Mixed Media Tags


Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you’re enjoying your day! I have a really pretty mixed media spread to share with you today. I used lots of mixed media products to alter this Tag/3 Pocket spread from Bad Girls Couture’s shop!

Here is what the spread looks like before I started working on it. You can do so much with this adorable pocket page spread. I was going to add photos to each tag and then alter them, but then I decided to use inspirational sentiments instead. I just couldn’t decide on what photos to use… and I just wanted to create.

I started by painting the two tag pockets at the top using the Bad & Tatted acrylic paint, Then I used the Double Flower stencil from Art Anthologyl and Bad Girls Couture Molding Paste along with a palette knife to create the flowers. Once the molding paste was completely dry, I used the Broken Doll acrylic paint and Last  Sin to color the flowers in a bit. I used Art Anthology’s Colorations Spray in Sky Blue to add some more color to the ribbon and tags.

As you can see, lots of beautiful textures and color went into this spread. I just love it.

What do you think? Fun, stuff! And to make this post even better, I’ve include a full video tutorial so you can see just how easy this spread was to make… seriously, not that complicated at all. It was totally fun.

Thanks for visiting today!

Loved – Tag In A Bag | an art journal page by Dale Ann Cubbage

Is it Monday again already?  I’m afraid so, lovelies!  So, in an effort to cheer us up, I have a new project for your viewing pleasure!  Today I’m sharing a page in my Paper Doll Palace art journal that I have done up in my favorite Haute Mess acrylic paint colors!  Being a shabby girl at heart, you know those colors are Couture Pink, Bad & Tatted, Grunge and Drop Dead Gorgeous, of course!  Plus, I’ve loaded up the texture on this page with some white gesso, some of my hand made stencils and a handful of my favorite bits and bobs laying around my desk.  This page is one of my favorites now, and I hope you like it!  Be sure to read all the way to the end, as I have included a process video to show you how I put this all together, and as an added bonus, I show you a new technique I learned involving a magazine page, a stencil and a sanding block.  Intrigued?  I hope so.  Let’s get to the eye candy, shall we?

Some Photos of the Final Page

You can’t get any shabbier than the beautiful combo of pink, blue and black & white in my opinion!

I’ve been hoarding that little black and white bag forever, waiting for just the right project to use it on.  I have used it as my focal point on the page, and it holds a sweet little tag I made tucked inside, for a peek-a-boo effect!

Peek-a-boo!  Here’s the tag making it’s debut!  The inspiration for this page was a sermon I heard recently, reminding me that I am loved.  Period. End of story.  And so are you, friend.  I hope this layout can serve as a reminder to you today, that you are absolutely loved and adored!

I’ve got texture and color for days on this spread!

Process Video

Hugs and kisses, darling!  Thanks so much for coming by and checking out my post today!  Don’t forget to watch the video I made for you!

Fox and Fall by Elena

Hello dear friends!
Today I’m with a new Mixed Media project – and it’s again Art-journal page.
 I chose the cardstock page to create my project.

I painted background using Haute Mess Acrylic colors:

First Crush, Distortion ,  Dive Bar , Caution Tape 

And Guild Trip for leaves.


I applied the Molding Paste through a stencil

Thank you so much for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed your time here on the blog.

Till next time, have fun and enjoy your creative time.

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Altered Pencil Holder

Good morning friends! It’s almost Friday, thank GOD! Nicole here with a fun altered project. I had this wooden pencil holder on my desk for awhile now and felt it was time to give it a make-over. It was originally, plain wood, un-finished wood.

To begin, I used a heavy gel medium to glue down the metal embellishments. I let it sit overnight. Then I coated the pencil holder using black gesso. I knew that if I used black gesso, it would help make the colors look really bright and that’s the look I was going for… so I thought.

I used my fingers to paint the different colors onto the surface. The paints used for this project include Oops! My Bad, Last Sin and X-rated. These are my absolute favorite colors from the shop! I really love how thin these paints are. They are so easy to work with! Note to self, must order more paint.

After I finished painting this, I wasn’t sure about the black… I don’t know if I like it or hate it at this point. So I decided to spray it with two coats of White Spray Mist. It completely changed the look…and I must say, I like the white much better. And it will blend in nicely with my craft room.




I may add a few layers of the paint over the white in the up-coming weeks because I’m still unsure about this pencil holder! What do you think? Ready to get messy yet?

Thanks for stopping by today!

A Rose By Any Other Name | a Mixed Media Canvas by Dale Ann Cubbage

Good Morning, all you bad girl art beauties! I hope you’re ready for some color and bling this morning!  Today I am sharing a mixed media canvas I created using the magical Glass Bead Gel from the Haute Mess Medium Collection, right here in the Bad Girls Couture shoppe!

This product is just pure magic, girls! I cannot explain in words just what it does and how it makes your projects glimmer and shine! So I guess I’ll just have to show you!

Up Close and Personal

The first thing you see is the awesome texture it brings to the canvas, right?  But you can actually see it creating three different effects in this one shot!  In the upper left corner, you can see how it looks when you put it on top of painted and inked surfaces.  On top of paint it looks like little diamonds glittering on the page!  When it’s on top of inked surfaces, it absorbs the ink, making the color sparkly!   Down the left side of the canvas you can see how it looks when it’s thick on the page, and this is what it looks like with white gesso on it.  All you have to do is spread it on with a palette knife.  Then on the right side of the top of photo, you can see just a few pieces of it scattered out. It reminds me of glistening snow flakes or ice crystals!  Girls, I’m telling you, this stuff is dreamy and delicious!

In this photo you can see how it just soaks up all that incredible color from the Haute Mess acrylic paints!  Also, notice how I put some of it on the clay element . . . it just adds to the grungy elegance on this piece!  I also used it on the bottom of the element, where it cracked and broke.  By filling in the crack with the Glass Bead Gel, it disguised the crack, making it stand out like it was done on purpose!  It is such a versatile product.

Color Splash . . .

For my color splash today, I chose our Haute Mess paints in these colors:

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Oops! My Bad!

First Crush

Kiss And Don’t Tell

Couture Pink

These are the Haute Mess Mediums used in this project:

Glass Bead Gel

White Gesso

Mixed Media Canvas

I have used molds and air dry clay to create the dimensional pieces on my canvas, as well as cut out flowers and butterflies from some scrap paper.  That little frame I found at a yard sale for 10 cents!  I used some white acrlic ink and a shimmer mist spray in teal.  But the real star of this project is the Glass Bead Gel, in my opinion!  What do you think?


Well that’s it for me today! Be sure to click on the links in my post for details on the products used here, and while you’re here, check out the previous blog posts from the other Bad Girl Couture Artists. There are some amazing and inspiring projects to get you creating with the Haute Mess line of art supplies! Thanks for looking today!

Dale Ann

Brave and Beautiful Art Journal | Donna Espiritu

Hello, Bad Girlies! Donna here with a new project in my Haute Mess PaperDoll Palace Pink Canvas Art Journal.


First thing I did was brush the surface with gesso and then Fallen Angel diluted with a bit of water. I just wanted to cover the entire surface. Then I added a thin layer of Naked. Using a stencil and molding paste, I added more texture to random areas.

I wanted to try something new for today’s project. I’ve never done this kind of thing before and I know I need more practice. Ha! Instead of drawing directly to the background, I’ve drawn a face on to a piece of paper first and then cut it with my scissors. I adhered it to with gesso and a bit of clear glue.

I painted the face with Naked first and then Mannequin. Then I used Plastic Angel to paint the blushing cheeks and Bad & Tatted for the hair.

I used Prima Marketing’s Enchanted paper pad to embellish the page. I cut some squares/rectangles, doodled around the edges with a black pen. I also fussy cut some flowers to further decorate the page.

I added some Poetic Rose ephemera and stickers for the simple title of “Brave and beautiful”. I also brushed some Glass Bead Gel as a finishing touch.

I definitely need more practice drawing faces… or something like that ha! I was so scared to mess up painting the face and now I think it needed more shading… hmmm I didn’t mean to make it look like an Asian face lol but that’s how it turned out.

That’s all from me today. I hope you liked my project!

Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting,

Stronger Than Yesterday – Clear Canvas

Happy SundayFUNday!!  I hope ya’ll are having a fab weekend!  Today I’m showing y’all a fun way to do a “canvas” in an unexpected way.  A CLEAR canvas!

For this project I used small square of acrylic.  The acrylic is actually a clear insert for a welding face shield that I purchased at a welding supply center.  I’m sure my husband just loves when I tag along on his hardware adventures lol!

I started off with a rubber stamp that had some distressed lines on it and applied some “bad & tatted” Haute Mess acrylic paint then stamped it on to the acrylic.  You can mimic this look by using the side of an old gift card and dip it in a bit of the paint then stamp it on to the acrylic square and just repeat.

I also brushed a little of the same paint along the edges to give it an inked distressed look.

For the embellishments I made a clay key hole embellishment and painted it with a wash of diluted Haute Mess “hippie in high heals” then some diluted “torrid” and rubbed with a bit of “kiss & don’t tell” before apply a touch of the Haute Mess glass bead gel.  Finally I applied a rub of gold.  I did a similar effect on the key and paint brush as well.  The key has a base coat of “bad & tatted” then rubbed with “kiss & don’t tell” and the paint brush has a mix of all the colors i used in the project!

The tag had gold crackle on it previously but I wanted to incorporate it into this project so I applied some of the colors I was using to give it a warm background.  I diluted some “torrid” first and then applied some drips of diluted “hippie in high heals” and then rubbed with a smidge of “kiss & don’t tell”.

The whole project is finished off with a Tim Holts paper dolls die cut and a sticker sentiment.

I’m pretty obsessed with the transparency of it!  I want to do MOOORRREE of them!


Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in Bad & Tatted, Torrid, Hippie in High Heals, Kiss & Don’t Tell
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel
Tim Holtz Paper Dolls
Paper Clay
Prima Clay Mold
Vintage Key
Old Paint Brush
Large Tag
Acrylic Square


‘Note’ Art Journal page with Lisa Amiet + VIDEO

Hello bad girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share an Art Journal page that I have created in my
‘Park Ave Penthouse’ Journal

I have worked with one of the white canvas pages,
and this is what I came up with…

I have started with a coat of ‘Haute Mess White Gesso’, to seal my page.
I have then used a stencil and some ‘Haute Mess Molding Paste’ to stencil my page.

I have then used some Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘Last Sin’,
mixed with some water, to help the flow.

Next, I have used some Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘Make it Rain’, again mixed with some water.

I have then mixed some Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in ‘Make it Rain’ and ‘Bad & Tatted’,
to make my own darker greyer blue, and mixed it with water.

I then used a watered-down ‘Bad & Tatted’ Acrylic Paint for my last layer of colour.
I have then stamped away with blank ink and some of my fave stamps.

I have then pulled together some embellishments to help pull my page together.
I have built up my layers and added some Haute Mess ‘Glass Bead Gel’,
to random areas of my page.

To finish, I have used some Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘Fallen Angel’,
to splatter over my finished page.

There is a full process video of the creation of this page that you can watch below.

Until next time!


Bad Girls Couture Products Used:

Park Ave Penthouse Journal
Haute Mess White Gesso
Haute Mess Molding Paste
Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in
‘Last Sin’
‘Make it Rain’
‘Bad & Tatted’
‘Fallen Angel’



Good morning friends! Wouldn’t you agree, if we looked closely… There’s something good in every day. Some days it might be a challenge searching for the goods and that’s what I try to do when I feel like it’s one thing after another… mostly bad. But then I try to think of the positives. It helps sometimes. I created this art journal spread on a Sunday afternoon. I put on Madame X and grabbed some paint, my magazine, white gesso, and matte gel. I had no plans on what the outcome would be. All I knew was that I wanted to play with my paint and get my hands dirty.

To begin, I used the Cream Cardstock page as the base for this art journal page. Then, I cut out several patterns from an Allure magazine. After I finished cutting the pieces out of the magazine, I mounted them down using matte gel. I waited for the gel to dry before I covered the entire spread with clear gesso. The clear gesso helps the magazine from tearing once wet.

Before I started this spread, I had planned on creating a collage layout, but once I started working on this page, it took on an entirely different look.

After the clear gesso was completely dry I painted all over the page using Last Sin . Then, I used Million Dollar Baby to paint around the edges to create a nice border.

After the first layer of paint dried, I could see bits and pieces of the magazine patterns through the paint. I totally love this! Some of the magazine bunched up from the wetness of the gesso but it created a nice texture.

I painted the flowers using Sweet Candy Kisses, Million Dollar Baby, Fallen Angel, X-Rated and Make It Rain. I must say… I am really glad that I have all of the color paints listed in the shop because I am never restricted when it comes to selecting colors for my projects. I used several colors on this piece and they all look so pretty next to one another. The stamp sentiment is by Precious Remembrance Shop!

I painted the yellow sun and then added the flower to the center to add more dimension.  Once the flowers were dry I glued the cork heart and button to the center of the flowers.

What do you think? Are you ready to get your hands dirty yet?!! Come get yourselves some paint and a journal and start playing!

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Canvas So sweet by Elena Martynova

Hello everyone! Today I have prepared little canvas for you inspiration.

I love to decorate canvases, and this time I decided to decorate it from the wrong side.

Thanks to the wooden frame there is an additional volume that can be interesting to use.

To begin with, I painted the frame on all sides with two colors:Mannequin &  Plastic Angel

   I painted twigs of chipboard by 2Crafty with two shades of green:C-Note & Million Dollar Baby

When the frame was dry, I applied a texture paste and sprinkled with white glitter.

 I painted the background chip with hearts with paint Naked and painted hearts with Couture Pink. After drying, apply the Glass Bead Gel on the hearts.

 I added a little stamping and began to collect the composition of flowers, chipboard and cut pictures.

Added title and some different toppings, which are glued to the Gel Medium.

That’s what I got as a result:

 I used 2Crafty products:

I hope you enjoyed it and were able to find here something useful for yourself! Thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting, Elena!

 I have made with the incredible products by Bad Girls Couture.

Haute Mess Mediums:

Haute Mess – Molding Paste

Haute Mess Matte – Gel Medium

Haute Mess Paints: