Bad Ass Vibe = Using Embossing Powders for Borders!

Happy Saturday!

It’s Rae with you today, sharing a Bad Ass layout I made with the October kit:

First, I’ll talk about how I created this layout, and then how I used a SIMPLE, yet BAD ASS technique to create the border around the page. For me, a Bad Ass layout has a lot of details- details that you don’t necessarily notice at first glance, but when you look up close, there they are!

I started with painting the main paper with clear gesso. After adding the embossing powder around the edges, I added some stenciling, pink mist, and some pink wax over the stenciling. In the close up below, you can all of that, AND you can see a bunch of the small details, including some faux stitching on the heart! And, the embossing powder on the page. :)

On the other side of the layout, you can see some of the layers from under the photo- the 7 Gypsies pink Architextures distressed wood, and some paper images I cut from the Prima Wild and Free Paper, as well as the 7 Gypsies paper with the frame. Fussy cutting images from paper is always worth the extra effort and adds wonderful layers and dimension.

Because pink was one of the major colors on this layout, it was great to have so many pink tones in the layout. However, the brightness of the pink Prima Marketing felt flowers felt like too much of a POP to me, and I didn’t want the flowers to be the first thing that was noticed on the layout- the picture is always my focal point! :) So, I decided to tone them down with some Bad Girls Couture white gesso! ( I added gesso to the pink felt bow at the top of the picture as well.

I added some fussy cut flowers under the felt flowers.

Here, you can see more of the fussy cut images peeking under the photo, and that super cute distressed tag from the kit that was perfect for a small title.

And now for the simple tutorial on how to use embossing powder to create a distressed edge. You need embossing medium, embossing powder, a heat gun, and paper.

First, I used an embossing medium dabber. But you can use an embossing pad as well. I just like the dabber. Any embossing powder will do. I used this aged one from Stampendous! because it’s what I have, and I like the color combo, but you could mix any powders that you have to create a mottled look: this powder has black, gold and silver, mixed.

Add the embossing medium to the edges in a random fashion. Use as much or as little as you want. I tend to put more than I think I will need because you can always take some off with your finger or paper towel. The shiny part at the bottom corner of the paper is the embossing medium. If you use an embossing medium pad, it may be a little difficult to get the same pattern, but adding the medium from the pad with a sponge should be helpful.

I used a dinner plate under the paper when I pour on the embossing powder, but you could use scrap paper if you wanted. This way is just easier for me because of the size of the paper I’m adding the powder to.

Shake off the excess powder. Decide if this is how you want it to look- rub off what you don’t want on there.

TIP: if you feel like it’s not enough, as though you didn’t add enough embossing medium and want more coverage with the embossing powder, that’s okay- you can add more after you heat emboss your first attempt. :)

Because this is a 12X12 paper, I work in sections, doing one side at a time, to heat emboss them so I don’t smudge off the powder before it’s dried on there.


Here’s a closeup after using the heat tool. You can see some “splatters” of the powder- this happens when you curl your paper in your hand, creating a barrier so the powder doesn’t fly away, and melt, even if there is no embossing medium there!

Since I have added clear gesso, and the embossing medium, and also heat, the paper is now warped/curled. This is where a magnetic mat is very handy. You can see in this picture the magnets are making the paper flat. I keep it this way overnight. If it’s still warped when I get back to my project, I will place it under the mat and put some heavy objects on there for a while and/or glue the paper to a piece of 12X12 heavy card stock. a combination of these things always work. :)

It really add a BAD ASS VIBE to my layout!

Thanks for taking a look at my project today!




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