“Be Brave” Art Journal Canvas Page | Tutorial

Hello, lovelies! It’s Donna here with you today and I’m super excited to be sharing my first project for the Bad Girls Couture Design Team! The Pink Canvas Art Journal I used is the “Paper Doll Palace”. It has a lot of pages perfect for mixed media. I worked on one of the canvas pages for my project today and I used a lot of the Haute Mess paints too! I just couldn’t get enough of those beauties! The colors are amazing. You have vibrant, bold and soft in this batch of product release. I can’t wait for more in the future!

Be Brave. Live Bright and Sparkle
Be Fearlessly Authentic
Be Unique

I used one of the canvas pages and I prepped it with Gesso first before building up the paint layers one by one. It would help to use a heat gun to dry them before you add two or more paints but I preferred to spread them while they’re still a bit wet. The consistency of the paints is amazing, so smooth like butter.

Planned to use this art journal to the fullest with the hope that it will inspire me to create more art, just because. That’s why I started with this theme, I wanted to be braver in my creative journey and sometimes a gentle reminder like this can spark one’s imagination.

I have made a video tutorial and you can watch the full process:

I hope this inspired you to create something today!
Thanks for dropping by!


Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Supplies Used:
Haute Mess Art Journal Page
Haute MessMediums:
Gesso, Clear Gesso, Molding Paste

Haute Mess Paints:
Couture Pink
Sweet Candy Kisses
Broken Doll
Hippie in High Heels
Last Sin
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Million Dollar Baby
Bad & Tatted

Haute Mess Paint is made by hand by artisans here in the USA (Southern California).
We are a SMALL BATCH COMPANY. Every single color is mixed by hand ONE GALLON AT A TIME to ensure freshness.

There is a unique BATCH NUMBER on every single bottle of paint. We are able to tell
by that number who mixed your paint and what date it was mixed on.

Haute Mess Paint is completely free of VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds).
Paint has chemicals that can stay in the air for years.
It can give you headaches, 
allergies, nausea, and other health problems.
Not Haute Mess!

We are Eco-Friendly. No VOC’s. Recyclable container. The container can be
repurposed. Haute Mess Paint and Mediums swatch book included. Swatch book is ACTUAL
paint and mediums. NOT computer generated images. What you see is EXACTLY what you
get. Inspirational Post Card with ideas to inspire your muse.

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  1. DaleAnn Cubbage
    DaleAnn Cubbage says:

    This is so gorgeous! Your video is so inspiring . . .makes me feel like I could make a page like this! So lovely, really!!

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