Shabby Box

              Hello my scrap friends! Today is Tuesday and we are back with you! In the Kit of October Main Subscription Kit “Roadside Thrift Shoppe” magnificent molds from Prima, I made myself a box for ribbon. I sew vintage teddy bears and I love to make them ribbons. New hobby – new materials and place for their storage LOL… 

I had an old box. I already wanted to throw it away. I turned it in my hands and thought that if I tore off the lid, it would suit me! I painted box on all sides it acrylic  white gesso. I did not use the brush to work. It is better to use sponge. This will give a more uniform coating.

Moldes from Prima Marketing are great! I made decorative elements  modeling material Paper Clay. This modeling material very pleasant in work, velvety, plastic, does not stick to hands. Easily ironed with fingers and a tool. Air dry modeling material. 

This multilayered flower I made of gray paper. I cut out several colors on the plotter of different sizes. Then I dampened the paper blanks with water and pressed in the center of each petal to shape it.I added pink plaster stamens. I made a hole in the middle of the flower and stuck a bunch of stamens through the flower. Not on the front side of the flower, I bent and glued the tail of the beam. Also a little painted the edges acrylic white gesso. 

I added a felling of the leaves of the rose to the composition. The final process add to is a little marshy green and the color of lavender)))

Prima Marketing Rossi Belle Say It In Crystals created beautiful accents. They are good in style and color. My Teddy bears like a box for ribbons)))Now the tapes will be stored in a beautiful box. This box will decorate my place for creativity and hobbies.

I do not know English well enough, google translator helps me)))) I really hope that you understand me;) I continue to spend my time playing with the Kit of October. Join now! Have excellent creative and productive day! Thank you for being with us) 

Inspire Me Monday…….Vintage Glam Gift Box


Hello Bad Girls,

Michelle Rossibell here today hoping to inspire you in many ways.

With the holidays near I have been thinking a lot about what holiday theme I will be doing this year for Christmas. I love me a good old glam Vintage Christmas, and thought I try my hand in making my own gift box with the look I have envisioned.

Here is my vintage gift box I created with my mould and paper clay from the October Kit.


I had a blast playing with the paper clay. It was super simple, and drying time was was very minimal.

Once the clay mould dried, using the multi purpose High Impact Paint, I covered the whole mould with the paint. Using my 3D gel I attached to a lid of a black kraft box. I then proceeded to paint the rest of the gift box all around.

Once the paint has dried I used my Glitter Glam Paint to add the vintage glam I wanted to achieve.

Here is a close up of the sides of the box, and I love how the paint dried to give it texture.

Once I allowed the whole project to dry, I felt like I was missing something so off to my ribbon stash I went and found the perfect vintage ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by…….I hope I was able to inspire you this happy Monday morning.

Bad Ass Vibe = Using Embossing Powders for Borders!

Happy Saturday!

It’s Rae with you today, sharing a Bad Ass layout I made with the October kit:

First, I’ll talk about how I created this layout, and then how I used a SIMPLE, yet BAD ASS technique to create the border around the page. For me, a Bad Ass layout has a lot of details- details that you don’t necessarily notice at first glance, but when you look up close, there they are!

I started with painting the main paper with clear gesso. After adding the embossing powder around the edges, I added some stenciling, pink mist, and some pink wax over the stenciling. In the close up below, you can all of that, AND you can see a bunch of the small details, including some faux stitching on the heart! And, the embossing powder on the page. 🙂

On the other side of the layout, you can see some of the layers from under the photo- the 7 Gypsies pink Architextures distressed wood, and some paper images I cut from the Prima Wild and Free Paper, as well as the 7 Gypsies paper with the frame. Fussy cutting images from paper is always worth the extra effort and adds wonderful layers and dimension.

Because pink was one of the major colors on this layout, it was great to have so many pink tones in the layout. However, the brightness of the pink Prima Marketing felt flowers felt like too much of a POP to me, and I didn’t want the flowers to be the first thing that was noticed on the layout- the picture is always my focal point! 🙂 So, I decided to tone them down with some Bad Girls Couture white gesso! ( I added gesso to the pink felt bow at the top of the picture as well.

I added some fussy cut flowers under the felt flowers.

Here, you can see more of the fussy cut images peeking under the photo, and that super cute distressed tag from the kit that was perfect for a small title.

And now for the simple tutorial on how to use embossing powder to create a distressed edge. You need embossing medium, embossing powder, a heat gun, and paper.

First, I used an embossing medium dabber. But you can use an embossing pad as well. I just like the dabber. Any embossing powder will do. I used this aged one from Stampendous! because it’s what I have, and I like the color combo, but you could mix any powders that you have to create a mottled look: this powder has black, gold and silver, mixed.

Add the embossing medium to the edges in a random fashion. Use as much or as little as you want. I tend to put more than I think I will need because you can always take some off with your finger or paper towel. The shiny part at the bottom corner of the paper is the embossing medium. If you use an embossing medium pad, it may be a little difficult to get the same pattern, but adding the medium from the pad with a sponge should be helpful.

I used a dinner plate under the paper when I pour on the embossing powder, but you could use scrap paper if you wanted. This way is just easier for me because of the size of the paper I’m adding the powder to.

Shake off the excess powder. Decide if this is how you want it to look- rub off what you don’t want on there.

TIP: if you feel like it’s not enough, as though you didn’t add enough embossing medium and want more coverage with the embossing powder, that’s okay- you can add more after you heat emboss your first attempt. 🙂

Because this is a 12X12 paper, I work in sections, doing one side at a time, to heat emboss them so I don’t smudge off the powder before it’s dried on there.


Here’s a closeup after using the heat tool. You can see some “splatters” of the powder- this happens when you curl your paper in your hand, creating a barrier so the powder doesn’t fly away, and melt, even if there is no embossing medium there!

Since I have added clear gesso, and the embossing medium, and also heat, the paper is now warped/curled. This is where a magnetic mat is very handy. You can see in this picture the magnets are making the paper flat. I keep it this way overnight. If it’s still warped when I get back to my project, I will place it under the mat and put some heavy objects on there for a while and/or glue the paper to a piece of 12X12 heavy card stock. a combination of these things always work. 🙂

It really add a BAD ASS VIBE to my layout!

Thanks for taking a look at my project today!




Bad Girls Couture October DT Challenge


Welcome! We decided to see just how bad our girls can be when we challenged them to try something new on their projects. This month, we are focusing on Prima’s Vintage Moulds. These beautiful moulds are addicting and we think after you’ve seen what these bad girls have been up to this month, you are going to want to play too! There are so many possibilities with these moulds and paper clay. Try using these moulds to create a fun border for your tags and projects. Or if you’re feeling really creative, use try making a candle holder, clips and altered jars like some of our designers! Take a look at what they created. We are so inspired with their creativity! We just love how everyone thought outside of the box to create such beautiful projects. If these aren’t inspiring enough, we aren’t sure what is?!

Irina Volzhina
Nicole Martel
Michelle Sanders
Michelle Rossibell
Michelle Sanders

Rae Moses

Thanks so much for visiting today! Please don’t forget to check out our gallery for more inspiration. We would love it if you would follow us on Instagram (BadGirlsCouture2007) so you don’t miss out on some crafty inspiration!











Vintage PLUS Color….WHY NOT??!!! #justbecauseIcan

Happy LATE Wednesday girlies! I have been super duper busy with shipping out our kits and enjoying my husband today on his day off! So when I sat down to do an impromptu layout…ya know I just felt like playing! Sometimes I want to get into it and out 20,000 things on the page..LOL…but sometimes I just crave more simplicity…today was one of those days! So I don’t like RULES…everyone knows that about me and sometimes I just don’t want to scrap with a photo…so I started thinking about my husband because he was right next to me working on his own project and I had the AHA MOMENT! I thought why not make him a book that I can place on his nightstand and I grab it whenever I want and write hime a love note (well…sometimes it might be a not so in love note…LOL)…so I made the cover of the book….take a look…

I love vintage but I also love color and again…NO RULES…I just add a funky twist..NO FEAR girlies! So even though this months Kit “Road Side Thrift Shoppe” is very muted…you can add little bursts of color here and there to give it a little more energy! I added all the Ribbon from the Ribbon Add On Kit #justbecauseIcan…..and I love it!

For the letters I wanted to use last months letters in the kit but I wanted to use the Glimmer Glam in the kit…so I just peeled away the top layer and then added the Gold and I love the effect. I also stitched around the page leaving the right side open and then stitched across the page to make a divider for 2 notes. As you can see I used the paper from the kit to create little note tags and then I attached the tiny tea stained tags from your kit. Please share any ideas you have also to use color with Vintage…and JUST HAVE FUN!


Wendy La Croix

Junque It Up Candle Holder

Are you ready to get Junqie?!  I was so excited to do this project!!  As soon as I saw the Prima Moulds this is the vision that I had in my mind.

This dreamy vintage looking pillar candle holder that looks like it came from another time.  But I was nervous to work with the paper clay, I had never worked with it before and wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  So, in true junk fashion, I headed out to the scrap wood pile and found me a piece of wood and it was perfect for this!

Next I just pressed a good size piece of the clay into the mould and immediately removed it.


Since I needed it to take on the shape of the rounded edges I had to wrap it around the wood.  I thought I could just glue it and it would be ok…so I hot glued it and trimmed the extra pieces.  Then I attached an old junk brooch and layered a little brass clock charm on top right to the middle for interest and I headed to bed for the night while it dried.


Well it dried.  And cracked.  And all fell off.  Lesson learned.  But…it did hold it’s shape where I needed it to around the corners so I was able to piece it back together and reglue it.

But the cracks and gaps remained where the clay had shrunken.  So I pulled out my joint compound and began to patch the cracks with a pallet knife and the results were pretty good.

Next I gessoed the entire thing and then grabbed the Ivory Tattered Angels paint and painted over just the exposed wood section.

Lastly, I gave the clay and the metal pieces in the center a distressed antique finish.  As you can see on the scrap pieces of clay I played around with the finishes I wanted to use before I landed on the one I really liked.  I used a combination of paints by Plaid (layering and sponging until I like the effect) and then applied a layer of the Gold Glitter Tattered Angels that came in the kit to finish it off.

I hope you are inspired to go junking and find an old treasure to spruce up!!

October Kits are HERE!!!!

Hello my BAD GIRLS! I am so EXCITED about the October Kits…with a VINTAGE GYPSY theme these kits were so fun to create!


To subscribe so you never miss out on our Scrapbook Kit please GO HERE! You are under no obligation and can cancel at any time!

Bad Girls Loves Mixed Media and this kit…“PARIS FLEA MARKET” is AMAZING! It comes with 5 French Mirror Images and Bad Girls Couture Matte Gel Medium so you can create IMAGE TRANSFERS on the enclosed canvases.!!!! This kit is loaded with Vintage French goodies to create with…take a look at this months MIXED MEDIA KIT!!!!

Next up is our VINTAGE KIT and I have been saving the TINTYPES that are in this kit for a long time for something special. They are very expensive to purchase so I had to look for a long time to try to find them at a decent price so I could share with my BAD GIRLS. I have always been intrugued with tintypes. It fascinates me the trouble they went through in the Victorian era to display their little photos. They certainly spared no expense! Because I didn’t have that many tintypes or the cute little mini luggage you get there are not that many of this kit…if you absolutely love it please grab “VAGABOND GYPSY” before they sell out!

For our HOME DECOR KIT I once again went to my shelves that house all of our Vintage and Antique goodies…and the Antique Crystal Door Plates were a favorite of mine. Truth be told when I purchased them they were going to be fitted into my last house…alas I never got around to it and my new house in a true antique house and it already came with antique crystal knobs on every single door. So…what’s a bad girl to do??? Yep…share of course with her BADDIES!!!! LOL….So…these are really GORGEOUS…and I had to come up with a design that I thought would be pretty….with this design I added solid wood moulding to a solid wood base and then added two pretty little hooks that you can hang your keys or tea towels from…or ribbons if you put it in your art studio…whatever suits your fancy….take a look at “GYPSY SHACK”!!!!

I truly hope you enjoy all of our kits this month! If you have any questions please email me at: You can also call @ 909.247.0608. Not only do I offer Antique and Vintage kits with a vibe from yesteryears, but I also believe in good old fashioned customer service. In a world where everything is email and text now we like to answer your calls if you’re a little old fashioned yourself! Have a fabulous day and CREATE WITH PASSION!


Wendy La Croix





Today is Saturday which means it is time for some inspiration for you. Irina here, and today I’m sharing my layout using the September 2017 Scrapbook Kit “Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up”. I love paper Maggie Holmes Carousel items we got in the kits for September. I took a sheet of paper Crate Paper – Maggie Holmes Carousel – Uplifting Paper for the background of my project. I found an old photo, it was a wonderful day in an amusement park and I have kept this photo for a long time. This photo looks great on this background paper.

I love a lot of embellishment in my project and this time I used Alphabet Chippoard, as well as the flowers of Prima. I posted a photo in the upper right corner. The band of tickets limited the part my layout. On the border of the tickets I made the title from the cardboard chipboard. I added a border with the name of flowers from the fabric of Prima. This gives the scope of my work and I like how it looks together. Two strips of yellow patterned paper added a page, I arranged one strip right under the photo, the second strip bounded the edge of the layout.

Warm soft colors of the title and background look very cute))) I like how it looks.This was such a fun creative project to make. I let myself go and enjoyed the entire process. I hope I’ve shared some ideas that have stirred up your own creative juices. If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.
Thanks for stopping by!


Me & You

Hello everyone. I created this layout for Bad Girls Couture using the September kit. Today, I want to share with you, how I created this fun, colorful layout. The Twinkling H20’s are so vibrant on this layout. It just screams fun!
Before, I started doing anything with this layout, I coated the white cardstock with gesso and let it dry overnight. Once dried, I splashed the pink Twinkling H20’s onto the cardstock. I used a black Sharpie to draw a 1/2″ border around the layout.
I coated the chipboard alphas using the gesso. Once dry, I splashed blue and pink watercolor paints on them and let them dry.
I matted the collage of photos using a few pieces of patterned paper then I hand-cut the hot air balloon and photo corners from the Crate Paper and colored them using markers.

I recycled the packaging from the Crate Paper embellishments to use as a fun border for the bottom of my photo collage. Since I was running low on embellishments, I stamped flowers onto patterned paper then used scissors to cut it out. I used a foam square to pop it up off the page. Also, I painted the Prima flower using the Twinkling H20’s so that the flower would blend in more with the layout.
Thanks so much for visiting today!

Repurposing Your Extra Scraps with Michelle

Hello fellow crafters, Michelle here sharing how I repurposed a box to hold a special gift. Having been a crafty girl for 20 years I find that I have a lot of left over scrapbook paper. I have a drawer full of scraps, from paper, trim and flowers. I usually reach for my scraps when I need to make a quick card.

Here I had a small little kraft round box that held tiny little paperclips. I thought it would be a perfect project to use those leftovers and create a ring box for a present.

With  pencil and paper trimmer I got to work. Using my vintage floral paper from the Bag Girls Couture kit, I went through my other extras scraps and found this left over gem strand, and paper flowers. I used acrylic paint to paint a matching grey to outer edges of my box. After gluing my paper on, I added the finishing touches. I carefully adhered the gem strands around the outer edges, and using a leaf paper punch I created these beautiful leave elements from the same paper and tucked them underneath the flowers on the lid of ring box.

I still had some paper left to make a cute matching gift card using the white and kraft cardstock paper, and topped it off with this beautiful little bow from ribbon both from my kit.

Thanks for stopping by…….Always, Michelle