Go Ahead…Dare to Dream… An Art Journal that YOU design. It’s Your ART. And Finally…the Journal is too! Paint on the surfaces YOU want! Go ahead…jump up and down and giggle…we totally get it! This is EXCITING!!! Gorgeous…yet Functional! Built to last a lifetime, yet eco friendly! The only Art Journal that allows complete freedom of creativity. Dare I say PERFECT? I think so!

What’s your inspiration today?  You are unique as an artist…therefore, we believe everyone’s Art Journal should not be the same. Choose from 20 different custom pages to play with, and truly cater to your creativity. Whether you want to paint, scrapbook or jot down your thoughts…Haute Mess Custom Pages will provide all the inspiration you need! It’s Your Art. Your Muse. Your Way.

What’s a girl to do once she chooses her Art Journal? GLAM IT UP of course!!! Gorgeous is an understatement! Create your little fantasy, knowing you will have something that’s truly one of a kind that epitomizes YOU! Our Journal Jewelry is all made in the USA of lead free Pewter, coated in Sterling Silver! Go ahead…INDULGE ! *wink wink*
Our Haute Mess Mixed Media Matte Acrylic Paint is created SPECIFICALLY for ART JOURNALING! We take your art seriously and understand the importance of not only superior quality, but the importance of how a paint reacts to being added to a multitude of different mediums. Our paint  can not only handle all mediums, but is Ultra Quick Drying, with a wide array of 27 colors that are super pigment rich, with excellent opacity. Our Paint is ECO FRIENDLY with no VOC’s, and poured by hand in the USA , in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness.

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