Broken Hearted Mixed Media Journal Page

Happy Sunday y’all!  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far!  This week when I sat down to create in my journal I didn’t have a real idea of what I was creating I just was creating.  I knew I wanted to create something with lots of color and saturation and I wanted to make some scratch marks into my wet molding paste.  Other than that I didn’t know what the page would look like or even a theme.

I knew I would be getting my paints and mediums pretty wet so I removed the page from my Haute Mess journal.  It’s awesome to have the freedom to be able to remove a page when you need to if you want to work on something outside of the journal for a bit more elbow room and know you will be able to easily place it back in the journal when you have completed the page.

So I got to work applying my Molding Paste with a pallet knife to 3/4 of the page and allowed it to dry a bit (you can use a heat gun to speed this up)…but you don’t want it to fully dry yet.  Then I took my pallet knife and scratched a series of marks into the semi dried Molding Paste.

One the molding paste is completely dry I brushed a few strokes of “Torrid” Haute Mess paint (it really didn’t take a whole lot because the saturation is amazing!)

I immediately brushed over the “Torrid” paint with a water brush to make more of a saturated wash over the entire area that has been covered with molding paste.

Next I dropped a few drops of gold metallic on top, making sure the area stays wet so the ink kind of floats around a bit.  If needed drop a few drips of water near the gold ink to help with the flow effect.  Use a heat gun to help dry it blend the colors well.

It became very apparent to me as I was working my page was looking like a wounded heart.  I immediately knew where this page was going from here.  I love how when you are working in your art journal a page will organically just transform and begin become something that is so apparent.

Needless to say a wounded heart needs to be healed & bound up, so that is exactly the direction I took with this.  I applied a large scrap of cheese cloth by brushing on a thick coat of Matte Gel to my journal page, laid the cheese cloth down and then brushed on more Matte Gel to secure it.

Lastly I added my title with a scrap of  self adhesive tape I had in my art journal scrap stash and some cool safety pins

Now ya’ll go get some texture in your art today and show us!

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    Nicole Martel says:

    Gorgeous!! I am the same way… It’s rare that I have a vision in my head. Most of the time, I literally just throw stuff on the page. ?

  2. Wendy La Croix
    Wendy La Croix says:

    Love this Michelle…how you used a single color, yet it conveys so much more in color. And I love your process…most times me too…I have no idea where I am going until it speaks to me! xoxo

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