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The Page and the Junk

Good morning!  Welcome to the blog on this very lovely Thursday, where I will be sharing my latest page with you showing you a Girl with a Repurpose spin!  I have chosen to work with a black card stock page from my Paper Doll Palace Art Journal, a layered art bit I made by recycling some old pieces of art and little scraps left laying around my desk, and this fabulous piece of . . . well I have no idea what to call it.  It is the inside binding from a vintage book.  I had ripped all the pages out, and removed this piece and thought it was so cool looking, I kept it for just this sort of project!  Take a look.

Is it just me, or is that piece just amazing?  I am so glad I kept it!

I also used some of my favorite Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic paints:

Torrid, Caution Tape, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Fallen Angel

Breaking the Blank Page

I went right in after this blank page with a dry paint brush and some luscious color.

I also scraped some white gesso over the page and scraped it into the paint for some texture.  Then I diluted some of the Torrid, Caution Tape and some black acrylic paint and proceeded to make some splatters and spots all over the page to grunge it up!

Next I attached my book binding piece and the little collaged art bit with some double sided tape, to secure it and to give some dimension to my page.  I also dug some black thread out of the trash that I had thrown away, and used some Clear Gesso to attach that to the page, coming out from under the other elements.  If that isn’t recycling, I don’t know what is.  Am I right?

The Finished Page

I cut out a little butterfly, inked up his edges and used some found words I cut out of the book the binding came from, and it all just came together beautifully!

I have to say, I think this has turned out to be one of my favorite pages in my art journal. I hope you enjoyed following along with me today, and I hope you found something to inspire you to go find some trash to re-purpose into your very own art treasure!

Until Next Time,

Dale Ann



Good morning everyone! We are halfway through the week. The weekend will be here before we know it. Today I have a fun art journal spread that I created using stencils, molding paste, acrylic paints and glass beads! Halloween is around the corner and I have yet to scrapbook Edward’s Halloween photos from last year!

Love the colors and textures on this layout. Such a fun piece! I embellished this spread using vellum die cuts and tags from Pretty Little Studio. The acrylics are from Bramble Fox. Both companies are small businesses owned by women. I enjoy supporting small business whenever I can!

To begin, I coated the stitched chipboard page using the Bad & Tatted acrylic paint. Once the paint was dry, I added splashes of the Last Sin and Sweet Candy Kisses. Then I mixed a dab of the Drama Queen acrylic paint with some molding paint to create the flowers in the background using a stencil.

I covered the vellum leaves using the gel beads. Once the beads were completely dry, I coated the beads using Colorations Sprays.

I coated the raven using the gel beads to give it some texture. Then I glued the epoxy heart to the center.


I hope you were inspired today! Thanks for visiting today!

Art-journal page Schoolgirl by Elena + VIDEO

Hello everybody! I have a school  art journal page I created using the black cardstock page.
I like working with a black background. All colors look brighter and more contrast on it!
My children continue to study, my son is at University and my daughter is at school.
So I chose this school theme for my page.

 In the video you can see the whole process of creating this page:

I used different scraps of paper, frames, flower and butterfly, which remained after the creation of other projects! I do not throw anything away and love to use such sets for new works!

Used this palette:

I have made with the incredible products by Bad Girls Couture.

Haute Mess Mediums:
Haute Mess Paints:

Well that is all from me today. I do hope that you have enjoyed my project .

Stay tuned for more wonderful inspiration from the design team tomorrow.

Until next time take care and happy crafting.

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Altered Fall Sign

Ok, I admit that last time I blogged I was supposed to give you a real repurpose and I didn’t really do that.  Today I’m repurposing an old sign I had in my garage that I wan’t loving…one from the Dollar Tree at that and making it into something that I love now and will happily hang on my door!

First I removed all the elements before I began painting it.  (You can see the before and the process in the video below).  I made it very classic and kinda farmhouse-ish by gessoing it first then giving it a crisp coat of of “Fallen Angel” Haute Mess acrylic paint.  Then using a ruler I lightly drew some pencil lines to make it look like wooden boards.  I came back over the lines with “Grunge” Haute Mess acrylic paint and a fine brush, making sort of rough and imperfect lines.  Next I used foam letter stamps and using the same “Grunge” paint I stamped the word “Thanks” on to the top burlap section of the sign.  I then freehand painted the word “Thanks” in the Haute Mess “Bad and Tatted” acrylic paint.  Finally I glued it all back together and distressed the edges with some black paint.  I added a black letter “S” that I found at the craft store to personalize it for our family.  It’s the perfect timeless addition to our home that I know we will use year after year now!

Click here for the process video!

Thanks for joining us today!


Stay Golden Mixed Media Card | Donna Espiritu

Hello all, Donna here with a new project to share using some Bad Girls Couture products.

I made a simple card for my post today that I hope will inspire you.

The first thing I did was run a piece of plain cardstock through a die cutting machine to create a textured background. Then I used X-rated, Couture Pink, Kiss & Don’t Tell, Sweet Candy Kisses and Hippie in High Heels acrylic paints to add colors.

After the paints dried, I spread a thin layer of Gladd Bead Gel

Then I decorated with some Truly Grateful from Pink Paislee by Paige Evans goodies and some wash strips from Jane Davenport.  I also dabbed a few Nuvo Jewel Drops for the finishing touch.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you in my next post.

Happy crafting,


Lucky is a State of Mind

Ok, Ok, so this isn’t a real repurpose…but I had an idea and I rolled with it so bear with me!  LOL!

This page is done with Tim Holtz photos and paper dolls but it could totally be done with repurposed old photos!  So there is my repurpose!  See…I redeemed myself!  LOL!   Anyway, let me fill you in on my thought process behind this page and how I made it happen.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and with the balance of life and juggling different hats so when I came across this phrase “lucky is a state of mind” I had the perfect idea for it.  I decided what if I showed my state of mind and what’s on it.  What if I could hedge back my little head and show you all that things bouncing around in it.

I started by diluting some “hippie in high heals” Haute Mess acrylic paint and making an abstract poof like shape on the black page of Cobble Stone Lane journal.  While it was still some what wet I added some “make it rain” acrylic paint and continued to dab it with water to blend it a bit.  Then I blended in a bit of diluted “Torrid” acrylic paint just at the lower left corner of the poof and made some shading.

As it dried I added some Haute Mess glass bead gel to random areas then dripped some Haute Mess “naked” acrylic paint in as well as a bit of gold metallic from my stash.  Next I took a plastic gift card and dipped it in a bit of “bad and tatted” acrylic paint and sort of stamped it at different angles to form the design in the corner.  Finally, I  rubbed the raised glass bead areas with the same metallic gold I used earlier.

Lastly, I applied all my Tim Holtz photos and paper dolls (using pop dots) around the title sticker.

I hope this inspires you to get your paints out and get creative with some old (or reproduction) photos!

Supply List:

Haute Mess Cobble Stone Lane Journal
Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints – Bad and Tatted, Hippie in High Heals, Torrid, Naked, Make it Rain

Velvet Dot Pocket Page

Happy Monday everybody! I have a fun art journal spread I created using the Velvet Dot Pocket Page. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I would do with this pocket page. I was completely stumped… And then I spotted a few manila tags and got an idea. I love when that happens!

To begin, I tucked some plastic packaging material behind the pocket so that the paint would not bleed through the back of the pocket page. Then I applied two coates of the X-rated Haute Mess Acrylic Paint. I applied heat to the pocket page using a heat gun and then I embellished the pocket using stickers and chipboard pieces from Pink Paislee’s  Indigo & Ivy collection. Love this collection!

And just for the record… this guy IS my happy place. I love him to pieces.

I painted the tags with the Last Sin and Naked Paint. Once both tags were dry, I embellished them with a few transparency die cuts and stickers. I used Creative Memories’ Lace Border Punch to punch the bottom of the tags to make them more feminine.


It was no accident that I scrapped the pocket page spread next to the other spread. The pages look nice side-by-side.

Thank you so much for visiting today. I hope you have a fantastic week!


‘New Leaf’ Art Journal Page

Hello all!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you.

Here is the art journal page that I have created,
from my ‘Park Ave Penthouse’ Journal.

I have gone for a natural feel to this page.
I have started with a coat of ‘Haute Mess Clear Gesso’, to seal my page.

I have then used ‘Haute Mess White Gesso’ and a stencil to sponge through my alphabet.
I have then used ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paints’ in both ‘Grunge’ and ‘C-note’ to stencil on to my page.

I have then added the leaf stencil and ‘Million Dollar Baby’ to stencil through on to my page.
I have then added a simple word sticker to finish.

I hope that you like what I have created.


Bad Girls Couture Products used:
Haute Mess Clear Gesso
Haute Mess Gesso
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in
‘Million Dollar Baby’

What My Dreams Are Made Of | A Paint Tutorial in Art Journal

Ever notice how there are no songs written about Tuesdays?  I guess Tuesday isn’t a very sexy day of the week.  But here at the Bad Girls Couture blog, we usually like to “Junque It Up!”  However, I didn’t use any junk for today’s post.  What I did do was take one of the amazing pages you can choose to have in your very own Haute Mess Art Journal, and I threw some paint at it and totally JUNQUED IT UP!!  Here’s how the lovely Pocket Page started out before I got my messy fingers on it.

As you can see, this page is beautiful just as it is.  It is made with a beautiful piece of card stock with handwriting on it, which I adore.  Then there are three little pockets with a scalloped edge, and it’s all stitched up so cute.  And of course there are these three tags, just begging to be drenched in paint!

This page was so adorable, it’s taken me eight months to get up the courage to make a single mark on it.  But I had so much fun once I got started!!  The first thing I did was try out a new technique I recently learned where you take a page from a magazine, and place a stencil  underneath it.  Then you take sand paper and rub it gently over the magazine page.  It’s kind of like making a rubbing of a coin.  It scratches the design of the stencil into the image and removes particles of the paper and ink in the process.  You just move your stencil around and keep sanding till you get it good and textured up.

The Tags

My next step was to cut out sections of these lovely images and glue them onto my tags.  Aren’t they gorgeous??

If I had stopped right there I would have been perfectly happy.  But, I didn’t.  I got out my Haute Mess White Gesso and splattered it around with a palette knife and through a polka dot stencil to get even more texture going.

I decided to let the colors in the magazine pages inform my color palette.  The colors I used are as follows:  Make It Rain, Kiss and Don’t Tell, Torrid, Sweet Candy Kisses, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Last Sin, Bad & Tatted, Grunge and White Gesso.  Next I took some of my favorite stencils and the paint, and I added these sweet images to the tags and then did some outlining in a black pen and white gel pen.

They just needed a little something more.  So I grabbed my ink pad, and inked up the edges and then splattered some watered down Bad & Tatted on them with a paint brush!  I put the ribbon and string back on them, and that did the trick! Here’s how they ended up.

The Finished Tags

The Pocket & Background

Now it was time to work on the background page and that scalloped pocket.  The first thing I did was sponge some of the Kiss and Don’t Tell paint on the pocket using an inexpensive make up sponge.  To protect the background paper I folded up a piece of clean paper and tucked it in the pocket, being careful not to get it on the page underneath.

Here’s a visual of the next few steps I took.

I couldn’t find the exact sentiment I wanted, so I just wrote out the words I wanted on it, then cut them out in strips.  Using a glue stick I adhered them to the page, and outlined them in black pen to help them stand out from the page.  Next I splattered some of that watered down Bad & Tatted on the background and pockets for some darker values on the page.

The Finished Project

That just about wraps it up for me.  I have lots more eye candy for you, so you can see more of this fun project. I hope you like it.

We are so glad you dropped by to visit today and check out this post!  While you’re here, go visit the shop and see all the fantastic products that Wendy has put together for you!  That’s all for me today, I will see you soon!

Dale Ann

Just As I Am

Happy weekend y’all!!  I hope you are having a wonderful one so far!  I’m going to be honest with you, when I sat down to work in my journal this week I was at a loss.  Creativity was not my friend and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I decided I was going to make a background and layer a few pieces and call it a day.  I had no really direction when I started.

Since I really enjoyed my sheet music page I did last week but didn’t have another page in my journal like that I grabbed a page from a vintage hymnal and brushed on some watered down “Fallen Angel” Haute Mess acrylic paint.

I then mixed some Haute Mess molding paste and mixed some “Kiss & Don’t Tell” acrylic paint and applied it over a stencil onto the page before removing the stencil to reveal the design.

Once the tinted molding paste was dried I applied a bit of “Grunge” Haute Mess” acrylic paint with a pallet knife.  I love that this paint is so nice and thick, it really lends itself to this type of application and still gave some great added texture.

Really loving the design at this point, I decided to add some diluted “Torrid” Haute Mess acrylic paint to give a watercolor effect to the center of the heart.  (this has become one of my favorite colors and favorite ways to apply it)

By this point I decided I was no longer just making a background.  I had found my design and realized I had just perfectly framed my title.  From there everything just totally made sense.  I inked up a distressed line rubber stamp with some “Bad & Tatted” Haute Mess acrylic paint and stamped it at the bottom of the page to give it an anchor point.

Then I added the butterfly diecut sticker and layered a Tim Holtz paper doll to reflect the them of the page.

Finally I added a metallic rub over the page to give it some shimmer.

Supply List:

Cobble Stone Lane Journal
Haute Mess Molding Paste
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in the following colors:
Torrid, Fallen Angel, Bad and Tatted, Kiss & Don’t Tell & Grunge