Using Cardboard to Make a Mini Album





Hi, friends! It’s Rae here to share with you a mini album I made using recycled cardboard because I am a “girl with a re-purpose”! If you are anything like me, online shopping for everyday things is a way of life! And, the one thing you get every time you shop online is a cardboard box, which you must recycle. BUT, you don’t have to throw ALL of those boxes in the recycling bin- cardboard can be a scrapper’s source of free materials such as using it like a canvas, using it in lieu of pop dots, and making mini albums! It’s so easy to do, and the possibilities are endless with creating the different sizes and shapes you want, for FREE!

I decided to use the Crate Paper Carousel papers from the kit to make this mini album:

I thought it would be fun to make a circle album, and I wanted to get the most out of the three sheets of the Carousel papers, so I measured how big I would be able to make four circles out of each sheet, so I could get two pages out of each sheet. That ended up being about 5.5 inches in diameter.

I decided that I wanted 5 circles total for my mini album because I wanted to use the paper with the blue and pink lines one side and the advertisements on the other as little accents inside the album.

Tip: when you are cutting cardboard, use heavy-duty scissors. You don’t want to use the ones you use for fine cuts because they will get dull and may bend.

After cutting the cardboard, I cut the papers.

At this point, it’s time to prep the cardboard because the “Kraft” color is not the look I am going for- I want to make the edges flow and blend with the paper. White it’s the common color in all of the papers, so that’s the color I go with here.

I used heavy white gesso. And white paint will do, but I prefer gesso because it’s thick, so it will only take two coats and it dries fast.

I used a foam brush on the top where the cardboard will show, and a stippling brush that has coarse bristles to jab the gesso into the edges.

Once the gesso is dry, I add the papers to the cardboard. I like to use liquid glue for this, in particular, Zip Dry. This glue is great for spreading, which I do with a rub-on tool. A brayer or bone folder works just as well. If any on the glue comes out from underneath the paper, you can just rub the glue, and it will ball up and come off completely.

Once the glue had dried, I add the white gesso to the edges with a foam brush to give the edges a blended look.

Here’s a close up of how I applied the gesso. You can see it gives it a shabby, distressed look.

At this point, the mini album is ready to be embellished! I use a hole punch on each of the circles, paying attention to the direction of the design of the papers, and then bind them with a circle clip.

Here are some closeups of the completed mini album (without pictures, for now).

I added ribbon to the ring that binds the pages, and most of the blue Melissa Frances garland on each of the pages of the album. The flowers are from Prima Marketing. I made the flag stick from a dowel I had and added glue to the silver ribbon and twisted it. I cut the “Today at the Fair” from the paper that I didn’t use to cover the pages of the mini album.




In this spread, on the left there is room for one small picture on the white cardstock.

On the right, I added the silver ribbon in the middle of the page, but only added glue to the ends, so could slip in some of the tickets, and other mementos and pictures later for an interactive element to the mini album.

These pages both have spaces for one picture. The pictures will be placed where the white cardstock is, so all of the tickets will be poking out.


Thanks for letting me share my mini album using the Crate Paper Carousel products that came in the September kit!




September Design Team Challenge

Welcome! We decided to see just how bad our girls can be when we challenged them to try something new on their projects.  This month, we are focusing on ColourArte’s Twinkling H20’s. These beautiful watercolors are a must have and we think after you’ve seen what these bad girls have been up to this month, you are going to want to be bad too! I like to tell my scrappy friends, there are no rules when creating projects with the Twinkling H20’s, other than have fun and enjoy the process!  No stressing. Just remember, there is no such thing as making a mistake when creating art.


Please don’t forget to check out our gallery for more inspiration. We would love it if you would follow us on Instagram (BadGirlsCouture2007) so you don’t miss a beat! Here is what the team created. We love how everyone thought outside of the box to create such beautiful projects. If these aren’t inspiring enough, we aren’t sure what is?!

Elena Olinevich

Zoey Scarpelli

Nicole Martel

Rae Moses


Michelle Sanders

Irina Volzhina


Thanks for stopping by today! We hope you have a wonderful day.




Candlestick made of flower pots

Today is Tuesday and we are creating with junk! Are you ready to create with us? I have to show you an old flower pot made of clay)))) We will look at how to turn an old flower pot into a candlestick.
I will use the flickering colors Twinkling H20’s of the September 2017 Scrapbook Kit “Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up” in this project. These colors Twinkling H20’s can be used on a variety of surfaces and these include paper and cardstock, wood, plastic and even old ceramic flower pot (LOL) – and they are ideal for many altered art projects.

How Are Twinkling H20’s Used? Twinkling H20’s can be used in the same way as any watercolor paint and different stampers have their own favorite way to use these shimmering colors. The colors are highly pigmented giving strong and vibrant colors. Twinkling H20’s are excellent paints and are extremely versatile. The colors are bright and the shimmer is a proper ‘shimmer’ and not a glittery finish, making these paints ideal for my project.

Before I started, I cleaned the surface of my ceramic pot. I added a lot of water to the watercolor paints and freely applied them to the surface with a brush. I let the paint dry and watched the gorgeous flicker of colors on the ceramic pot surface. It looks great! You should try it !!!

I let the paint dry and watched the gorgeous flicker of colors on the ceramic pot surface. It looks great! You should try it ! I tied some burlap twine around pot. This piece of twine looks stylish and gives an artistic texture. Does it look like an old flower pot ???

I cut out the oak leaves from white paper and painted them Twinkling H20’s. Our September Kit includes colors of autumn colors and they can be freely mixed to achieve the effects of autumn leaves. Each of the colors is bright and vibrant and blends well. I used colors: Pretty Perido, Spiced Pumpkin and my favorite Ancient Coin.

I could not wait for my oak leaves to dry … Lol ))) They flickered in the sun and I admired them. I made a composition of leaveses and twigs and pieces of fabric flowers from Prima. I put a candle inside the flower pot and it changed into a candlestick. I really liked the result! I hope you also like it))) Treasure is everywhere….you just have to open your eyes and look for it!

See you my creative girls. Thank you for coming in!




Let me INSPIRE you!!!!

Hello everyone! Today is all about INSPIRATION! It is all around us…everywhere you look you can glean some type of inspiration …whether it be color, shape, line, architecture, etc. I usually start with something very simple in concept and then I just keep adding and it’s hard to believe what originally inspired me. AND…that is exactly what I am after most of the time!

So, let’s take a look at what my inspiration was….

I this message board of mine. What do I love about it? I adore the distressed wood frame, the designer fabric, the upholstery tacks, the ribbon, and I especially love how it’s padded so I can use my pretty little pins to post notes and reminders on it. So….I wanted to translate that into a smaller piece that I could also add little notes to if need be…but I wanted to make it more of a work of art and put a funky twist on it….this is what I came up with…

Wayyyyy different right???!!!! But…note…I added my designer fabric with stick pins so I can add notes like I wanted. It also is built on a wood surface that I distressed with gesso and paints. I added ribbons on top, and note how I added the upholstery tacks to anchor it to the wood. This enabled me to slide the card in from the side for even more reminders or a cute photo…whatever I want. The little envelope on top can also hold a note or memento. I am tickled pink with how it came out. I started out pinning some vintage leaves on it with a glitter heart and a gold metal frame that is attached to a paper frame….what I absolutely LOVE is that I can easily change the look just by pinning something else to it! And this is one of our kit offerings this month….”Kisses: 5 Cents”. If you want to create one for yourself and at the same time learn a lot of different techniques please order yours today HERE! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderfully BAD ASS DAY!!!!



Bringin’ it back y’all!!

Today our theme is “bringing sexy back” so how am I bring it back?  Well remember those old paper bag books we used to make years ago that were so fun and cute?  Here is the BGC version of it using the retro popcorn bag in this month’s kit!

This book was so fun to make!  I used a lot of the scraps from the wonderful papers in this kit and pulled a few bits and pieces from my vintage paper stash to mix in to create the pages.

It was constructed by simply folding all the pages in half between the popcorn bag and securing it with the polkadot ribbon include in the kit.  The ribbon was a little too bright white for the vintage look I was going for in this mini so I distressed it up a bit with some brown ink.

Finally, I made a couple little slide out cards to slip in the pocket that was created in the opening of the bag with some card stock and a scrap this awesome 7 Gypsies Architextures paper as the tab.  You will notice I just used staples to secure these pieces to make the tabs on the card stock so they can withstand being pulled in and out, plus I like the additional texture it gives.  You can also cut a slit in the back cover to make another pocket for another slide out card as well.  Then finished it off by embellishing it with that OH SO CUTE Prima flower and some hand cut leaves.  Ink it all up (cause it wouldn’t be complete without ink) and I was done!

Hopefully you are inspired to bring this sexy lil number back because it is certainly one you will LOVE to create!  Happy Scrapin’!

Dream Squad Layout


Hello everyone!

For those who do not know me, my name is Zoey and I am a mixed media artist from Italy.
I am really happy to be here and share with you my first project for this awesome team!

To create this project I used scrapbooking paper and embellishment included in our amazing kit — you can find all the info over here.

I used a watercolor paper for the base of my layout and I cut it down to a A4 size paper.

I randomly covered the background with gesso, I used a spatula to apply it. I let it dry completely. Once the background was dry I took the Twinkling H20’s that were included in the kit and I started having fun with them!

Twinkling H20’s are so easy to use and they are so vibrant – I love their color and I was so happy that the color palette included in the kit had some of my favorite colors! For this project I used the shade of blue and green.

From the scrapbook paper included in the kit I cut a circle shape and then I cut another circle inside it. I was left with a “ring” and I cut it out in little pieces. I used again Twinkling h20’s to add some color and I let it air dry. When dry I glued it down to my background.

I added a couple of stamps here and there but I wanted to keep this layout “pretty simple” (LOL)

I stitched all around the background and over the circle I just made and then I started building up my layout.

I printed my favorite photo of my four best friends – I love this photo so much because it reminds me of a night where we went to a restaurant and we had so much fun. I stacked the photo with some old book page behind it and then I simply glued it down. I made sure to not glue the entire cluster so that I could add some more bit and pieces here and there behind the photo.

I cut out two tickets from the paper sheet included in the kit and to make it blend with the background I added some color with the Twinkling H20’s.

The word Dream is also included in the kit and I think it is AMAZING for the title of my layout! You can find gold in the tickets too!

Here’s another look at the focus of my layout…

And here’s the final page:

As you see I don’t go by rules. I don’t care what the protocol say… I just go with what my emotions tells me.
So I hope you enjoyed this project and that you will be inspired by it!
Thank you for stopping by!
Ciao Zoey

Bad Girls Couture Grand Opening!


Hi Everyone! Today is an exciting day! We celebrate BAD GIRLS COUTURE GRAND OPENING!!!! Please grab your cuppa cause I have quite a few things to share with you! First our theme this month is CARNIVALE!!!!

Everything this month is so FUN!!! Bright and Colorful but with our signature Vintage flair! You can see everything the Design Team created HERE….You will be there for a while…trust me girlies…everything is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

The kit the Design Team created with is our Scrapbook Kit “HURRY, HURRY, STEP RIGHT UP”

Once the kit went up it SOLD OUT quickly…eeeekkkkkk!!!! To make sure you DO NOT MISS OUT on next months kit (which is to.die.for) please email [email protected] and request to be added to our WAITLIST. We will notify you as soon as we have a subscription spot available for you!

Also offered this month is our VINTAGE KIT

Such a Fun Kit!!!! Lots of painting, use of Gesso, learn to make balloons that are suspended in air, and the Vintage mini crate from Kraft is outfitted hy us with Antique lotto markers from France that actually do work! We will be creating this….

Also offered for our Grand Opening is our MIXED MEDIA KIT!!!! Very special to me it comes with an Antique “Book of Knowledge” which can be altered into a Junque Journal….this kit is loaded with Goodies! Take a look!

And my favorite of all is the HOME DECOR KIT!!! Such an AMAZING KIT to create something you can hang up inside or out or prop up on an entry table or dresser…and please know that you can choose your own colors which I will explain…me myself…I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone….I usually create something I love when I do that!!! But with this kit you just LEARN SO MUCH…how to create on wood, how to do an 8 step paint process on resin appliqués to create the ultimate in an aged patina….and boring? No way….look at all that color…I will also help you overcome your fear of mixing and working with color…and by the way I had this appliqué created specially for BAD GIRLS…it’s GORGEOUS!…You learn a lot about color theory and how that effects you in your home. How to add color to your home. How to work with so many different mediums within a small space (your wood is 7″ x 9″)…and you learn to do with mega aesthetics.Notice the Vintage fabric, the upholstery nail heads, the vintage leaves, the gorgeous red heart…bestill MY heart!… DO NOT MISS THIS ONE GIRLIES…it is truly one of a kind!

You will create this….OMG!!!!!



Please make sure to look around our new website…join our PARLOUR and chat with us and JUST HAVE FUN!


Wendy La Croix



September Scrapbook Kit Sneak Peek!

I must say I think I may have changed my point of view about watercolor after sitting for hours playing with these. They are not  ordinary watercolors..these are Twinkling H2O’s and they have AMAZING SHIMMER to them!!! I just love anything sparkly! Usually I favor acrylic paint over any other medium…but these are GORGEOUS and OH.SO.FUN! Take a look…and yes..I went CRAZY!!!!…What started off as a blank sheet of White Prima Paintable Paper became an EXPLOSION of HAPPY COLOUR! LOL… and you get 6 BEAUTIFUL COLORS in your September Scrapbook Kit. Available September 15th by Subscription. Subscription button is not up quite yet..but you can pre order your kit today by sending an email to: [email protected]

Happy Creating and have a wonderful day!…xoxo Wendy


Sneaky Peek of …September’s Mixed Media Kit…available 9/15


Hi girlies! I hope you all are having a FAB Thursday! I have been getting a lot of request for more peeks! I designed the Mixed Media Kit this month with the vision of a  Junque Journal that contains a DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS. ANTIQUE book that was created way back in the day as a set of Children’s learning books..aptly called “The Book of Knowledge”. It is fully leather bound and embossed and I was shocked that they are completely intact for their age. I do believe they weren’t used that much.  I have saved this set for about 6 years just waiting for the right opportunity to share them for something very special. When you see it you will understand why. The illustrations and writings inside are nothing short of AMAZING. Will make for some super fun ART JOURNALING! A place to write about your hopes, dreams, fantasies…and maybe realities if you dare…LOL. I also needed a small edition of kits as there were only one set of the books. So this kit has a smaller availability and going forward I just want to let all my clients know that I am more interested in QUALITY versus QUANTITY. There may not be a lot of my specialty kits each month available due to my love of all things Vintage and Antique…but I GUARANTEE to WOW you and bring you only the BEST! With all that being said…if you would like to reserve this kit send an email to [email protected] if you want a guarantee to get one before reveal on September 15th.

Just a little tease….because I’m BAD!!!!…hahahaha

Check back daily for more peeks! xoxo….Wendy


Sneaky Peak of Our Vintage Kit and Scrapbooking Kit!

With our Grand Opening coming soon on September 15th I thought I would start some sneaky peeks for you girlies! I thought I would first let you know that here at BAD GIRLS COUTURE we handle your kits with the utmost of care….this is how your kits go out to you…as you can see they are already packed and ready to go to their new homes!!!!…..

Yes…your kit is packed in your very own BAD GIRLS COUTURE PINK TOTE BAG that has a front pocket for any of your notes and we add any correspondence to you there…so always check your front pocket!….This is a GORGEOUS way to keep your kits organized with all elements in one place so when you go to work on it you are not looking for the kit content!

I have received a lot of EXCITEMENT in regards to all the kits we have coming out and one of those is September’s Vintage Kit….”SIDESHOW”…take a look at these Vintage Wooden Mini Crates that I found in an Antique Store here in So. Calif. I marveled at how they were possibly made by Kraft. Not sure…but it makes sense…they don’t look to me like they were cut form something else and repurposed…and see how the lettering is perfect size for the crate??? Absolutely STUNNING…and what we are making with it is TO.DIE.FOR.!!!!! I still have a few of the Vintage Kits left…if you want me to reserve one for you prior to release please email me at [email protected] to ensure you get yours!



These Limited Edition BAD GIRLS COUTURE STICK PINS are also in the Vintage Kit…they are made from 100% Vintage Elements…they are truly GIORGEOUS!


The Main Scrapbook Kit is AMAZING girlies…DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE! And I only have a few subscription spots left…we have gotten a lot of pre order requests…so please at [email protected] if you are interested in being added to the list to secure your spot…A peek of that GORGEOUS KIT….


More sneaky peeks are on the way soon! Excuse our dust on the website while we are still preparing for Grand Opening…and if you have any questions please reach out to me via [email protected]….(((hugs))) xoxo…Wendy