Happy Friday everyone! I am so dang EXCITED to be announcing our 2017-2018 DESIGN TEAM! First I would like to thank everyone who applied. There were so many AMAZING entries and it was so hard to choose! These 8 girls just completely WOW’ed me and I am so ELATED to say that I am going to have them on my team!

At BAD GIRLS we completely embrace that there is NO FEAR and NO RULES in creating art and I just LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. when an artist can show that there are no barriers…that she can create with utter abandon from the depths of her heart and soul… and that is exactly what I saw in each of these girls. The further you stray from typical the better…right????!!! WE are BAD!!! LOL… So…let me have a little fun here…I am going to share with you one of the entires from each girl and tell you what I love about it….So…grab your favorite cuppa and a little snack…let’s get started….


Nicole Martel is my Design Team Coordinator. She’s one heck of a sassy ass BAD GIRL from Maryland and she RAWKS the BAD GIRL vibe with her BAD ASS style….when I saw her entry I was like…ummmm…HELL YA!!!!! Check out this LO that she entered….Nicole can seriously mix it up and make it look effortless…but make no mistake…some serious thought goes into her talent of keeping the art balanced…yet funky cool! I love her use of mixed media and how she holds hand journaling close to her heart…all I can say is WOW!!! And yes Nicole…you can do AMAZING things!



Elena Olinevich is my Bad Girls Couture Artist….she may be across the ocean in Belarus but her BAD GIRL STYLE is close to her heart…when I saw her entry it just screamed at me…”I HAVE NO FEAR AND I DO WHAT I WANT” and I know how to make it look dang good!!! Her attention to detail is AMAZING! Take a look at this Layout that Elena created…it has that funky BAD GIRL vibe but her articulation of all elements is extremely evident! I love her ability to be super versatile. She works just as confidently with mixed media as she does with paper and embellishments…get ready to be WOW’ed by this EXCEPTIONAL artist!



Irina Volzhina is my Bad Girls Couture Artist that represents us in Russia. One look at her entries and I knew she not only dreamed in  color but I’m pretty darn sure she dreams about art! This BAD GIRL can create ANYTHING….I had a lot of trouble choosing JUST ONE of her entires to share with you…one of them involved cake!!!! Need I say more???!!!! Versatile is an understatement and everything she creates is nothing short of breathtaking! Be forewarned…Irina is totally bringing SEXY BACK!!! Take a look at this mini album…I love how she can use so many elements and make it look ASTOUNDING!



Michelle Rossibell is my Bad Girls Couture Artist creating her funky cool and sophisticated BAD GIRL STYLE art in sunny California. Michelle loves so many different types of media and when I saw her entry I was like…”REALLY????…OMG…I LOVE EVERYTHING!” You can give Michelle anything and I promise she will make it MEMORABLE, PRETTY, and QUITE MARVELOUS!!! Take a look at this artwork….It completely STUNS! I love her use and no fear of COLOR. I also love how she is elegant and at the same time she knows how to grunge it up a bit with mixed media! Prepare to be INSPIRED!



Michelle Sanders is my Bad Girls Couture Artist….a blushing BAD GIRL belle who resides down South in Louisiana…how can she not be BAD???!!!! When I saw her entry I had to just sit down and pour over it because swear…she EMBODIES BAD GIRL STYLE in TOTALITY…Michelle will put ANYTHING on her art…I LOVE IT!!! She DOES NOT overthink it and it’s so obvious…why??? Because it’s AMAZING!  Look at this Layout…she put fabric (a girl after my own heart), she used embroidery thread…and she grudges it up with NO RULES! Look no further if you want FUNKY mixed with INNOVATION!



Rae Moses is my Bad Girls Couture Artist who creates her AMAZING BAD GIRL STYLE art projects in Nevada…and wait till you see what this BAD ASS creates!!! When I saw her artwork I was like…”OK…DROP THE MIKE!!! THIS ARTIST IS AMAZING” I think you will agree with me when you see this Layout she created…she pays attention to all the little DETAILS and I love how she adds so many elements and does it with SO MUCH STYLE, BALANCE and HARMONY! Her use of Mixed Media and all things artsy are just DREAMY…you just want to keep looking at it…RIGHT???!!! Soooo INSPIRING!



Zoey Scarpelli is my Bad Girls Couture Artist from Italy. OK…let me just say that when you think BAD GIRL…you think ZOEY…she lit her art ON FIRE…literally. NO FEAR? CHECK. NO RULES? CHECK. BAD ASS? CHECK. It’s when you can let go like this that the ABSOLUTE BEST comes out in you…and you MUST SEE this layout she created…Can you just say “WOW???!!!” I love how she adds mixed media, stitching, ummm…fire, and so much more…but it makes you CONTEMPLATE art and it ASSURES you that the beauty of art is found in so many different guises..and that is what makes it sooo FUN!!! THAT is BAD GIRLS!!!!



I know…I know…I didn’t try out for my team…but if you know me…and a lot of you do from BAD GIRLS before….I am not just the owner…I ALWAYS create art with my team…I wouldn’t be happy if I just sat on the sidelines because art is my LOVE.  I decided to share a mini album with you that I created… in what embodies BAD GIRL style to ME. I love using COLOR!!! I feel there is a misconception that Vintage has to be sepia toned…NO RULES!!! I just love to mix everything up…life in itself is serious…when I create art I just love to let go and DO WHAT I WANT!  I love using lots of funky elements. I search the world for all the crazy vintage elements I add to the kits every month….I can’t show you every page of this album…but see the glass cherries?…I found those in France….sooooo FUN! So…expect the UNEXPECTED in BAD GIRLS kits….and make sure you come here to not only learn…we WILL TEACH YOU to work with all mediums…but most important come here to PLAY…to LET GO…to just HAVE FUN and create something BAD ASS!!!

If you don’t want to miss out on the first SCRAPBOOK kit you can send me an email…I only have a few kits left. The release will be September 15th. The website is still being worked on….all the subscription buttons and kits will up on the 15th. There will be three other kits…the MIXED MEDIA kit, the HOME DECOR kit, and the VINTAGE kit. Those kits are available in a very LIMITED EDITION. You cannot subscribe to them. They are on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. If you would like to reserve one please email me at Please subscribe to our NEWSLETTER  so that you don’t miss anything…we have sneak peeks coming up soon and lots of other things happening. Please check back to the BLOG daily to see what updates we have.


Bad Girls Design Team Call…Wanna Be Bad????


Hi Everyone! It is that time again and I am excited to once again be developing a new Design Team for Bad Girls. Please read through the info below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work and Good Luck!


Bad Girls Design Team Call


Entry Period: 7/1/17-7/20/17

Open to all US and INTERNATIONAL Artists


Wanna be BAD??!!!!

Bad Girls is a one of a kind Artistic Kit Club specializing in state of the art scrapbooking, mixed media, home, and vintage kits. We are also a manufacturer who offers our own private line products both wholesale and retail. We pride ourselves in providing a bad ass community of artists who come together to teach, inspire, and instill an ever evolving atmosphere of No Fear and No Rules…matter of fact if you are a RULE BREAKER then you are in the right place. We are looking for artists who create art with no fear and are not afraid to break every single rule, push the envelope, and who have no boundaries! If you want to join the best in the industry and at the same time gain some really good exposure, enjoy great perks, and get to create with the best kits then you are who we are looking for.



Passion for creating art and projects with a broad knowledge of not only the paper art but also mixed media art, and the ability and desire to grow as an artist and try new things.

Proficient with excellence in photography and knowledge of video taping tutorials and classes.

Must work well under pressure and tight deadlines.

Must be a team player and participate in Bad Girls promotions and contests

Must be active on all the top Social Media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, & Twitter)

Must have a current Blog

Must be exclusive to Bad Girls Couture as a kit club Design Team Member. Manufacturer Design Teams are accepted.

Graphic Design experience is a definite plus.

Entry Requirements:


Submit a combination of 4 projects/layouts…at least one MUST BE a project. Make sure this is your best work and it epitomizes your unique style and abilities. One project/layout must be created exclusively for this call. Please indicate which one.

Submit your resume, links to any online galleries, your Blog, your Social Media accounts, and anything else you deem highlights the exposure of your art, social media, and ability to advertise it.

Please indicate which Design Teams you are currently on. If you are currently on a kit club team indicate when your term expires.

Tell us why you would like to be a BAD GIRL! What makes you a good fit for our team? What would you like for us to know about you? You can tell us in a video you make or in a paragraph…get creative!

You may submit your completed entry to:

In the Subject Line please write Design Team Entry/Your Name

Include your name, address, email address, phone number.

Artists will be notified by 7/25/17. We will have a meeting in July and your official term will begin in August. You will be creating with our Grand Opening Kit which will be mailed to you in August. Grand Opening will be in September.


Your Benefits as a BAD GIRL DESIGNER:

You will receive one kit per month to design with. Value $50-$200. Depends on what kit you are designing with for the month.

Opportunity to design with a diversified line of kits….Scrapbook, Mixed Media, Home, and Vintage.

A discount in our Shoppes of 30% off.

Published projects with Bad Girls Kits and/or BAD GIRLS COUTURE signature products will be generously compensated. Amounts to be disclosed to Designers who become a part of our team.

Opportunity to attend and teach at trade shows and retreats.

Good Luck to all you BAD GIRLS!!!


Hi everyone! I am happy you made your way over here….if you are one of my baddies from before WELCOME BACK and if you are new to BAD GIRLS you are about to have the best artistic experience of your life!

BAD GIRLS is all about supplying you…the artist… with the artisanal you need to learn and create the art of your dreams. All the while you are part of a community of artists who are very supportive. BAD GIRLS believes that art should not be intimidating. The fear that is usually associated with art will be removed….and you WILL be able to create all that you have ever dreamed of!!! That’s the exciting part….so many artists are full of fear…they look at art and say to themselves…”I could never create that”. Not true. Become a part of Bad Girls and you will see just what I mean.

I am not just the owner here, but I am an artist also and I dive in and get involved just as much  as my design team. My goal is to create artists!!!! And I promise you that….you will become competent in all mediums. You will have FUN doing it. Here you can expect NO RULES. I will bring out the individual artist in each and every one of you….no matter your style and experience. I just ask that you believe in yourself, believe in us and just plain and simple….get ready to BE BAD!!!!

Our site is still under construction. Our first kits will be available in September. I cannot wait to show you what AMAZING kits we are going to have. We are going to have a little bit of EVERYTHING! I believe that art should always be FUN so I have designed 4 offerings of kits that will be available every month……

  1. SCRAPBOOK KIT….this kit will be a large gorgeous kit chock full of amazing goodies for you. Patterned paper, Cardstock, beautiful embellishments, ribbons, etc. This kit will also include some Vintage and Antique elements every month.
  2. MIXED MEDIA KIT….this kit will focus on different types of mixed media every month. You will learn how to incorporate these mediums into your artwork with a different technique monthly. This kit is a good addition to the Scrapbook Kit if you want to be even BADDER in your style and up your game by using more mixed media. It’s also a great stand alone kit for someone who wants to just create a mixed media project. It is meant to encompass a broad range of artists….for the beginner who is just starting to learn to the advanced artist who wants to create a masterpiece. This kit will also include some Vintage and Antique elements at times.
  3. HOME DESIGN KIT….this kit is for the artist who wants to delve into even more artistic endeavors and get her BAD GIRL GROOVE on!!!! SO… wanna learn to work with decoupage….wood….tin tiles….a wall hanging… about learning how to create your very own mini chandelier….or a gorgeously embellished pillow? This will help you to push your creative muse even further all the while creating STUNNING things for your house that you can feel proud of and brag about!!!! Come on BAD GIRLS…it’s time to have some FUN!!!
  4. VINTAGE KIT….this kit will focus on Vintage Design and be heavily weighted with Vintage Elements. It will only be available in very limited edition. Why? It is not easy to find gorgeous authentic vintage and antique elements in large quantity. So, in my travels I purchase what appeals to me and only the best and most unique items…. and most times I can only find very few of the same thing. I search the world for the elements that will be in this kit. Only the finest ephemera from France, Italy, London, etc. This is a very special kit to me and it takes a lot of time and effort to source these goodies….I am more than elated to offer such a unique kit as this one!

So there you have it. That will be our first line up of kits coming very soon! I have gotten a lot of questions about reserving a spot for the kits. If you would like to reserve any of these kits please send  an email to: and indicate which kits you wish to reserve a spot for. Include your name, mailing address and phone number.

If we reach our threshold of kits I will begin to add artists to a waitlist. The only kit that will be available via monthly subscription will be our Scrapbook Kit. All other kits due to their limited edition will be available to artists who reserve a spot for those kits. Once all spots are taken you will be added to waitlist and once we either increase kit numbers or someone relinquishes their spot you will then be notified that you can begin to receive  that particular kit.

Please post here if you have any questions and please visit often as I will be giving frequent updates.

Here are a few pictures with some sneak peeks of what will be going into our future kits. This will also give you an example of what BAD GIRL STYLE is all about!!!!

Bad Girls Antique

Bad Girls Antique

Bad Girls Glass Pearls

Ribbons from France, Bad Girls Flower Shoppe and Stick Pins, Vintage Flash Cards, Bad Girls French Frame

Bad Girls Flower Shoppe, Designer Fabrics, Vintage Letters, Bad Girls Vintage Mica Flakes, Ribbons from France

Bad Girls Vintage Book Pages, Bad Girls Vintage Bingo Cards and Markers, Bad Girls Chipboard Shapes

Ribbons from France, Vintage Book Pages, Vintage Crystals, Mixed Media Watercolors

Bad Girls Vintage Book Pages, Glitter, Bad Girls Couture Clips, Jewels, Flower Shoppe & Beads.

Bad Girls Flash Cards, Antique Ephemera, Ribbon from France, Prima Flowers

Bad Girls Vintage French Lotto Cards & Markers, Bad Girls Flower Shoppe