Hello everyone! I have a layout to share with you today created with gorgeous September 2017 Scrapbook Kit “Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up”. Today is Tuesday and this time for Colour Splash! I took a white sheet of paper and created a background with Twinkling H2O’s.Sea Spray and bright Bougainvillea colour created watercolor stains for the background.

Twinkling H20’s are simple to use. The surface of the paint does require moistening prior to use, and the paints are easiest to use when the surface has been moistened and left to stand for a few minutes. Any standard paint brush can be used and the paints can be applied direct from the pot or after being blended. The colors  giving strong and vibrant colors, these can be blended with water for lighter shades.

Delightful sticker – Gold Puffy Words Maggie Holmes was perfect for this layout and photo of my daughter.
I added gold accents with foil. I love the shabby chic feel that is created when you use the Minc Reactive paint. Each brush stroke is emphasised within the foil.
Apply a small amount of Minc Paint to the brush and freely execute strokes on the background. After about a minute grab your foil and place over the paint and pull on and off. Repeating this as necessary until you have the desired look you want. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry now. Embellishments Crate Paper Carousel Clips, I posted on the photo.

It looks great, I really like how it looks.

Get some inspiration from Bad Girls Couture and start creating with us!


Using Twinkling H2Os with Stencils


Hello, friends!

Today I’m sharing a layout I made using most of what I had left of the September kit- which worked out perfectly for the today’s theme of “We’re Bringing Sexy Back: NO RULES and NO FEAR! So, I got out of my comfort zone with using a variety of bright colors, and added black, and even added some elegant gold, just because!

I loved the bold colors of the Prima Marketing chipboard alphas, and I knew I wanted to pair the green and pink with the teal and the black cardstock from the kit to make a dramatic color combination. Normally, I would never add an antique gold to this combo because it doesn’t necessarily “match” but I didn’t worry about it for this layout because… NO RULES! (And, it actually looks good.) So, here is the layout:

I admit it, I am completely addicted to flowers- It’s a rare practice for me not to include them on every project. The only problem is that I was out of flowers from the kit, so I made my own from the teal cardstock that I gutted- there’s a 10-inch square of the cardstock taken from the center so I could use it for the bottom layer, and use the rest to cut out flowers! I inked the paper with three different shades of blue to get a unique look. I also added one of the Crate Paper Carousel clips, “You Shine Bright” on the photo creating a triangle of teal around the photo to draw the eye right to it.

This close up shows some detail of the flowers and, and also some of the detail on that gold frame. the frame is cut from the Prima Marketing Paintables watercolor paper. There are lots of layers on it. First, I thought I would color the frame with the Ancient Coin (gold) Twinkling H2O’s, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I painted it again with some sparking gold paint that had a thicker consistency, and then traced the black accents printed on the paper with some Stickles in black, and I still wasn’t happy with it, so I decided to use cover the whole frame with embossing powder when the paint and the Stickles were drying, but still wet enough to make the embossing powder stick to some of the spots. Then I used some black artisan powder (it’s like matte mica powder) to tone down the gold.

Also in that close up you can see some stenciling that I did using the Twinkling H2O’s. I wanted to add some green and pink accents to coordinate with the alphas. Here’s a tutorial on how I got the results:

How to Use Twinkling H2O’s with Stencils

The pink alphabet chipboard has a few different shades of pink, and I wanted my stenciling to also have the different shades of pink, so I chose to make my paste a light shade of pink.

I started with adding water to the Playful Pansy (pink) Twinkling H2O pot to activate it. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, occasionally stirring the pot to help make a thick consistency.

I added the H2O liquid from the pot to some modeling paste.

And, stirred it up, adding more until I was happy with the color.

This color matches the lightest of the pink shades on the chipboard.

Next, I put all of my elements on my page to get basic idea of where I want to add my stenciling because I wanted the images to be peeking out from under the flowers. I crudely traced where the elements are with a pencil, so I was able to erase it once done with the stenciling.

I used a stencil from my stash- it’s newer one from Kaisercraft. Any floral stencil would be great to use.

I added the modeling paste with a palette knife.

I allowed the stenciling to dry, and saw that there was a part I didn’t like that looked like the image had been cut off, so I scraped a little of the modeling paste off, and decided I would paint over it with black paint if the flowers didn’t cover up the parts I wasn’t happy with (but, it turned out not to be an issue because the teal flowers did cover it up).

Next, I pulled out the Playful Peony and Pretty Peridot (green) H2O’s to paint over the stenciling .


Here’s what the pink looks like:

And, then I added green to the rest of the stenciling that was vines and leaves.

Here’s another look at the end result:


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my project and checking out my tutorial!


Play Layout

Hello everyone and happy friday!

I am Zoey and today I will show you how you can incorporate Antiqued/Vintage Items in your projects!
I used a couple of old book pages as the base of this Layout. I love working with old book pages because they already are yellowish and have lots of words in the background that create awesome texture and interest.
I buy my book at the thrift store, so I don’t feel guilty by ripping them because if I didn’t buy them, then they would be trashed. So it is like giving them a new purpose!

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout To start with, I glued together a bunch of book pages – this is very important because book pages can be really thin and since I wanted to use a lot of watercolors I had to make sure the page were solid!

I also added a layer of clear gesso to give it even more strength. I let the gesso dry and then I added Twinkling H20s that were part of the Monthly Kit. I added a lot of water to them, then with a brush I added colors here and there. I used a spray to add even more color and moved the paper around to help the color spread all over the page.

I let it dry again then with heavy gesso I went over to tone the colors down a bit.

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout I used paper included in the Monthly Kit to add interest. I cut a strip of paper that I glued right in the middle of the pages. I did this to give the pages more strength (I was afraid the pages would separate) and also I cut little banners from another paper.

To help these pieces of paper blend with the background, I used the same process I did with the background – Twinkling h2os then gesso.Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout I love how the Gesso perfectly works on these paper. They are not the “usual” scrapbooking papers, they have a thin layer of…mmm…gloss I guess? I don’t know how else to call it! But fact is , gesso works amazingly on them. Look at this detail!

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout Meanwhile I was waiting for the banners to dry, I created my cluster. I cut another piece of paper and simply stacked with other book pages and on the top of it I glued down my photo.

I then took the background to my sewing machine and stitched all around the pages.

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout I glued everything to the background, I started with the banners, then the cluster and finally I added some more details like this beautiful Prima FLower and I spelled out the word “play”. I cut these letters from another paper that was included into the monthly kit.
I really like how this turned out and I think the black and white photo helps to tie everything together!

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout And here is it the final project :

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout

I hope you had fun and got inspired, till next time!

xoxo Ciao Zoey

Repurpose – Farmhouse Sign

Today we are talking about repurposing!!

For me, repurposing can come from anywhere.  And I do mean anywhere.  For this particular project, I used scrap pieces of our porch deck that was tossed in a scrap pile to make a farmhouse style sign for our house!

As I was pouring over this amazing kit I couldn’t help but just crush over the amazing “Market Signs” paper by 7 Gypsies.

With the fresh visions of all that I had just seen in this beautiful kit I walked to the yard to bring something to my husband and my eyes were drawn to our scrap wood pile.  Naturally my wheels began to turn on this repurpose challenge!!  I love all things vintage and I’m a big fan of a lot of the new farm house trends as well so making a sign like this was just a no brainer for me.  Annnddd it was super easy.

So I’m gonna break a few rules here…(you’ll learn I’m a rule breaker LOL)  and make this super quick and easy for ya!

One of the scrap pieces were already stained the color of our porch so that was easy.  The other two were still unfinished wood, which was good because I wanted to give all three pieces a different look.  So I watered down white paint and gave one a white washed look and I did the same with the other one but used a dark grey paint.  Once it was all dry I cut out the Market Sign words I liked from the 7 Gypsies papers and Mod Podged them down to the boards and sealed them over the front with an additional coat for extra gloss.

Then on the back I secured all three boards together with another scrap board and nailed them all together.

The longest part was waiting for the Mod Podge to dry!  It was an instant gratification project and classy enough for Christmas gifts!


Hi everyone. I am soooo excited to share this colorful layout with you! After I finished prepping the layout with gesso and it was dry, I immediately started painting the background using the orange and pink Twinkling H20’s. Once the watercolor paints were dry, I splashed blue watercolor paint on top of the pink and orange to make it more messy. I actually messaged Wendy the beginning stage of this project and said, “I hope this doesn’t look like shit when I’m done.” LOL… Have you ever started something and thought, “uh, I don’t know about this.” Sure, the idea in my head looked good, but getting it on paper is a bit tricky.

I am seriously loving how vibrant these watercolors are on this layout! Just a heads up, you may want to get some gesso before you start using these babies because it really helps prevent the paper from warping and it helps make the watercolors keep their color!

For the flowers, I used the ribbons from this month’s add-ons. LOVE THEM. Ah, they are so pretty and I am so lucky that I was able to play with them. Thank you Wendy! I forgot that I had these Glubers in my stash so I decided to pull them out. These adhesives make it so easy to create flowers from ribbon! It’s been awhile since I’ve made my own flowers so I though, why not since I had all of these pretty ribbons.
The Glubers are easy to use. Simply pull the top plastic off of the base. Then place the end of your ribbon to the center of the Gluber and twirl the ribbon around in a circle, pressing down every so often so the ribbon sticks onto the glue. Once you’ve covered the entire Gluber with ribbon, you might need to cut the ribbon and tuck it behind the flower.
Aren’t these flowers gorgeous? I am not normally a flower girl, but these ribbons had me thinking… and they look gorgeous against the orange and pink background. And since I love the orange Prima flower that came with the kit, I decided to use it. These colors look so vibrant against each other.
I  used stamps by Altenew to create the leaves for the flowers and I used the sentiments for my journaling. I was lucky that I had magenta ink in my stash! It worked so well for this layout. And because I am totally digging the chipboard, I used the number “38” which, now that I think about it, buy the time this post goes live, I will be 39, but Oh well.

I decorated the center of the flowers using enamel dots of different colors, sizes and shapes. They really makes the flowers pop. I painted on the Prima Coloring Paper and cut a piece out to mat my photo. This coloring paper is awesome! I used it on three of my projects this month, using bits and pieces here and there.
Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I was able to inspire you to use those Twinkling H20’s and ribbon (if you bought them) on your next project.
Have a wonderful day!

Junque Journal: A Journey of Self

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! I love transforming Trash into Treasures and that was my vision when I came across a very old set of Books entitled “The Book of Knowledge”…take a look at the Book first….

This is the Book that is in the SEPTEMBER MIXED MEDIA KIT “CARICATURIST”.

Here is how I transformed the cover…

I wanted to make it happy, funky, bright and whimsical….the little window on the top opens up….

It holds a Matchbox that comes in kit and inside mine is a little key and a private note.

This kit is brimming with lots of mediums…Gesso, Clear Gesso, Moulding Paste, 6 colors of metallic paints…etc…I want this to be an ongoing journey…after all it is a large book with many pages to alter so I am going to open a dedicated forum for this project and I want to take a journey with the BAD GIRLS who purchase this kit…a journey into SELF DISCOVERY…a book to call your own little private haven where you can go to express your innermost feelings. And I want you to evolve as an artist…So in that forum I will give you tips on how to use the mediums and how to alter all the goodies that are in the kit. There is metal,  crystal, paper, transparancy, etc. I will teach you how to make a window like above in your book and more. I want us to share our pages in that forum and learn from each other. It is going to be FUN!!!

Here are a few pages I have done so far…it has been a blast into letting my artist self RUN FREE….NO RULES….NO FEAR…I’ve just been HAVING FUN!!!…TAKE A PEEK INSIDE…

I love.love.love. to teach…so I always challenge myself…I ONLY used the paints in the kit (plus some turquoise)…so I had to create flesh tones with only metallic paints and only with gold, orange, green, silver, light pink, fuchsia. I learned early on the importance of not being reliant on the colors you have but how to mix colors to get what you need. So, I will also teach you to do the same.

This shows detail of how I used the Moulding Paste with the Fleur de Lis stencil in the kit…and I treated the metallic acrylics as watercolors. Above is the big white clip in the kit with ribbons from the kit tied to it. I am using it to save my place where I am working in the book and also to hold notes.

A close up of same page showing watercolor effect with acrylics and migrating the paint into the moulding paste relief.

Close up of another page to show detail of the metallic paint now used both full strength AND as a watercolor.

I would love for you to join me in this JUNQUE JOURNAL JOURNEY….If you don’t already have the kit you can purchase it HERE

Have a wonderful day!





Dripping watercolor paints onto cardstock

Hello everybody! I am soooo excited to share my first project using Bad Girls Couture’s gorgeous September kit  I am loving the gold puffy stickers, Prima flowers and Twinkling H20’s. So naturally, for my first layout, I decided to play with all of the above. For this layout, I used this image from Pinterest as my inspiration. I really like how the paint drips down the image…

Pinterest Inspiration

Before I started dripping the watercolor paints down the page, I covered a piece of White cardstock in white gesso and let it dry over night. Once the gesso was completely dry, I added lots of water at the top of my Twinkling H20’s (Playful Peony, Sea Spray, Ancient Coin) and let them sit for 15 minutes so that the water soaked into the paints. Once the water set into the paints, I gently mixed the paints using a small paintbrush then I poured the paint down the page using each color. Then I started the process all over again so that I created several watercolor lines down the page.

I hand-cut the frame from the Prima coloring paper and painted it using the Ancient Coin and Sea Spray Twinkling H2O’s then cut it in half to use at the top of the layout. Since this is a 8 1/2×11″ the frame as a whole would have taken up the entire layout so I decided to cut it in half.

I printed two small photos to add to the frame and hand-cut the “Date Night” sentiment from the Crate Paper and tucked it behind the photo. Then I added the adorable metal clip with the hearts, the flower and puffy sticker! I love the vintage appeal of this layout. It’s so very pretty with the brown and blue with the touch of gold.

I stapled a piece of ribbon from this month’s add-ons at the bottom of the layout to create a fun border for the layout. I used a gluedot in the middle of the ribbon to keep it In place.

Here is the final layout. Seriously, this was such an easy layout to create once the gesso and paint dried. When dripping the paint down the page, down worry if it looks messy! That’s part of the charm!

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I was able to inspire you to use your Twinkling H20’s this month because they are a lot of fun!

Be in the moment


Hi, Girls! Hope you have a great day today! It’s Irina back with you today with a new layout using the lovely september Kit.This layout is about me. Life can change in a moment, so we must appreciate every single day we are given.

I used some patterned – 7qypsies – Architextyres Collection on the background. This patterned paper looks great with my photo.

I placed my photo above the title and started embellishing. I cut out the headline and oak leaves from white paper. I love autumn colors and watercolors with a flicker effect! I used Twinkling H2O watercolors from the set to add color.

I used colors: Ancient Coin, Pretty Perido, Spiced Pumpkin. it’s hard for me to choose my favorite, this paint is gorgeous! Autumn leaves look like real. It looks very impressive!

You should experience it !!!

This was a lot of fun to create! I hope it gives you some fun ideas to try with your Kit! Have a nice day! Irina.

Between the leaves I put flowers from the fabric of Prim. I divided one flower into parts and added them to the mock-up. On the video you can see how I did it.

I made a video scrapbooking process. Pleasant viewing and creative inspiration of the girl!


Floral Stenciling Layout

Fabric Mini Book

Hello Crafters
I have made one more project with an amazing September kit .
This time I tried the new papers from Crate Paper – Carousel collection and created this cute mini album

All the papers I used from the kit are inside the mini, however for my cover I chose to use fabric. I like using fabric for a more soft look.

I stitched the “name ” of my mini to the cover and embellished it with a bow that I amde using glittered cardstock and the fabric flower from the kit
ok, Let’s look inside the mini

I didn’t fill my mini with the busy embellishments , however I made a lot of die cutting to embellish the pages.

I also used the popcorn package for the purpose to keep their the photos, cards or something more in it.

There are some flaps in my mini, I like to make extra pages to save the space for the pictures.

The puffy golden sticker is a perfect match there, it was included in my kit too.

I also wanted add something classy and added the die cut ironwork


What I like most of all this time is to use the tickets, they are fun, cute and so easy to add some accent on your album pages.

I wanted my album to be girly, pinky and with a a trendy golden embellishments