Reusing & Repurposing & Creating!

Today I’m sharing with y’all a fun steampunkish project I made by upcycling a dollar store wind chime!  Take a peak at the finished project.

So let me show you a bit of the process.  I started with a metal Dollar Tree wind chime flower.  After removing the hardware and giving it a good sand I primed it with a thin coat of Haute Mess Gesso then added a thick layer of Molding Paste to the center.

I sprinkled some texture sand in various sizes into the molding paste and pressed them down a bit then applied a thin coat of Haute Mess Clear Matte Gel Medium to seal it all in.

I also spread some Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel on the pedals of the flowers for even more texture.

Next I painted the entire piece in Haute Mess “Dive Bar” and then highlighted it with a damp brush and Haute Mess “Distortion”.

Once dried I rubbed on Haute Mess “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and “C-Note” to give it an aged effect as well as some Prima Patina Effect Paste in “Brass” to give it a metallic sheen.

Finally I added some natural moss, a Tim Holtz paper doll die cut (how cute are these?!) and some amazing chipboard pipes from A Vintage Girl.  I rubbed the Vintage Girl Chipboard Pipes with some Silver Prima Patina Effects Paste and distressed them a bit with a black stamp pad.

Finally I glued the whole piece to a box I made in a previous project that I was using to store my handmade cards.  It’s a real upcycle project!!!

How can you do some upcycling this week?


Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Paints in the following colors:
Distortion, Drop Dead Gorgeous, C-Note, Dive Bar
Bad Girls Couture Glass Bead Gel
Bad Girls Couture Gesso
Bad Girls Couture Clear Matte Gel Medium
Prima Patina Effects in Brass
Prima Patina Effects in Silver
A Vintage Girl “Pipe Dreams” Small chipboard set
Tim Holtz Paper Doll die cut


You and Me: Playing with Clear Gesso

Good morning girlies! I have a fun art journal spread to share with you using some clear gesso and acrylic paints on the pink stitched cardstock Art Journal Page. I used the clear gesso to prep the page so the acrylic paints held their true colors. Sometimes, white gesso will turn the paint to a pastel color and I did not want that to happen.

Once the clear gesso was completely dry, I added the paint to the background. I used Drama Queen, Sweet Candy Kisses and Last Sin.

I used a heart stencil and platinum molding paste from my stash to add a shiny effect to the page. Then I added lots of papers and embellishments. Super simple, but fun.

Here is a link to my process video! Thanks for stopping by today!

Be True to Yourself Art Journal Page with Lisa Amiet

Hello all!
It’s Lisa here today to share an Art Journal page with you.

This page is from my Park Ave Penthouse Journal

I have started by using a thick cardboard page from my journal.
I have then used Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘Bye Felicia’ to coat my page.

I then used a stencil and my Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘Last Sin’,
to stencil some flowers onto my page.

I have then used another stencil and my Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘Broken Doll’,
to lightly sponge through my stencil.

I have then added some paper embellishments and chipboard to finish the page.
I hope you like what I have created!


Lisa xo

I have used the following products:

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Bye Felicia
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Last Sin 
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Broken Doll

Create & Inspire Art Journal Page | Donna Espiritu

Hello, Bad Girls! Donna here with a new art journal page using the Tag Page in the Haute Mess Art Journal as well as some acrylic paints and mediums.

I started with stamping the art journal page and tags then splattering some acrylic paints (Sweet Candy Kissed, X-rated and Kiss & Don’t Tell) to the page and tags. Then I decorated using cut apart pieces from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad and stickers from Kaisercraft Scrap studio collection.  I used a stencil and the Haute Mess modeling paste as a last thought, to add more texture.

It’s a really easy and simple project and I love how this turned out. The colors and textures are pretty up close and in real life.

I hope you liked my post today and it inspired you to be creative!

Here is a process video you can watch:

Thank you for dropping by! Happy crafting,


Canvas Moon by Elena Martynova

Hello! Hello friends, Elena here with you today with my new inspiration!

 I decided to decorate the canvas using photo of me and my daughter and  chipboard by 2Crafty

and excellent products by Bad Girls Couture.

 For my project, I used wonderful sprays by Lindy’s  to create the background.

   To make the surface more voluminous and textured, I applied the Haute Mess – Molding Paste through a stencil

 I used a lot of different colors from Bad Girls Couture for coloring chipboard.

Mixed them together to get smooth color transitions.

Then covered it with embossing powder.

This made the colors brighter and added gloss.

I used chipboard Boho Floral Arrow.   I’m just in love with this wonderful design !!!

  I added Prima’s flowers as a base for the chipboard and creating layers and volume.

 I have made with this products by Bad Girls Couture.

Haute Mess Mediums:

Haute Mess Medium – Clear Gesso

Haute Mess – Molding Paste

Haute Mess Paints:

Bad & Tatted 

Fallen Angel

Last Sin


Well that is all from me today. Have a great weekend and a beautiful week ahead.

Until next time happy scrapping.

Elena xo

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She Blooms – Mixed Media in Repurposed Art Journal

Welcome to the Bad Girls Couture blog, you’ve landed here on a Girl With a Repurpose Thursday!  And I have a project I’ve done in a vintage children’s book that I have repurposed as an art journal!  I’m really excited about this spread, and I hope it inspires you to make some art today!  I went a little snap happy with the camera, so I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking for me!

I started my first layer with some pretty scrapbook paper and the Haute Mess Matte Gel medium to adhere it!

I used several of the luscious Haute Mess paints with various stencils to get some texture and color going on the background. I also attached a face that I drew on plain paper, glued it on with the Gel Matte medium and put another layer on top of it to protect it.

I hand painted (watercolor) and cut out some little pansies that I wanted to use on this page to give the girl I drew a flower fro.  So I arranged them on the page at this point to get an idea of what to do next.

It didn’t make my heart sing yet.  So I took them off, and actually added another flower  to the top of each flower to give them some dimension.  I also thought the background was too colorful and it kind of took away from the flowers. So I decided to tone it down a bit with some more paint.

At this point, my creative juices started flowing so quickly, I forgot to take more process photos! So, I guess I’ll show you some peeks at some of the elements of the page before I unveil the whole thing.  Here are some of those darling pansies I mentioned . . .

I used a cutout of a leaf I made with my cricut on black cardstock. I left it black, because I liked how it brought out her eye and some other details I had painted on with the Bad & Tatted Haute Mess paint throughout the page.

How about a shot of some of the delicious texture I created with the Haute Mess Molding Paste, Haute Mess White Gesso and stencils . . .

Are you ready to see the whole page yet?

Ok, ok, I’ll show you!

This lovely lady was inspired by Mother’s Day, and the celebration of all mothers!  Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs there is.  It’s hard when your kids are little, and hard when they are school age, and then SOOO hard the day you realize you’ve just been raising them so they can grow up and leave you.  It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Even though it’s hard watching them grow up and prepare to leave you, the ups and downs of motherhood do make us more resilient, don’t you think?

But even as difficult as it is, it is very rewarding. It’s a blessing to be a mother, even when it hurts.

Even in the midst of teething, temper tantrums, potty training, trials and tears, we mothers do what we do best in the midst of trouble. We bloom.

The colors used in this project are as follows:  Bad & Tatted, Bye Felicia, Oops! My Bad, First Crush, X-Rated, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Distortion, C-Note, Fallen Angel, Last Sin, Guilt Trip, and Mannequin.

I hope you were inspired to repurpose and recycle something into a magnificent piece of art today!  And if you haven’t gotten your Haute Mess Acrylic Paint set yet, what in the world are you waiting for! Go now, do it! You’ll be so glad you did!

Till next time, Dale Ann

Art-journal page Follow your dreams by Elena Martynova

Hello dear friends!
Today I’m with a new Mixed Media project – and it’s again Art-journal page.
 I chose the pink canvas page to create my project.

Hope you like and I have video for you to watch if you would like to see my process.

I painted background using Haute Mess Acrylic colors:

I applied the Molding Paste through a stencil, and then another Glass Bead Gel.

After drying, it gives an interesting texture and beautifully shimmers in the light!

   I took photos from different angles, so it was better to see how to lay this gel

Thank you so much for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed your time here on the blog.

Till next time, have fun and enjoy your creative time.

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Spring Market Art Journal Page

Hello all! It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you.

I have an Art Journal spread, that I created to give me back the feel of Spring,
as it is starting cool down here now.

For this one, I have started with the polka dot half page and the black cardstock page behind it.
I wanted these pages to work together.

I have used my Haute Mess White Gesso & Molding Paste to my pages.

I have then added some colour using my Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in
‘X-Rated’, ‘Couture Pink’ & Million Dollar Baby’, and stencils.

I have then added in some scrapbooking elements that gave me that spring feeling 🙂

Lots of layers.

There is a full process video that you can watch


I hope you like what I have created.


A Necklace A Mother Could Love!

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, to your mothers, and any fur moms!  Hope your day is beautiful and you are spoiled.  I certainly was spoiled this morning!  Mimosas, pancakes and a mani/pedi!  It is a treat for sure!  It was a busy week but I did manage to sneak in some creating time.  My project is a re-creation (one I created with other materials in the past) since I sold the original at an art weekend event.  I had photos so I made an exact duplicate for ME!  I loved this necklace so much.  

I used the Haute Mess Acrylic colors: Make it Rain, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Guilt Trip, and First Crush for the canvas part of the necklace. I mixed the paints with water to thin them out and blend them better on the canvas fabric.  ** I’m so sorry to say that I didn’t take process photos (I really got into my limited creating time and my fingers were quite messy!)…  I started by brushing the watered down First Crush onto areas of the canvas.  Then, blended Guilt Trip over areas.  I mixed Drop Dead Gorgeous with Make it Rain to create some blue greenish hues by overlapping areas.  Also, I left some areas more transparent with more water.

I stamped with a permanent ink and used some silver texture paste I had through a stencil to create the circles.  Once dry, I added the buttons, brads and gems.  I used fabric glue to add the ribbon and velveteen backing to finish this piece.  A tip… cut both the canvas and backing at the same time so that they match seamlessly.  

I will be wearing this piece to an art opening reception soon!  It’s a statement piece for sure!  I hope you will get a bit of creating time for yourself.  Happy Mother’s Day to you all and Happy Sunday!

Love Life – Art Journal Page

Good morning, all you bad girlies! It’s a wonderful Wednesday, and this is Dale Ann back in the blogosphere to share a Color Splash Wednesday project with you, and showing you a couple different ways you can use gesso in your projects!

What is gesso? I’m so glad you asked! Acrylic gesso is a product used by artists that adds flexibility and increases the archival life of your pieces. It can also be used for sizing and priming panels and flexible canvas for painting. It is a great tool for preparing any substrate you choose to accept paint better.  The Haute Mess Gesso is no exception! It works great for priming your surfaces, but it can also be used in other ways. Read on to find two other ways I have used it in today’s project!

I chose to work on a page in my Haute Mess Paper Doll Palace art journal that is covered in vintage sheet music! It’s so pretty, I almost hated painting on it!

I also picked out some pretty scrapbook paper with pink and green in it, and then picked out coordinating paint colors from the Haute Mess Collection. (Colors used: C-Note, Sweet Candy Kisses, and Naked )

I started out by tearing the scrap paper into strips and gluing it around my page with a glue stick. Since the sheet music and the scrap paper are both a little busy, I pulled out my gesso, and used it to tone it down a bit. All I did was use a pallette knife and spread it around the page a little. I did not cover up all the sheet music or the scrap paper. The gesso just quieted down the patterns, so you would be able to see the rest of the page.

I pulled out the C-note and a stencil and spread some of that great yellowy-green around the page in a flourish design. I also added some Drop Dead Gorgeous on the page through the stencil as well.

Now, since it’s Color Splash! Wednesday, I had to have a big pop of color on this page, right?  I had this black paper cut out frame that I had been trying to use on several different projects, and just couldn’t find a good fit.  Then suddenly, inspiration struck! I used the Sweet Candy Kisses pink and painted the same shape as the frame in the middle of the page, then framed it with the cutout.  How’s that for a splash of color?

I then decided to add some texture and pattern to that space. I used my handy dandy gesso through a stencil to create this lovely design.

Now that we’re starting to get a focal point, and I decided to use some cut out words I had cut with my Cricut.

To finish up the page, I added some stenciled butterflies in Bad & Tatted around the page edges as well as more of the Sweet Candy Kisses through an arrow stencil.  I added a couple of doodles here and there with an ink pen and my Uni-Ball Roller white gel pen.

Here’s a look at the final page, and I hope the message speaks to your heart! Love the life you’re living! If you don’t love it, then change it!  Life is too short to not be loving the journey!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you’ve found some inspiration today to create your own colorful page, and that you learned something about gesso and why you need it in your life!!  Get yours in the store today!!  Until next time, have a lovely day!

Love, Dale Ann