and hand stitching can take waaaaay toooooo loooong! That’s why I fudge it with faux stitching with a sewing wheel cutter (one of those wheels with spikes), and a black pen. Here’s the result:

Here’s a close up of how the faux stitching looks:

I usually drag the pen over the line of holes a few different times, and I don’t worry about it being perfect because I love the look of messy stitching! It’s a tiny detail that makes a big impact on the design of a layout, and the best part is that it’s simple and quick.

As for the some other aspects of my design, I added some black leafy die cuts to contrast with all of the pastel papers.

 I added a handful of the “Chasing Dreams” printed chipboard, including the title. I love all the different pieces in the package- titles, butterflies, hearts and banners add some much variety and added interest to the layers. And I used some of the Prima Marketing flowers to frame the picture that I matted using some black card stock, again, to add some contrast with the lovely pastels.

I finished the layout by adding some splatters in black and white. I used some India ink of my own and a fan brush.

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Sweet Fun

Hello, crafty friends! I’m compressing this December set! There are so many beautiful papers in it, and a paper from American Crafts – Hustle and Heart Collection – Rise and Shine is my favorite))) He gives a feeling of comfort and warmth. I have a long time waiting for my time, one photo, On it my daughter with a jar of jam)))) I love this photo. When I saw this patterned paper, I immediately realized which photo I want to take for the layout with it.

The December Scrapbook Subscription Kit “42nd St. Soda Shoppe” brought me a great set of puffy stickers with different headers, I chose for my layout “Sweet Fun” This bright white headline focuses on the place with the photo. This is very important, because the patterned paper is very bright and mottled. For each layout I use clippings on the Cameo plotter. I cut out these lovely cottages of lsite paper from American  Crafts – Hustle and Heart Collection – The Bright Side. And I must admit that it’s better not to do so))))) It’s very long, cut every little detail of a certain color. But the result I’m happy! It looks very nice))) I posted a photo on a white background in a Polaroid frame from a red cardstock. Below the white part, I made a border of a strip of yellow paper from the sheet – The Bright Side. Sprigs are cut from a sheet of paper from the American craft – Floral Sensations. I drew a bit of gold acrylic paint from the Kit of November)) I needed a few white accents to refresh the layout, I added white snowflakes and a sprig of white paper.

Thank you for visiting me today))) I think the layout was very emotional! I hope he inspires you and we will see in the Gallery your layout! With impatience we will wait in the Gallery for your models! Inspiration friends!

Bad Ass Vibe: White Washing a Layout


Hello! It’s Rae, sharing some tips to create a Bad Ass Vibe to your projects! So this December kit was bursting with bold colors, and mixed in with some black and white, which was excellent for balancing all of the colors. I love the look of dark backgrounds with patterns, but sometimes it’s nice to smooth it out, and whitewashing your papers is a great technique for doing that.

My reason for whitewashing this particular layout is that I wanted to use this photo of my kids- it’s a rare occasion when I can get all three of them looking cute and attentive in one shot, and the paper in the kit that had the quote reminded me of this picture I took in 2016- “The little things are the big things.” Such a true, true statement!” However, when I pulled out the picture, I couldn’t see it working with what I had left of the kit, so took a different approach and made the papers work for me.

This technique is so simple: it requires gesso, a small bowl or container, water, and a paint brush.

I stared with creating the first part of my design- layers under the photo. I whatewashed these three pieces first- I diluted some gesso with water in a container, and painted it on. (I also did this to the banners (paper and ribbon)sticking out under the photo, I just didn’t take a picture of that, but it’s the same technique.)

I also whitewashed the background papers the light one sticking out from behind the black paper. Because I was using so much blue/teal, I wanted to blend the colors out to not have such a contrast in the colors.

I added water to the whitewashed paper, then added two different colors of mist. Then, I randomly blended out the mist and water with a wet baby wipe. This is the end result:

Adding the rest of the elements on the page, it all came together. I cut out banners from ribbon and paper. The heart is also cut out from the paper.

You can also see that I used a piece of circle chipboard from my stash- I painted it black, added some blue glitter from the kit while the paint was wet, and once dry, I also whitewashed that. 🙂

I also added some of the blue mists to the ribbon to make it match better. The texture was great, but the color was slightly off from what I had in mind.

I added a couple of flowers- one of them was from last month’s kit that I added pearls to, but I ended up not using it on any projects last month, but it was perfect for this page, so I added one that was similar to that one from my stash.

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Archie Comics Mini Album

Hi everyone, Melissa here with a mini album for Bad Girls Couture!


This adorable mini album is part of the December kit,it is filled with lots of bright cheery colors and patterns! What better fit for a comic book theme. To decorate the front I sponged on a little gesso, then glued on some cheesecloth. I added the glittery Thickers, and drew around them with a watercolor pencil. I softened the pencil lines with water on a paintbrush. I wanted the gold glitter and bold colors to really pop.

I made some flowers with plain cardstock and a flower die,the glitter on them is in the kit.The grey pearls are from last month’s collection.


I fussy cut pieces from the kit’s Prima paper, and also used the clips included.  I’m going to use this in my kitchen to keep notes and receipts in, so the clips will be useful.


I added embossing powder by glueing it on, I heat set it a little. The Bohemian Crystal green bling is from last month’s kit. You can also see micro beads, and sequins.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week! I hope you enjoy having your own Archie Comic theme mini around if you get this month’s collection!

Some Serious Bad Ass Fussy Cutting

When I see full sheets of paper with flowers and designs that can be cut out, I tend to go to town on it.  I am a true fussy cutter and find that when I am doing this fine cutting that it completely relaxes me. It is one of the few times that I can push out all the other thoughts and stay focused on what I am doing.  With the beautiful papers that came in the kit, there was a plethora of designs to cut out and go crazy with on this layout.

Just keep cutting out all kinds of designs and layering them with foam squares to give it dimension.

To add a little extra effect, cut and curl some paper and tuck it behind a piece that is adhered to a foam square, distress and ink the edges and add some pearl effects.


Thank you for stopping by!



A whole new world

Today is Saturday, and I come to you with a new page from the set in November “joie de vivre”. And again on my daughter page). This year, she went to live in Thailand, and in front of her new life. I had to buy my princess motorcycle helmet LOL … I just opened one of his photos in the Instagram, but I did not use the entire picture, I cut it on a motorbike through the contour.

And I created a landscape of artistic means. Let’s see what happens)).

For the background I used a sheet of paper from Prima and  Gesso Bad Girls Couture from  a set of November “joie de vivre”. Then I did some texture work, using my favorite stencil and plaster Couture Girls Bad . I gave some time to completely dry.

I added a little metallic luster, I just picked up the wax and put it on the surface texture background. I liked the texture and even the smell  Metallique Wax))) from Prima. 

I would like to mark the outline of the road, have I had a lot of ideas, but they were all rejected))) And wax came to my aid, I drew the road and cut it out of the paper. Then I put it in the background and outlined the contours of togo  Metallique wax. Old silver has the effect: we seem to see the road, and it does not seem to exist. …. It seems to dissolve this in mind!

To make your project more beautiful, I’m an alcoholic ink and played with them a bit. I like to meditate with alcohol inks. I like the way they are laid out on paper. You do not know what you’ll see in a moment, and it’s interesting.

I love my assistant plotter, I cut out a lot of palm leaves from green patterned paper. I tore some strips of green paper. Then I stained the edges slightly. so that no white remains.

With the title, I also helped plotter, first I cut out of black paper. Then I set the premium and cut terracotta paper.

To give some texture to the leaves, I used hot stamping. I just splashed water and sprinkle it with a transparent powder. She baked small raindrops on the leaves. It looks really cool!

Thank you for being with us today! Creative weekend!

Altered Wooden Box

Hi everyone. Nicole here, with a fun project! I’ve had this little wooden box sitting on my desk for quite some time now with plans of altering it some way… However, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. I’ve never altered a wooden box before. So I grabbed the supplies I had on hand. Gesso, Blue Color Bloom Mist, Prima Mould from the October Kit, Wax Paste, a stencil and a metal heart.

Before I did anything, I coated the wooden box in gesso. The Bad Girls Couture Gesso is fab!! It went on so smooth; totally easy to work with. Once the gesso dried, I used a stencil and Shimmerz Pasteez to create a fun design for the bottom of the box. I did not actually spray the bottom with the Color Bloom until the stencil dried. For the top of the box, I formed my Mould using Paper Clay, added a coat of gesso along the front of the box then placed the Mould on top of the Gesso very carefully. I did not wait for it to harden for 24 hours… I simply pressed it on top of the box so it would stick to the gesso. It cracked a little when it finally hardened up, but that just adds to the charm. I used a tiny paintbrush to add some color within the grooves. I coated the metal heart with gesso. Once it dried, I added some color to it. Then I used the Wax Paste and a paper towel to add color to the top of the Mould and the latch. LOVE how this turned out. I am so happy with how this project turned out. It was not as hard as I thought it would be and it was very therapeutic for me.

I noticed that the bottom paste was sticking to my metal desk because the house has been so hot… so I came up with  a better solution for the bottom! I coated four metal knobs by Prima Marketing Inc. using the Wax Paste. Once dry, I used Gesso to adhere the knobs to the bottom of the box so the box would stand on my desk. 🙂 I am crafty like that! My 7 year old son saw the box and commented on how pretty it looked. I smiled and said, “thanks, babe!”

What do you think? Are you ready to see what you have available in your house to alter? I am already looking to alter a few frames and wooden objects in my house! Thanks for visiting today!


Bad Ass Vibe = Using Embossing Powders for Borders!

Happy Saturday!

It’s Rae with you today, sharing a Bad Ass layout I made with the October kit:

First, I’ll talk about how I created this layout, and then how I used a SIMPLE, yet BAD ASS technique to create the border around the page. For me, a Bad Ass layout has a lot of details- details that you don’t necessarily notice at first glance, but when you look up close, there they are!

I started with painting the main paper with clear gesso. After adding the embossing powder around the edges, I added some stenciling, pink mist, and some pink wax over the stenciling. In the close up below, you can all of that, AND you can see a bunch of the small details, including some faux stitching on the heart! And, the embossing powder on the page. 🙂

On the other side of the layout, you can see some of the layers from under the photo- the 7 Gypsies pink Architextures distressed wood, and some paper images I cut from the Prima Wild and Free Paper, as well as the 7 Gypsies paper with the frame. Fussy cutting images from paper is always worth the extra effort and adds wonderful layers and dimension.

Because pink was one of the major colors on this layout, it was great to have so many pink tones in the layout. However, the brightness of the pink Prima Marketing felt flowers felt like too much of a POP to me, and I didn’t want the flowers to be the first thing that was noticed on the layout- the picture is always my focal point! 🙂 So, I decided to tone them down with some Bad Girls Couture white gesso! ( I added gesso to the pink felt bow at the top of the picture as well.

I added some fussy cut flowers under the felt flowers.

Here, you can see more of the fussy cut images peeking under the photo, and that super cute distressed tag from the kit that was perfect for a small title.

And now for the simple tutorial on how to use embossing powder to create a distressed edge. You need embossing medium, embossing powder, a heat gun, and paper.

First, I used an embossing medium dabber. But you can use an embossing pad as well. I just like the dabber. Any embossing powder will do. I used this aged one from Stampendous! because it’s what I have, and I like the color combo, but you could mix any powders that you have to create a mottled look: this powder has black, gold and silver, mixed.

Add the embossing medium to the edges in a random fashion. Use as much or as little as you want. I tend to put more than I think I will need because you can always take some off with your finger or paper towel. The shiny part at the bottom corner of the paper is the embossing medium. If you use an embossing medium pad, it may be a little difficult to get the same pattern, but adding the medium from the pad with a sponge should be helpful.

I used a dinner plate under the paper when I pour on the embossing powder, but you could use scrap paper if you wanted. This way is just easier for me because of the size of the paper I’m adding the powder to.

Shake off the excess powder. Decide if this is how you want it to look- rub off what you don’t want on there.

TIP: if you feel like it’s not enough, as though you didn’t add enough embossing medium and want more coverage with the embossing powder, that’s okay- you can add more after you heat emboss your first attempt. 🙂

Because this is a 12X12 paper, I work in sections, doing one side at a time, to heat emboss them so I don’t smudge off the powder before it’s dried on there.


Here’s a closeup after using the heat tool. You can see some “splatters” of the powder- this happens when you curl your paper in your hand, creating a barrier so the powder doesn’t fly away, and melt, even if there is no embossing medium there!

Since I have added clear gesso, and the embossing medium, and also heat, the paper is now warped/curled. This is where a magnetic mat is very handy. You can see in this picture the magnets are making the paper flat. I keep it this way overnight. If it’s still warped when I get back to my project, I will place it under the mat and put some heavy objects on there for a while and/or glue the paper to a piece of 12X12 heavy card stock. a combination of these things always work. 🙂

It really add a BAD ASS VIBE to my layout!

Thanks for taking a look at my project today!





Today is Saturday which means it is time for some inspiration for you. Irina here, and today I’m sharing my layout using the September 2017 Scrapbook Kit “Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up”. I love paper Maggie Holmes Carousel items we got in the kits for September. I took a sheet of paper Crate Paper – Maggie Holmes Carousel – Uplifting Paper for the background of my project. I found an old photo, it was a wonderful day in an amusement park and I have kept this photo for a long time. This photo looks great on this background paper.

I love a lot of embellishment in my project and this time I used Alphabet Chippoard, as well as the flowers of Prima. I posted a photo in the upper right corner. The band of tickets limited the part my layout. On the border of the tickets I made the title from the cardboard chipboard. I added a border with the name of flowers from the fabric of Prima. This gives the scope of my work and I like how it looks together. Two strips of yellow patterned paper added a page, I arranged one strip right under the photo, the second strip bounded the edge of the layout.

Warm soft colors of the title and background look very cute))) I like how it looks.This was such a fun creative project to make. I let myself go and enjoyed the entire process. I hope I’ve shared some ideas that have stirred up your own creative juices. If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.
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