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Hello scrappy friends!

It’s Elena here today to share my  page in “COBBLESTONE LANE” Art Journal.

It has a Cream colored canvas cover.

I chose to decorate Vintage Music page.

 It consists of a sheet of thick cardboard and a sheet of real music,

 which are glued and stitched on the edge.

You can watch the full process video for this page

 The photo for the page is not chosen by chance. It depicts a Russian rock singer Zemfira.

She also writes lyrics and music. I love her sensual and soulful songs.

I used several shades of paint to combine the photo and the background into one.

Used Clear Gesso to glue the mini-sequins on.

They are like notes or streams of music scattered on the page

Added the appropriate meaning of the quote stickers by 7 Dots Studio.

I have used the following Products:

 “COBBLESTONE LANE” Art Journal – Vintage Music page

Haute Mess Paints:


Haute Mess Mediums:

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      Elena Martynova says:

      Thank you, my dear :))))

  1. Lisa Amiet
    Lisa Amiet says:

    This is fab! Love it Elena xo

    • Elena Martynova
      Elena Martynova says:

      Thanks sweetie! =^-^=

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