Hi EVERYONE! Welcome to our very first BLOG HOP!!! We have spent the past few months getting ourselves acclimated…whew!…it’s been quite the journey! Now we are ready to start our festivities. Next month we will be having our first crop…so keep your eyes open for that! We are also starting to have live video tutorials on our site starting in March…soooo very excited about that! Lots of new things up and coming so make sure you sign up in our forums and for our newsletter so we can keep you updated!

To make the hop more fun, we asked our Bad Girl Couture Artists to share more about themselves! Here is the order for the blog hop just in case you get lost along the way! Please be sure to invite your crafty friends. The more, the merrier! We welcome ALL bad girls and good girls too! :)



Wendy La Croix

Nicole Martel

Irina Volzhina

Ashli Oliver

Rae Moses

Michelle Sanders

My name is Wendy La Croix and I am the owner of BAD GIRLS COUTURE. I consider myself lucky to be able to do something I love for work! I am so happy to re-open BAD GIRLS…it has been a little bit of a challenge I must admit..I think I forgot about how hard it is to run a business..but I am slowly but surely getting settled in. I don’t know the meaning of start slowly…LOL…so please be patient while we get everything up and running and up to par. I haven’t been able to create art like I want to because running a new business is so challenging but I am catching up and am looking forward to posting some gorgeous creations soon…for now my Design Team has been doing an AMAZING job and I love these girls…they are the epitome of true artists!

I call home Ontario, California…and I am a native Southern Californian. I recently acquired an empty nest…so it’s just my husband Kenny and I here. I have three adult children who I still spend a lot of time with. I always say family first! When I am not working, which is pretty much 24/7…LOL…I enjoy reading a good book, shopping, gardening, and cooking. I’m sure my new hobby will become my new puppy I’m getting in a couple weeks! I welcome any potty training tips! lol

  1. 1. What’s your favorite color? PINK
    2. What’s your favorite song right now? LIVIN’ IT UP…JA RULE
    5. Favortie Movie?  THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION
    6. Favorite snack? ROASTED SEAWEED
  2. 7.What is your favorite food? MACARONI AND CHEESE (UNFORTUNATELY!!!)
    8. Where would you like to visit someday? LOUISIANA
    9. Who got you into scrapbooking? I WENT TO A CREATIVE MEMORIES PARTY!
    10. How many years have you been scrapbooking? 22 YEARS!…WOW!
    11. Favorite Manufacturer? 7 GYPSIES AND PRIMA
    12. Currently Reading:  THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST
  3. 13. Favorite Bad Girl Kit so far? KISSES: FIVE CENTS

14. Favorite artistic technique? USING CRYSTALS, FABRIC, PAINTS, AND MEDIUMS!


I created this Layout for the festivities today….I included what I love…crystals, fabric, and gesso! I love the process of applying crystals…it takes forever…I put them on one by one..but it’s so relaxing and therapeutic to me. I created this Layout using the January Kit, “A LITTLE BIT GAUDY”.

First I stamp the words “All of the Above” with GESSO. Let dry. Then I add the crystals. Then I add the Pink Glimmer Glam that’s in the kit. Notice the leaves under the flower? I painted them with BAD GIRLS COUTURE GESSO. Let dry. Them I stamped them with a script stamp. The fabric along the bottom I pleat and machine stitch. This silk fabric is included in the kit…it’s sooo pretty!


Your next stop is Nicole Martel…I love her creations…wait til you see what she made and she has a GREAT TUTORIAL for you!

I truly hope you will join us in our forums and learn and grow as an artist….the kits I create are meant to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone so that you learn to create with all elements, textures, and mediums…it is so fun and you learn to truly love art in all its guises…if you want to get our kits each month…please SUBSCRIBE! I guarantee you will grow and advance in your artistic endeavors! And you’ll have fun doing it…we are a fun bunch of gals who believe in NO RULES and NO FEAR…ART IS FUN!

Without further ado…here is the first prize of the day!!!!!!


Good luck winning a prize…don’t forget to comment below and have fun with the rest of the HOP!


Wendy La Croix

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  1. Dana Tatar
    Dana Tatar says:

    I love your pretty pink page Wendy! The time spent applying the crystals was totally worth it. Your stamped letters look amazing!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Thank you for playing today Dana!!!! So happy you’re here and so glad you like the crystal words! Hope you try it! ? xoxo

  2. Susan Welsh
    Susan Welsh says:

    I love this, the letters are beautiful. Pick me for the it

  3. Joanne Milano
    Joanne Milano says:

    So excited about today’s hop. I definitely need help wth breaking the rules!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Joanne! If you need help with rule breaking and setting your artistic soul free you are definitely in the right place. Fear stagnates artists and keeps you in the same box. Here we nurture your creative soul and applaud you as youbtry lore and more things that you normally would not. Soooo freeing. Stay with us….you’ll love it and the growth you experience! Thanks for joining us today! (((Hugs)))

    Nicole Martel says:

    Gorgeous Wendy. I had no Idea you got started through a Creative Memories’ party. Me too. ?? Loved the series that you are currently ready! Had a hard time getting through the first book, but the next two was easier.

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      OMG. I still have my CM layouts and some of their stuff. I’ll never forget my first stepping stone out of CM…I started buying punches. Swear I must have over 100. Omg. LOL. And ya…I struggled with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for a long time. But then it got good! xoxo

  5. Betty Pritt
    Betty Pritt says:

    Just getting into mixed media and I love how you did the layout. Another Southern California resident!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Betty! Welcome to the Bad Side!!! LOL…How exciting that you’re getting into mixed media! It’s so fun and rewarding! Stay with us cause we have a lot to offer. I’ve never had a customer who didn’t tell me they experienced huge growth here. Come to our events. Our crops. And when you’re ready grab a kit or a subscription. There’s no pressure here. We just want you to be a happy artist. That’s what it’s all about. Amiright???!!!! ((Hugs)) xoxo ?

  6. Patti Martin
    Patti Martin says:

    Amazing lo, love the pleated material, the lettering with the gesso which I’ve never used and all the layering…

    I didn’t know you were in CA, I’m in the high dessert but used to live in W. Covina…thanks for showing us your awesome creation and for offering some great prizes…

    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Oh WOW Patti!!!! You used to be my neighbor! Girlie…you gotta get your hands on gesso! You gotta be BAD!!!! LOL. Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m so happy you’re here playing along today. Don’t be a stranger and make sure you join our forums and come to our crop next month…lots of fun and gorgeous creations! (((Hugs))) xoxo ?

  7. Robert Spacagna
    Robert Spacagna says:

    I love mixed media and have been creating since my days in college. I had an art professor who felt that mixed media would set your soul free!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Robert! I’m soooo happy happy happy that you made it here to join us! And OMG…I would have loved to have your professor, cause he’s so right! We are a blessed bunch, I tell ya! (((Hugs))) xoxo ???

  8. Bonnie Blanchard
    Bonnie Blanchard says:

    I don’t think I ever learned the rules, so I don’t know if I’m breaking them or not! Love your free style Wendy! Always so colorful and tres chic! Bravo!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Bonnie! Oh yayyyy…so happy about that and I know you’re definitely a rule breaker!!!! One of the BEST! Thank you Bonnie…your kind words made my day! ((Hugs)) xoxo ?

  9. Robin Patrick
    Robin Patrick says:

    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful layouts again. This one is gorgeous!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Robin! *waving like a crazy woman* ??…I’m soooo happy to see ya! Thank you so much…everytime I can get out of the warehouse and in to my studio I’m a happy girl! I’m looking forward to see what you’ve been creating lately! Please join the forums and share in the gallery! xoxo (((Hugs))) ?

  10. RA Luther
    RA Luther says:

    Wow this layout makes my imagination go wild. I like to think outside the lines, now I want to think farther out.

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      So happy to see you here. And happier to know we have inspired you…that’s what it’s all about! Please stay with us here and let us inspire you more! (((Hugs))) ?

  11. Michelle Sanders
    Michelle Sanders says:

    Love your page and ❤️ you!! And come on down to Louisiana and see me!!!f

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Love ya girlie and thank you! I’m telling you…I have to get over there. All of my family is from there…my mother recently showed me her family house thanks to the wonders of google street view. My grandfather built it himself! I have too much history there to not go! And yep…im gonna visit you so you can tell me the best place to get gumbo! ???? xoxo

  12. Peggy Giovanetti
    Peggy Giovanetti says:

    I’m in awe over your patience with applying all of those crystals, lol. and I’m even more in awe over you page with all of those layers and layers of details!!!!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Peggy! I’m so happy to see you here! Thank you for your kind words…and you know me girlie..if it involves art, and especially crystals, I can sit there for hours. What a blessing to be an artist and to be surrounded by like minded friends! (((Hugs)) xoxo ?

  13. Donna Bailey
    Donna Bailey says:

    Hi Wendy, I love your crystals words, I will have to try this technique! I do a little mix medium on my layouts but I am still afraid of getting to much…LOL! Thanks for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Donna! So happy your playing with us! I hope you join us for our crop coming up next month. I’d love to see the fear turn into freedom and more comfort diving into all art has to offer! And yes…try the rhinestone words…it’s so fun and there’s a plethora of different ways you can do it to personalize it. I used Gesso but you can use paint, molding paste, glass bead gel…OMG!…the sky’s the limit! Love ya! ?xoxo

  14. Stephanie Block
    Stephanie Block says:

    I love how the letters look with the crystals, such a great idea. And of course it’s truly you with all the pink! Stunning as always.

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Steph! You know me! Of course you do!!!! You’re an original BAD GIRL! And thank you…you know I love love love pink! But I did push myself out of my comfort zone by using the yellow paper…LOL…I love a challenge. I love to grow. I always say you know somethings wrong if you feel you can’t grow and learn anymore. I’m so happy you are here for our first Blog Hop..means the world to me. I love ya girlie! xoxo ? ?

  15. Rae Moses
    Rae Moses says:

    I love your style, Wendy! Such an awesome page! The small details like stitching and those rhinestones really make this pop! <3

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Rae! Thank you girlie! You make me smile as always! I love your style too and I’m blessed to have you as a Couture Artist!…Bad Girls for life! xoxo ?

  16. Peggy Snodgrass
    Peggy Snodgrass says:

    Lovin your style– those bows across the top and all the crystals are out of this world cute!!!!

  17. Jeanne C
    Jeanne C says:

    I love all the stitching you did on this project and of course the crystals u added !! Awesome project my friend!! xoxo

  18. Lynda Lindley
    Lynda Lindley says:

    Fabulous details on your layout…love all the bling!!! Can’t imagine laying down each one…wow!!! Those are some skillz!!!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Lynda! So glad you’re joining our celebration! And thank you so much…I just *heart* anything that sparkles! ? Hope to see you at our crop next month…enjoy all the other Designers Blog…they have a lot of seriously gorgeous artwork to enjoy! xoxo ?

  19. Susan Gotcher
    Susan Gotcher says:

    I love the gesso letters and the pink crystals for your title! My favorite color is pink too so anything pink speaks right to me. Thanks for starting up Bad Girls again, I always loved it before and I am really loving it now plus it/you are helping to motivate me back into scrapbooking and crafting again. It is such an amazing outlet and there are so many anaxingly talented Bad (and good) Girls out there to inspire us!!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Susan! It’s good to know you’re a PINK girl too! And you’re welcome…I’m beyond happy to be back. I feel my mission in life is to help develop artists…it brings me soooo much satisfaction and honestly it’s the only thing that makes me feel complete. I’m definitely where I need to be! You have no idea how pleased I am that we have motivated you to create once again! Thank you so much for playing along on our first Blog Hop…wouldn’t be the same without my original Bad Girls! (((Hugs)))xoxo ?

  20. Lucy Folch
    Lucy Folch says:

    Ha! Macarrone and cheese! Who would guess it? LOL
    Despite the food choice you are the greatest bad ass of all and your creation is simply stunning and the crystals… girl… i live with cristals in my life. i use it on my art on paper and for my figure skating costumes so yeah I’m in love with your layout ?
    Such neat piece of art!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Lucy! My obsession with macaroni and cheese started when I was a child and I’ve been hopelessly addicted all my life! LOL ?…thank you for all your kind words….they mean the world to me! You’re a girl after my own heart…anyone who is obsessed with crystals is a winner in my book! (((Hugs))) ? xoxo ?

  21. Sarah Lynch
    Sarah Lynch says:

    I just discovered your kits, they’re fabulous! I love how you incorporate all those different elements in your pages, yes to breaking the rules!!!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Sarah! I’m so happy you’ve discovered our kits and that you made it here today to play along! And yes! We love to colour wayyyyy outside the lines and make art fun…NO RULES. NO FEAR. I like to think of Bad Girls as a safe haven to come to and be able to create with no judgement. Just encouragement and inspiration!!! Stay with us…we welcome you whole heartedly to our quaint little community! (((Hugs))) xoxo ? ?

  22. Cathy Frailey
    Cathy Frailey says:

    That layout is gorgeous – those pinks! I’m a mixed media junkie & love the weird & out-of-the-ordinary!

  23. Vivienne Oestergaard
    vivienne oestergaard says:

    Wow…beautiful project!!! And, interesting that you’re in Ontario!!! My family still lives in the Upland area…we’ll be visiting them in the next month!!!

  24. Cathy Rendek says:

    I love the way you used the crystals on the lettering, beautiful project!!

  25. Irina Volzhina
    Irina Volzhina says:

    Wendy, you are incredibly free in your creative expression!

  26. Linda Forrester
    Linda Forrester says:

    I love pink too! I love all things vintage. I also like Paris themed things. So I’m loving the Bad Girls!

  27. Dana Kemp
    Dana Kemp says:

    Hey Wendy! The paper you choose and the rhinestone title is so bossy! Love it. Just thinking how I’d love to get ahold of one of your kits!

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Dana!
      Glad you like the project..thank you for your kind words! Good luck on winning a kit!!!!…they’re super fun to create with! Thanks for playing! xoxo ?

  28. Kathryn Ann
    Kathryn Ann says:

    Love the vintage Eloise book paper! Why did I give away all my daughters books?

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      Hi Kathryn! I love all the vintage children’s books….the illustrations are so amazing! Thanks for playing with us! xoxo ?

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