Good morning!! By the time you see this post, I will be busy, running around like a crazy person. My sister’s baby shower is (today) and I’m sure I am going to need a drink by 5:00 today. While I’ve been helping my mom with plans and the cake, I completely forgot that I was scheduled to post today. Lucky for me, I’m always creating something…and I’ve been working on this piece all week, here and there.

I bought this wooden word on Etsy awhile ago thinking I would paint it. I finally got bored one day and splashed some paint on it and I like it! I used X-rated, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Broken Doll. The colors look great against the black. What do you think?

Eventually, I plan on hanging it above my scrapbook shelf. But for now, it will sit here. I do not like putting holes in my walls until I am 100% happy with the placement of things on my walls.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Thanks so much for visiting today!

DIY Painted Bows | Donna Espiritu

Hello, Bad Girlies. Donna here with some super fun and simple DIY project using Haute Mess Acrylic Paints and Mediums.

One of the things I love to do in my spare time and of course add to my projects from time to time are DIY bows. I have “acquired” a lot of bow templates/cut files and added some more recently. For today’s post though, I used a template and manually cut these bows out of a cutting file from The Cutting Cafe that I have in my stash for a long time now. These two are my go-to templates when it comes to DIY bows.

I usually use patterned papers to make bows but for today, I thought why not use acrylic paints? The current Haute Mess paints color palette has some amazing choices. I sampled all the colors but only made 5 for my post today because while I was in the middle of tracing and cutting, I thought I’d use them for different ideas next time.

I added texture to one of the bigger bows by using a stencil and molding paste. I also used clear gesso after I painted the bows. Once dry, I used the handle of the brush to curl the bow so it has a bit of curve.

I used different types of things to accentuate the middle of the bows. I used a strip of paper (from my scrap stash), glittery and satin trims and a flat pearl.

I love how rich and vibrant the Haute Mess paints are!!! They spread like butter and it’s totally addicting.. therapeutic even, while painting a bunch of white cardstock strips (again, from my scrap stash).

Super pretty and simple fun DIY project, right? I will use these for DIY gift boxes, scrapbook layouts and as planner accessories! My daughter already called dibs on them lol!

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you on my next post!

Supplies Used:
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Broken Doll, Sweet Candy Kisses, Bad Girl Gaudy

Haute Mess Mediums: Molding Paste, Clear Gesso

White Cardstock, flat pearl, trims

Happy crafting,



One Little Piggy

Good morning! Nicole here with a really fun project! I picked up this little piggy from Target about a year ago since it was on the sales rack. I figured, I could alter it… make it pretty, but it sat on my desk for a year untouched until a few months ago I decided to add several coats of gesso on him. My thought was I’d be more motivated if I just got the process started. Know what I mean?

I added about 3 coats of gesso by the time I was done with the base. I wanted to make sure that none of the pink and black showed. Once the gesso was completely dry, I tore bits and pieces of pages from an old book and sealed it down on the piggy using Matted Gel.

I added a few stickers here and there. And then I sealed them down using some more Matte Gel Medium. I added a thick layer of gel to add some texture.

Once the gel was completely dry, I added a thin layer of the Caution Tape Haute Mess acrylic paint.

Once the paint was dry, I glued some buttons where the pig’s eyes should be. Then I added some Broken Doll Haute Mess acrylic paint to tone down the yellow a bit.

I put him aside for a few days to think about what else I wanted to do with him since I was out of idea, but I wasn’t quite happy with how he was turning out… A  few days later, I added some butterflies that I punched out from an old book. I glued down some cork hearts and gems. I added some word stickers and stamps in black.

Here he is! This piggy was a lot of work, but I am happy with the final project! He is sitting on my shelf again, looking prettier than ever.

A lot of details and thought went into this little guy. Here is a closer look at him.



Thanks for visiting today! Don’t forget to stop by the shop to see all of the gorgeous colors we have available in the Haute Mess Acrylic Paint Line. These paints are easy to work with and totally fun! Once you start playing with them, you won’t want to stop.

‘Artist?’ Art Journal Page by Lisa Amiet


Hello!! It’s Lisa here today to share my latest page from my

‘Park Ave Penthouse’ Journal.


I have started with one of my blank pages, this one is cardboard.
I have given it a coat of ‘Haute Mess White Gesso’ to start with.

I have then used my ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Last Sin’ to coat the page in a nice pale blue.
I have then used a stencil and some ‘Haute Mess Clear Gesso’ to add some texture.

I have then used a mandala stencil and my ‘Haute Mess Molding Paste’ to stencil the mandalas.

I have then added some more colour using ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paints’ in ‘Last Sin’,
‘Make It Rain’, ‘Sweet Candy Kisses’ and ‘Bye Felicia’.

I have then added some more stenciling and stamping, along with some doodling by hand.
I hope you like what I have created!

Until next time!

Lisa xo

I have used the following Bad Girls Couture Products:

Park Ave Penthouse Journal
Haute Mess – White Gesso
Haute Mess – Clear Gesso
Haute Mess – Molding Paste
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Last Sin
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Bye Felicia
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Make It Rain 
Haute Mess Acrylic Paint – Sweet Candy Kisses

12″x16″ Altered Wood Panel

Hello everyone. Today I am sharing a fun wall piece that I created one weekend when I was bored. I couldn’t help but stare at all the pretty paints on my shelf and I was totally inspired to use as many of the Haute Mess Acrylic paints that I could possibly use on this project without it being too much. I used a 12″x16″ wood panel that I purchased from Jillibean Soup’s online store. They have tons of wood surfaces for all of your creative needs! Check them out!


To begin, I pulled all of the colors I wanted to use off the shelf and put them in the order that I wanted to paint them. I decided to go with a rainbow color scheme for this panel since I wanted to create a bright and colorful piece for my hallway in my home.

This is a much bigger piece than I realized…especially when I placed it on my desk. Here are all the pretty colors I chose for this project. Aren’t they gorgeous? I just love them all. The photos showcase their true colors!

I used a thick paintbrush to apply the paints on the panel. To prevent the paints from running over to the next strip, I used washi tape!

Here is what the panel looks like once the paint was applied. I added two coats of each color to reveal the true colors of each of the paints.

Once the paints were completely dry, I used a palette knife, molding paste and a 12″x12″ stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop to add some details to the panel.

When applying molding paste over the stencil you want to avoid moving the stencil to avoid smearing the images. Also, make sure you apply a think amount of molding paste over the stencil. This way, you can really bring out the details of the stencil. Once you are done adding the stencil on the right-side of the panel, carefully lift the screen and move it to the left-side of the panel and repeat the same process again so that the stencil covers the entire panel.

You may notice a few smudges here and there. You can easily fix this with the use of a palette knife. Carefully scrape off any molding paste that you do not want on the panel before it completely dries.

What do you think? Are you inspired to make something fun for your home? I am very pleased with how this turned out and I cannot wait to make another piece for my home! I think the next piece I create will include lots of blues and greens. We shall see what I’m inspired to make when the time comes. Until next time, have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see your creations in the Bad Girls Couture gallery soon!

Vintage Butterfly Clip Upcycle

Hey Bad Girlies!!  Happy Weekend!!  I hope you are feeling your art vibe and if not, no worries…I want to inspire you to go paint something!  Anything!  Today I’m digging in my vintage jewelry stash and pulling out an old butterfly clip to repurpose!

Below you can see the old clip before I started.  It was pretty but had seen better days, so I thought I’d give it a bit of Haute Mess color to amp it up a bit!

I started out by painting the entire thing with a thick coat of “Bad & Tatted” and allowed to dry completely. (you can speed this up with a drying tool to go to the next step)

Next I brushed on a tad of water so the paint would flow easier then added some light strokes of “Make it Rain” towards the center of the butterfly body and fanning out to the wings.

Once that “Make it Rain” layer dried I moved on to add some light strokes of “Hippie in High Heels”, again starting with a little bit of a wet surface to make sure the paint moved around easily and fanned it out from the body to the wings but making sure not to cover up all that beautiful purple tone.

Finally I added some dashes of “Kiss & Don’t Tell” (this is my favorite color in the line) and followed the same technique with the damp surface, working from the body and fanning up the wings.  This time I kind of brushed a bit of the watered down paint over the whole wing but it doesn’t show up much in the pictures.  I also painted the center stones with the “Kiss & Don’t Tell”.

To add some texture and dimension I added some Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel to the edges of the wings with a pallet knife and allowed it to dry a few hours.

As a finishing touch I rubbed the entire piece with some rose gold acrylic before punching a whole in the wing and hanging it on a chain.

Faith In The Unknown – Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Good morning and happy Saturday, all you lovely bad girlies out there! This is Dale Ann here with you today, and I hope your weekend is off to a good start!  As you’re reading this, I am on the road on my way to my hometown, Kansas City! Whoo hoo!  That means I am going to be eating some gooooood Mexican food!  I live in Oklahoma, and we have NO GOOD Mexican food here! It’s a real bummer! So I’ve already decided where I’m eating when I get to town! How sad it that? LOL

Getting Started

The project I’m sharing with you today is a mixed media masterpiece!  (Of course I use the term “masterpiece,” rather loosely here!)  I have combined some gorgeous paints from the Haute Mess acrylic paint line, as well as some of our fabulous Haute Mess Mediums! So let’s get started!

For the first step, I covered my page from my Paper Doll Palace art journal with a layer of Clear Gesso, to prepare the surface.


During the second step, I have used a stencil mask from Stencil Girl and sponged some Bad & Tatted paint over it.  I just use a cheap makeup sponge from the Dollar Tree, because they are cost effective and are great at getting that paint down in the crevices of the stencil!


After I got that on, I went ahead and covered the rest of the page in the Bad & Tatted paint. Then I used some Caution Tape paint to fill in the flowers that were created by the stencil mask, and then splashed some more of that lovely yellow across the page.

A Protective Layer

Now, about this point in any project I do, I like to cover what I’ve done in a layer of the Haute Mess Matte Gel medium. The reason I do this to protect the work I’ve done so far.  That way if I screw up the next step, I can easily remove mistakes with a baby wipe and I haven’t ruined the whole project!


Because I wanted the background to have the illusion of clouds, I grabbed this fun stencil, also from Stencil Girl, and my Haute Mess Molding Paste. Since I wanted the clouds to be more whimsical, I wanted some color to them, but I also wanted the texture of the molding paste to give them some dimension.  As a result, I  added some beautiful Drop Dead Gorgeous paint directly to the molding paste.

I really liked where this was going, but those clouds needed something. So how about some more Bad & Tatted through another stencil?  Eventually, I ended up going over it in white gesso, but the darker layer helped give a hint of a shadow.  Because I’m a sparkly kind of girl, I was needing a little bling.  This called for some of our amazing Glass Bead Gel in the middle of all the flowers, and then some Torrid red to the beads for color in the middle!

How About a Color Fix?

Because I still thought it needed more color, I splashed some Drop Dead Gorgeous and Torrid, as well as some white gesso, across the whole page. That was what it needed!  Finally, I selected my sentiment from my Illustrated Faith Wordfetti, and called it done!

I cannot say enough about these acrylic paints! They are not only gorgeous colors, but they are so creamy and easy to work with! They blend really well, and have I told you how nice they smell?  These paints are formulated to be environmentally friendly and easier on those of us who suffer with allergies!  The colors I used on this project are some of my favorites!

The Fabulous Haute Mess Paints & Mediums


All the supplies I used from the Haute Mess line are listed here:

Here is my final page, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! And thanks for visiting the Bad Girl Couture Blog today!

Don’t forget to visit my Instagram page, as well as subscribe to my You Tube channel! Thanks for looking!


Dale Ann

Altered Roller Stamp Holder

Hello! Nicole here today with a metal roller stamp holder that I altered using some gesso and a variety of the Haute Mess acrylic paints. About a year ago, I bought this stamp holder from Amazon in hopes that it would help me organize my roller stamps. I did not like the green metal, but I figured I could alter it later down the road. One weekend, I decided to pull out my gesso and paints to see what I could do to transform this thing. I had no idea what would come from it.

This was such a fun project to make. I really enjoyed the process and it was very therapeutic for me. To begin, I applied about three coats of gesso on the metal base. I gave the gesso some time to dry before applying the additional coats.

Once the gesso was completely dry, I used a gel medium to glue the metal stars to the base.

When the stars were completely dry, I added another coat of gesso.

Once the gesso was dry. I rubbed some Opal Magic Wax all over the bottom of the base.

Then I sprayed the base using the Dragonfly Blue Color Bloom Spray Ink. I let the ink sit for about an hour and then I dabbed at the excess ink using a paper towel.

To add some texture to the base, I smeared some glass beads all over the base using my finger. I’m not sure if this was smart considering it was glass, but it worked. LOL

Then I sprayed the base with Spray Adhesive.

Once the adhesive was completely dry, I added a coat of the Haute Mess, Fallen Angel (white) to tone down the blue. If you look closely, you can see the little speckles of glass beads. It looks so pretty up close in person.

To complete the base, I used a small paint brush and a few colors from the Haute Mess acrylic paints to paint the stars using random colors.



Haute Mess Paint is made by hand by artisans here in the USA (Southern California).
We are a SMALL BATCH COMPANY. Every single color is mixed by hand ONE GALLON AT A TIME to ensure freshness.

There is a unique BATCH NUMBER on every single bottle of paint. We are able to tell
by that number who mixed your paint and what date it was mixed on.

Haute Mess Paint is completely free of VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds). Paint
has chemicals that can stay in the air for years. It can also give you headaches,
allergies, nausea, and other health problems. Not Haute Mess!

We are Eco-Friendly. No VOC’s. Recyclable container. The container can be
repurposed. Haute Mess Paint and Mediums swatch book included. Swatch book is ACTUAL
paint and mediums. NOT computer generated images. What you see is EXACTLY what you
get. Inspirational Post Card with ideas to inspire your muse.

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I inspired you to find something metal in your house to alter!

Tag with Cupid by Elena Martynova

Hello! Today, Elena is with you.

Creative people are very interesting personalities. For years, we can save up all the garbage to one day remember about it, and turn it into something beautiful.

Here I am! I bought a knife sharpener that was attached to a wonderful cardboard tag! What scraper in his right mind can throw away this treasure?

I decided to decorate it with a funny picture of the boy-Cupid, which I found in Pinterest.
For a start, I painted the tag with Premium White Gesso, and then made the background brighter with colors Couture Pink and Sweet Candy Kisses

I added stamps and cut out pictures from AB Studio paper. Chipboard 2Crafty in the form of a dial attached to the plaster thing. I wanted  to contrast it with the background, so I painted it shades of blue and green: Make it rain and Million Dollar Baby

Added a sticker with the inscription from 7 DOTs.

Combined all the elements with a Glass Bead Gel
It perfectly stuck to the micro-beads, art-stones and glitter.

  I made brighter Stamps and cut flowers . Just spread the paint with water and ran a brush on the elements.
The Bunny holds in paws the same key that was attached to paint cans.

I was glad to inspire you today! See you soon, bye-bye!

Products by Bad Girls Couture.

Haute Mess Medium – Glass Bead Gel

Haute Mess Paints:

Bad & Tatted 

Make it rain

Park Ave Penthouse Journal Cover – Dream Journal

Hello Bad Girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration for you.

I have finished decorating the cover of my Park Ave Penthouse Journal,
and it is everything that I had imagined!
I hope you like it as much as I do….

I have started by using my Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in ‘Mannequin’ and ‘Last Sin’,
to add some colour to the edges of my journal.

I have then used a stencil and Haute Mess Molding Paste, to add some vintage script texture.

I have used a resin frame, that I have first used ‘Last Sin’ Acrylic paint to coat the entire piece.
I have then used a dry brush with a slight amount of ‘Fallen Angel’ Acrylic Paint, to lightly brush over the top.

I have also used some of the Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel.

Lots of flowers and vintage finds 🙂

I really love the natural tones and I am really happy with how this came together.


Thanks so much for stopping by!
The Design Team has lots more to share with you.
Trust me, you’ll love it!