Decorating the Haute Mess Journal with Cristin


Hello everyone! Cristin here, and today I’m going to decorate the cover of my Haute Mess journal with Haute Mess paints, mediums and a little embellishment.


The supplies I’m using today:
Collage Paper
Haute Mess Matte Gel
Hot Glue
Haute Mess Clear Gesso
Palette Knife
Haute Mess Modeling Paste
Haute Mess Bad & Tatted
Haute Mess Torrid
Haute Mess Naked
Prima Art Alchemy – Amethyst Magic
DecoArt Media Mister – Carbon Black & Magenta
Waxed Linen Thread
Relics & Artifacts – Visage
Relics & Artifacts – Rising Spirit II

I hope that you enjoy this video that I created of my process:


How will you make the cover of your Haute Mess journal all *you* ?

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