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I love this theme! It’s always so interesting to look at how organized space is for creativity and storing scrap treasure! LOL… My desk is right at the window, I like a lot of sunshine)))

My motivational board))) This is a magnetic board and I can often change cards and post new photos. I really liked the book “Steal As an Artist” and I printed out a few phrases from a book that I especially liked!

For every little thing I use a chest of drawers. I decorated it myself and it was very fun. I painted it in white with a balloon of aerosol paint.

I made the handles for boxes using metal blanks from PRIM. But I needed a golden color, which I did with gold powder for hot embossing. Handles I just glued to the glossy

Black cardstock made black circles and roses. pasted them on the facades of the commode.

Relax place!

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  1. Bonnie Blanchard
    Bonnie Blanchard says:

    Love those little drawers! Very nice area to create in! Does it always look this organized? Mine is in chaos! Thanks for sharing the book title and your motivation board!

    • Irina Volzhina
      Irina Volzhina says:

      Thank you dear girls, it’s interesting to visit you! With impatience I will wait for your posts!

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