Playing with Watercolors with Elena

Hello everyone

I am very happy to share my very first post made for Bad Girls Couture kit.

Well, this was fun to wok with the watercolors paints, exactly Twinkling H2O’s. Their colors are vibrant with a slight shimmer. All you need is to add the water to them and leave for 15 mins to set.
Then you enjoy mixing the colors.

I started with cutting out the vines from the paper sheet, they coordinate will with the IOD paper sheet ready to color.
I also cut out the castle from the embellishment package- don’t forget to use the junk , it will save you some money.

But my main focus was the soap bubbles. I used the photos of my youngest son, he played with the soap bubbles in the square. He was surprised how large they were. So I took several shots of him and decided to stretch the soap bubbles from the picture into my my background

I mixed almost all the colors that goes in the set for the kit. and I like how colorful they are.
I partly drew the bubbles and partially colored the rhombs

I’ve added a few paper layers , not large and added the chipboard alphas, they repeat the rhombus pattern and match the colors perfectly.

To make it look more festive I added the tickets with the golden foil. It works great as a title and the embellishment too.

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