Enchanted Steampunk Wreath

Hey everyone and good Tuesday to ya!  Today I’m getting into some a little home decor DIYing!  This little steampunked beauty has been in my brain for a while so I’m thrilled to finally see it through.  I made a little process video for you so you can see the process as I made it.  Take a peek!

Basically I coated a Dollar Tree vine wreath with a coat of “Fallen Angel” Haute Mess paint and then accented the crevices with a bit of watered down paint in “Distortion” and “Million Dollar Baby”.  I then added Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel and allowed it to dry fully before rubbing on a bit of “Drama Queen” and then an acrylic metallic copper to accent.  Next I painted some chipboard pieces from A Vintage Girl as my accent pieces (rubbing with an acrylic metallic ) glued them on the wreath.  I also tucked in some reindeer moss in the cracks and secured with glue then finished it off with a ribbon for hanging.

Supplies Used:

Haute Mess Paint “C-Note”
Haute Mess Paint “Million Dollar Baby”
Haute Mess Paint “Distortion”
Haute Mess Paint “Fallen Angel
Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel
A Vintage Girl Chipboard
Metallic Copper Acrylic Paint
Reindeer Moss

Appreciate Beauty – Tabbed Journal Page

It’s Make Art Monday… I’m going to share one of the tabbed pages from the wonderful Haute Mess Art Journals! Before I created on the page, I had a bit of fun with Gelli plates!  My 4th grade students are starting a project using the Gelli plates and learning about printmaking in my classroom so I thought I’d bring one home and have a little art making fun myself!  The Haute Mess Acrylics work beautifully on the plate!

Here are some of the beautiful prints that I made during this process:


The Gelli plate is a gelatin based printing plate that you can reuse over and over.  I love how the Haute Mess Acrylics work on this plate and how wonderful they transfer to paper! You will have endless possibilities and lots of papers for your journals, artwork and anything else your heart desires!

After my prints dried, I took a few and ripped them to create a finished page with.


Here is the process video that I made while printing and putting my finished journal page together.  Enjoy!

I hope I’ve inspired you today to try printmaking with the Haute Mess Acrylics!

Bad Girls Haute Mess products used:

Haute Mess Acrylic:


First Crush

Drama Queen

Guilt Trip

Sweet Candy Kisses

Caution Tape


Drop Dead Gorgeous

Modeling Paste

Matte Gel




‘Artist?’ Art Journal Page by Lisa Amiet


Hello!! It’s Lisa here today to share my latest page from my

‘Park Ave Penthouse’ Journal.


I have started with one of my blank pages, this one is cardboard.
I have given it a coat of ‘Haute Mess White Gesso’ to start with.

I have then used my ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Last Sin’ to coat the page in a nice pale blue.
I have then used a stencil and some ‘Haute Mess Clear Gesso’ to add some texture.

I have then used a mandala stencil and my ‘Haute Mess Molding Paste’ to stencil the mandalas.

I have then added some more colour using ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paints’ in ‘Last Sin’,
‘Make It Rain’, ‘Sweet Candy Kisses’ and ‘Bye Felicia’.

I have then added some more stenciling and stamping, along with some doodling by hand.
I hope you like what I have created!

Until next time!

Lisa xo

I have used the following Bad Girls Couture Products:

Park Ave Penthouse Journal
Haute Mess – White Gesso
Haute Mess – Clear Gesso
Haute Mess – Molding Paste
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Last Sin
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Bye Felicia
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Make It Rain 
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Sweet Candy Kisses

Canvas My soul’s garden by Elena

Hello! Hello Bad girls!
It’s Elena here today to share a project with you.
I have created a Mixed Media canvas, using my favourite Haute Mess Mediums & Paints.

I very rarely buy a finished canvas in the store.

As a rule, I make it myself from a box of chocolates and a piece of cloth.

I paint the Haute Mess White Gesso well and dry it.

In addition, I tried to get rid of another unnecessary thing.

It’s a little rake from the garden set. I use small shovels to transplant potted flowers,

but the rake is always not in demand.

 To start, I smeared the paint on the canvas.

Then applied texture paste and craquelure paste to create the effect of cracked plaster.

Painted rake: handle with Caution Tape  and Million Dollar Baby

and the rake with Kiss & Don’t Tell and Drop Dead Gorgeous

Decorated with flowers, sisal, chipboard and carved pictures.

I have then used my Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel, to add texture to the canvas.

I love my garden, when spring comes, I just love to plant plants and care for them!

I hope I was able to share with you my love of nature in this canvas!

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I have used the following Products from Bad Girls Couture:

Haute Mess White Gesso

Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium

Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint:

Fallen Angel

Kiss & Don’t Tell

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Caution Tape 

Million Dollar Baby

Guild Trip

First Crush

Bad Girl Gaudy

Hope Anchors The Soul Art Journal | Donna Espiritu

Hello, Bad Girls. It’s Donna here today with a new project using Haute Mess products.

I created another page in my Palace Princess Art Journal and it was fun playing and experimenting with mediums and paints to add texture and interesting details.

I started with one of the pages in the Haute Mess Palace Princess Art Journal as my base or background. I applied clear gesso before adding texture with modeling paste and a stencil.

I based the acrylic paints colors on the Kaisercraft Antiquities collection I used. So I chose Caution Tape, Make It Rain and Bad & Tatted as main colors. The combination of yellow and bluish gray is beautiful.

I have a process video you can watch.

I hope you liked my project today! See you in my next post.

Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting!

Supplies Used:

Haute Mess Art Journal Palace Princess

Haute Mess Mediums: Clear Gesso, Molding Paste

Haute Mess Acrylic Paints: Naked, Fallen Angel, Caution Tape, Make It Rain, Bad & Tatted

Kaisercraft Antiquities collection (papers, stickers, stencil, stamp), Pearls and Rhinestones, Kaisercraft Chestnut Ink, White Thread


Good morning! I know that for some of you, mixed media makes you nervous. Listen, I get it…but you have no idea how much fun you are missing by not giving these journals, paints and molding paste a try. So…today, my goal is to show you how EASY it is to create a mixed media journal spread. You do not need to have a lot of product to do these spreads. If you have paint, molding paste and some stencils with a few scraps…that’s all you need.

I made this spread last weekend when I was bored and I didn’t really want to scrapbook a layout. But I wanted to play and get messy. I found the “Believe you can and you will” sticker in my stash and thought, I love that! I need to put that on a journal page as a good reminder to myself.

To begin this spread, I painted the stitched cardstock journal page using the Ooops! My Bad Haute Mess Acrylic Paint. You don’t want to completely cover it using the paint. Allow some white to peak through.

Once it’s almost completely dry, add some of the “Drop Dead Gorgeous” paint. Again, leave some white showing. You can paint over the first layer of paint.

Next, use a palette knife to spread on some of the ” X-rated” paint. I like using the palette knife because it creates a different look depending on how hard you press on the palette knife when scraping across the page.

Once the yellow is dry, use the Haute Mess Molding Paste and a stencil to create some fun designs! I like using this technique because it really brings the colors out!

When applying the Haute Mess Molding Paste across the stencil, be sure to hold the stencil in place so it does not move which will cause smearing. Also, make sure to spread a good amount of paste over the stencil and go over the stencil in one direction. I normally spread the paste from top to bottom in one fluid movement. Then, I repeat this process until the entire stencil is covered. Once the entire stencil is covered, you can carefully scrape any excess paste off the stencil to add it back to the jar. Carefully, lift the stencil off the journal page and let it try for one hour.

And here it is… amazing, right!? And super fun!

To complete the spread, I hand-cut a buttefly image from patterned paper and then used my fingers to rub the paint on the butterfly to create a neat, blended look. Then I used Yes Paste to glue the butterfly to the center of the page. Once the glue was dry, I used foam squares to add the “Believe you can and you will” sticker to the center of the butterfly using a few foam squares. Then I fed a piece of ribbon through the metal key and adhered it to the center of the butterfly using a  Heavy Matte Gel. I added a few spashes of Turquoise Glimmer Mist and White Spray Ink just for fun.


That’s all there is to this journal spread! Think you’re ready to make one of your own? I can’t wait to see your creations in our gallery!

Give Me Eyes to See

Hey girlies!  Happy Monday!  Today I’m gonna show y’all what I did with this wonderful tab page in my Haute Mess journal.  I’ve got a bit of a theme going in my journal right now so I’m rolling with it and continuing what I have going on and this is what is on my mind and on my heart so in my journal it goes!


Take a look at the process video for details on how I created this background using a technique I like to call “paint smushing”.


It’s basically adding dashes of paint to your page or canvas then covering it with another paper or in this case I used a sheet of clear acetate so you could see the process take place.  You cover the paint with the second sheet of paper and smush it, smoothing it out so the paint can blend and come to the edges a bit.  Once you peel the paper up it makes a wonderful blended and textured design.

Preserving Treasures!


Oh hello! Today I wanted to experiment with Haute Mess mediums and create something a little different! I’m using repurposed materials to create a sculpture. <3


My base is a phrenology head from Relics & Artifacts. I prepped it with a nice even coat of Haute Mess clear gesso.  This makes it the perfect surface to build upon! I also really love this gesso because it dries fast!


Next I added in some acrylic paint. Haute Mess “Bad & Tatted” around the base adds a lot of drama.

Haute Mess Matte Gel makes the perfect medium for collage… like this “Bad Witch”

To finish it off, I glued on some added fun with dried herbs from my garden, crystals, marbles and bones. I really hope that this inspires you to gather some fun supplies and create something fun.


Repurposed Whiteboard with Lisa Amiet

Hello Bad Girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you all.

For this project, I have repurposed an old whiteboard that had a cool frame.

I started by making it a blackboard with some blackboard paint from the craft store.
I then gave the frame a coat of my
Haute Mess Gesso White

Next was a full thick coat of my Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘X-Rated’

I then did a rough coat of ‘Fallen Angel’ over the entire frame.

I then added some crackle paste and let it do its job.

I have then gone over the frame with a vintage stain ink to highlight all those yummy cracks.

I hope you like what I have created and that it inspires you to get messy today.

Lisa xo

I have used the following products from Bad Girls Couture:

White Gesso – https://badgirlscouture.com/store/haute-mess-mixed-media-medium-2-oz-gesso/

Fallen Angel – https://badgirlscouture.com/store/haute-mess-mixed-media-acrylic-paint-2-oz-fallen-angel/

X-Rated – https://badgirlscouture.com/store/haute-mess-x-rated/

Wander – Mixed Media Page in Haute Mess Art Journal

Happy Tuesday!  This is Dale Ann back with you, sharing a Junque It Up, Tuesday project with you!  I’m working in my Paperdoll Palace Haute Mess Art Journal on one of the card stock pages.  Let me tell you, it held up to all the “junk,” I threw at this project!  I can’t wait to show you!

This page is so different than anything I’ve ever created before. So, honestly, I’m feeling a little insecure about it! But, I believe that art is about taking risks, pushing yourself and having NO FEAR!  If you want to try it, try it! If it doesn’t turn out, paint over it!  That’s my philosophy!  So, here we go.

I started out by prepping the page with the Haute Mess Clear Gesso.  Next I grabbed a stencil and scraped some Haute Mess Molding Paste through it for texture in a damask pattern.  Then I started adhering some plastic beads in different shapes and sizes, some of which I used the Haute Mess Matte Medium to stick them on.  (Some of the heavier stuff, I had to use hot glue)  I pulled out all kinds of things I had gotten in art swaps, some stuff was just junk laying around my desk and in my drawers!  There are jewelry pieces, paper flowers, gems and an actual washer in this piece!

Now it was time to start throwing some paint at it!  I started with our Bad & Tatted from the Haute Mess paint collection across everything I had put on the page so far.


It took a couple layers of paint to color up the crazy colors of the beads I used!  I added some of our magical Glass Bead Gel around the whole structure I had created.  This page was starting to get an “underwater treasure,” kind of vibe and it was calling for a mermaid!  To add to the underwater theme of the page, I grabbed some of my Dylusions Shimmer Mist in a shimmery blue color and sprayed it all around the page. It made the page absolutely sparkle!


For my mermaid, I found an image in a magazine and cut her out, then I put a paper frame I cut out with my Cricut, around her.  I wanted to give some depth to the page, so I used pieces of a makeup sponge that I had cut off under her, to create a shadow and separate her from the page a bit. I had painted the frame in the Bad & Tatted as well, and then inked it up with the shimmer mist in blue and black.

She needed some doodling on her, to give her a more magical mermaid makeover!  The sentiment reads, “Wander.  The Journey is the Destination.” I just loved that, because I felt like I definitely went on a journey with this page!  After letting her sit for a few days, I decided she needed some more color in her life.  So I pulled out a couple more colors of my Shimmer Mist and sprayed around the page letting it get drippy and messy.  Here’s how she ended up.

 I hope my artistic journey today inspired you to try something new, that you’ve never done before! Don’t be afraid to get messy and take chances! I’m really interested in what you think of this page. Please feel free to leave me a comment! And always, thanks so much for stopping by for a visit today!


Love, Dale Ann