Hi everyone! I am happy you made your way over here….if you are one of my baddies from before WELCOME BACK and if you are new to BAD GIRLS you are about to have the best artistic experience of your life!

BAD GIRLS is all about supplying you…the artist… with the artisanal you need to learn and create the art of your dreams. All the while you are part of a community of artists who are very supportive. BAD GIRLS believes that art should not be intimidating. The fear that is usually associated with art will be removed….and you WILL be able to create all that you have ever dreamed of!!! That’s the exciting part….so many artists are full of fear…they look at art and say to themselves…”I could never create that”. Not true. Become a part of Bad Girls and you will see just what I mean.

I am not just the owner here, but I am an artist also and I dive in and get involved just as much  as my design team. My goal is to create artists!!!! And I promise you that….you will become competent in all mediums. You will have FUN doing it. Here you can expect NO RULES. I will bring out the individual artist in each and every one of you….no matter your style and experience. I just ask that you believe in yourself, believe in us and just plain and simple….get ready to BE BAD!!!!

Our site is still under construction. Our first kits will be available in September. I cannot wait to show you what AMAZING kits we are going to have. We are going to have a little bit of EVERYTHING! I believe that art should always be FUN so I have designed 4 offerings of kits that will be available every month……

  1. SCRAPBOOK KIT….this kit will be a large gorgeous kit chock full of amazing goodies for you. Patterned paper, Cardstock, beautiful embellishments, ribbons, etc. This kit will also include some Vintage and Antique elements every month.
  2. MIXED MEDIA KIT….this kit will focus on different types of mixed media every month. You will learn how to incorporate these mediums into your artwork with a different technique monthly. This kit is a good addition to the Scrapbook Kit if you want to be even BADDER in your style and up your game by using more mixed media. It’s also a great stand alone kit for someone who wants to just create a mixed media project. It is meant to encompass a broad range of artists….for the beginner who is just starting to learn to the advanced artist who wants to create a masterpiece. This kit will also include some Vintage and Antique elements at times.
  3. HOME DESIGN KIT….this kit is for the artist who wants to delve into even more artistic endeavors and get her BAD GIRL GROOVE on!!!! SO… wanna learn to work with decoupage….wood….tin tiles….a wall hanging… about learning how to create your very own mini chandelier….or a gorgeously embellished pillow? This will help you to push your creative muse even further all the while creating STUNNING things for your house that you can feel proud of and brag about!!!! Come on BAD GIRLS…it’s time to have some FUN!!!
  4. VINTAGE KIT….this kit will focus on Vintage Design and be heavily weighted with Vintage Elements. It will only be available in very limited edition. Why? It is not easy to find gorgeous authentic vintage and antique elements in large quantity. So, in my travels I purchase what appeals to me and only the best and most unique items…. and most times I can only find very few of the same thing. I search the world for the elements that will be in this kit. Only the finest ephemera from France, Italy, London, etc. This is a very special kit to me and it takes a lot of time and effort to source these goodies….I am more than elated to offer such a unique kit as this one!

So there you have it. That will be our first line up of kits coming very soon! I have gotten a lot of questions about reserving a spot for the kits. If you would like to reserve any of these kits please send  an email to:  [email protected] and indicate which kits you wish to reserve a spot for. Include your name, mailing address and phone number.

If we reach our threshold of kits I will begin to add artists to a waitlist. The only kit that will be available via monthly subscription will be our Scrapbook Kit. All other kits due to their limited edition will be available to artists who reserve a spot for those kits. Once all spots are taken you will be added to waitlist and once we either increase kit numbers or someone relinquishes their spot you will then be notified that you can begin to receive  that particular kit.

Please post here if you have any questions and please visit often as I will be giving frequent updates.

Here are a few pictures with some sneak peeks of what will be going into our future kits. This will also give you an example of what BAD GIRL STYLE is all about!!!!

Bad Girls Antique

Bad Girls Antique

Bad Girls Glass Pearls

Ribbons from France, Bad Girls Flower Shoppe and Stick Pins, Vintage Flash Cards, Bad Girls French Frame

Bad Girls Flower Shoppe, Designer Fabrics, Vintage Letters, Bad Girls Vintage Mica Flakes, Ribbons from France

Bad Girls Vintage Book Pages, Bad Girls Vintage Bingo Cards and Markers, Bad Girls Chipboard Shapes

Ribbons from France, Vintage Book Pages, Vintage Crystals, Mixed Media Watercolors

Bad Girls Vintage Book Pages, Glitter, Bad Girls Couture Clips, Jewels, Flower Shoppe & Beads.

Bad Girls Flash Cards, Antique Ephemera, Ribbon from France, Prima Flowers

Bad Girls Vintage French Lotto Cards & Markers, Bad Girls Flower Shoppe


10 replies
  1. Kim Faucher
    Kim Faucher says:

    Love the sneaks of the style items!!!! I want it all!!!! ?

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Bad Girls is back! This is the hottest news this summer! Can’t way to try them All out and play play play! ?

  3. Amy Griffin
    Amy Griffin says:

    I love the diversity, yet the ability to interchange, these various kits!

  4. Steph Block
    Steph Block says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on all these goodies!

  5. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Fab, just how I remembered Bad Girls to be!!

  6. Irina
    Irina says:

    I’m happy to receive this news! It will be an incredible creative adventure!

  7. Karen
    Karen says:

    So happy you’re back! I’ve missed you! Will these be subscription kits? Do you have initial price points? I want to budget for ALL of the kits, but need an idea of cost.

  8. Susan Blake
    Susan Blake says:

    I’m with Karen Do You have initial price point as yet ?
    All Looks good to me

    • Wendy La Croix
      Wendy La Croix says:

      The only kit that will be available for subscription will be the main scrapbooking kit and at this time we know the price will be between 49.99-59.99. We have always specialized in larger kits with higher end quality product. I am ALWAYS focused on getting my customers the best. With shipping rates being at an all time high in my opinion I also want to maximize what you get in your box…I am positive, as before that you will absolutely adore the kits!
      In regards to the other three kits…they will be available only by reserve, as the edition will be much smaller. If there are any kits left over they will be available on release day which is slotted right now for the 1st of month. Pricing will always be different on these kits as I don’t want to commit and feel stagnated by price as to what I can put in the kit. I would say a good general median price would be about $79.99…but it could be less and it could be more. It just depends on what I am focusing on for that kit. But one thing I can promise is that all kits will always be amazing and you will always be learning different techniques. The idea with all the kits is that you continually stretch your wings and grows! :) Customers have already started reserving the kits, so if you are interested please send me an email and indicate which kits you want. You can always relinquish your spot so there is really no risk. Let me know please if you have any more questions…I am always here for you! xoxo

  9. Michelle Sanders
    Michelle Sanders says:

    It’s all gorgeous!

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