“You Are Loved” Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Good morning, lovelies!  It’s Dale Ann, back with another art journal page for Colour Splash Wednesday! For my page today, I’m going to show you some different ways I used my Haute Mess Molding Paste to create textural interest on my page! There are many different ways to use it and apply it, but I prefer using an old credit card.

I had cut out a shell type pattern on my Cricut to push some Molding Paste through for the first layer on my page. I decided to add some “Sweet Candy Kisses,” from the Haute Mess Paint Collection to the paste, cause this girl loves her some pink! So I mixed it together and then scraped it on!

I really wasn’t sure where I was going with the page at this point, but I decided to tone down the pink with some Haute Mess Gesso.

I remembered after I did that, I had some new scrapbook paper I bought over the weekend,( for 50% off btw, thank you Hobby Lobby!)  It’s all these shabby pink and black & white papers with handwriting, with just the right amount of shabby grunge on them!  I knew they would be perfect for this page! Suddenly I had a vision for this page!  Tore off some pretty parts and used the Haute Mess Matte Gel  Medium to apply it, under and on top!

After sticking that down I used a Distress Crayon to add some color to the stitching around the edges of the page.

Since I love the combination of pink, black and white, I added some of my favorite washi tape, stuck that on, then I grabbed my brayer (rollie paint spreader thingy) and my Haute Mess “Porcelain Doll” pink, and rolled some of it around the page. This made the paint application more random.

Since it is Colour Splash Wednesday, how about adding some Haute Mess “Drop Dead Gorgeous” to the mix? I love this color!

Did you know that these paints are created by hand in small batches right here in the United States?  Each adorable jar is numbered by the batch, to ensure product freshness!  One of my favorite things about these paints is you can tell how Wendy and her team put so much love and artistry into each jar of paint! You can really see the heart of the creator, who is herself a mixed media artist, in these products. Wendy worked really hard to bring us beautiful paints, mediums and Art Journals that would not only be safe for the environment, but that would also be a joy to create with!

I found these little heart cutouts laying on my desk that were left over from another project, and I knew they would be perfect for this page. I of course painted them in “Couture Pink,” immediately. LOL

Then my Haute Mess Molding Paste started calling my name again . . . so I grabbed this bird stencil and my credit card, and made some little birdies on my page!

I ended up putting three layers of molding paste through the stencil to get a really good raised image. They turned out so cute, I think!

You can see I also scraped some Molding Paste around the heart cutouts, it kind of looks like snow drifts on them!

My final steps were to add some pieces of a scalloped cutout I had left over from something else on to the corners of the page, and my sentiment that is from Illustrated Faith.  I wanted this page to remind us all that we are most definitely loved! Every single human, no matter what color your skin is, what religion you are, where you live or what you look like, YOU ARE LOVED by the Creator of the Universe! So go ahead, live like you’re loved!

Another thing I would like to bring to your attention, is the sweet script that was on the scrapbook paper I had collaged on. . . it kind of got hidden by paint. However, if you’ll remember I had put the Matte Gel medium on top of it. That acts like a protective barrier. So I was able to take a baby wipe and wipe some of the paint away to reveal more of the script in the final piece!  These products are all so versatile!

Here is the final page. I hope you like it!

The products used in this page are as follows:

Haute Mess Paper Doll Palace Art Journal

Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in: Sweet Candy Kisses, Broken Doll, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Couture Pink

Haute Mess Mediums:  Molding Paste, Matte Gel Medium, White Gesso

Thanks for stopping by today, please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions for me! And keep watching for those amazing Haute Mess Art Journals to hit the store!!

Love, Dale Ann

Stitched Journal Page: Altering Flowers with Gesso

Happy hump day all! How’s your week going? I’ve been having so much fun working with my art journal from Bad Girls Couture. Since I scrapbook mainly 8 1/2″x11″ layouts, the size of the journal works well for me! For this stitched journal page, I decided to use  white premium gesso on my flower to mess it up a bit. It was too pretty… LOL

To create this distressed look, I simply used a small paint brush and gesso and rubbed the brush along the edges of the petals and between the creases. Super simple and easy. I wanted the flower to blend in with the layout. The brown needed some hightlights.

I love this flair button that I bought awhile ago from 7 Dots Studio. It went perfectly with this journal spread. The butterfly was created by painting gesso onto white cardstock and letting the gesso dry. Once the gesso was dry, I punched the butterfly out using a punch and added the heart.

See, gesso isn’t so scary to use after all. I love that you can use gesso to paint different embellishments if you are out of white paint. It works just the same.

Thanks for visiting today!


Vintage Art-journal page with Elena + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!! A huge welcome to you my Bad Girls friends!

Today I’m working with two gesso and many paints to create a  mixed media page in my “COBBLESTONE LANE” Art Journal.

I chose to decorate Canvas page.

This time I decided to remember that time, when I tried decoupage.

I still have a small collection of napkins with interesting drawings.

Why not try to use them when creating a page in an Art Journal?

All the more in Art Journal from Bad Girls there is page reminiscent of a canvas.

Dense cardstock and primed fabric.

First I made one layer of Clear Gesso. Then pasted pieces of pages from the old dictionary and a layer of napkins for decoupage.

It is better not to cut pictures from napkins, and tear them off. So the edges are more thin and uneven, which will better implant them in the background.

Added another coat of Clear Gesso.

Added strokes with Premium White Gesso to muffle the bright color of the pieces of paper and combine them together.

Once everything was dry, I complicated the background with stamps and archival ink.

Applied a Molding Paste through a stencil

Now it’s time to use paint! I chose these shades:

I didn’t like that the edges are too much white, so I tinted them with Bad & Tatted .
Added a little splashes

I was satisfied with what turned out to be a page, but something was missing…

So I decided to revive it with bright green paint Million Dollar Baby,

and purple Hippie In High Heels

Added sticker by 7 Dots Studio.

I love to use napkins for decoupage. That I’ve put a few more on hold for the next projects!

I hope you were interested and you also decide to try my way to create pages in an Art Journal!

and some close-ups

Well that is all from me today.
Until next time happy scrapping.
Elena xo

Products used:

Haute Mess Mediums:

Haute Mess Medium – Clear Gesso

Haute Mess Mixed Media Medium  – Premium White Gesso

Haute Mess – Molding Paste

Haute Mess Paints:

Bad & Tatted 

Plastic Angel


Hippie In High Heels

Haute Mess Paint is made by hand by artisans here in the USA (Southern California).
We are a SMALL BATCH COMPANY. Every single color is mixed by hand ONE GALLON AT A TIME to ensure freshness.
There is a unique BATCH NUMBER on every single bottle of paint. We are able to tell
by that number who mixed your paint and what date it was mixed on.
Haute Mess Paint is completely free of VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds). Paint
has chemicals that can stay in the air for years. It can also give you headaches,
allergies, nausea, and other health problems. Not Haute Mess!
We are Eco-Friendly. No VOC’s. Recyclable container. The container can be
repurposed. Haute Mess Paint and Mediums swatch book included. Swatch book is ACTUAL
paint and mediums. NOT computer generated images. What you see is EXACTLY what you
get. Inspirational Post Card with ideas to inspire your muse.

Best Day

        Hello to creative girls)))) Today is Wednesday, which means the rubric “Color splash” and I have an incredibly bright and cheerful card for you. The set of March Kit “With Sprinkles On Top” is so bright and life-affirming that it is obvious – to create bright projects)))) I took several sheets of Shimelle “Glitter Girl” by American Crafts: “Snap To It” and “Make Magic”

I was inspired by the inscription “Today is the best ever”))) I made it the main one in this project. I cut out the card from the sheet and worked the edges a little, First with a blade of scissors, and then shaded them with bureau color.

   Bright pictures on the sheets can become independent elements of the decoration of your project. Just cut what you like! My choice is a small raspberry camera. Gently cut it out along the contour and have a gorgeous decoration!

This postcard has several layers. On the workpiece from the white cardstock, first glue the cover from the yellow paper into the crimson asterisks. The second layer is a smaller-sized cover from a turquoise leaf to a yellow strip. Lastly, paste a card with an inscription! All covers are glued to adhesive two-sided adhesive tape.I often use in my projects a strip with a patterned border – this is the bar on which the bar code and the name of the collection. I cut off these strips and then play with them, using them for decoration. 

All the decorations I glue on bulk adhesive pads to create volume and emphasize many layers.

The main decoration of this postcard was a kite! From the patterned leaf we carve a lilac rhombus. And then we make a contrasting turquoise substrate under the diamond, it is obtained from two layers.Between the layers attach a yellow waxed cord. It will perfectly complement the composition in terms of texture and free attachment. It is important not to stick the cord along the entire length! Only a few fixing points! I decorated the rope of a kite with colorful bows made of one-colored cardstock and patterned paper.

This postcard will get a real Splash of color! It will give you the mood and inspiration for today! Have many better days in your creative life by my creative girls! We are waiting for your work in the gallery of the blog)))) I’ll see you soon, thank you for visiting our blog!


Good morning!! The other night, I was bored so I grabbed a patterned paper from the February Bad Girls Jardin des Tuileries Kit and started cutting out the flowers…

Once I had a few patterns cut, I had an idea as to what I wanted to do with them. Initially, I was going to create a quick card, but then I decided to create a layout using photos of my sister with her BFF, Maddie. The photos are pure bliss and they make me smile every time I look at them. Oh, to be young, free and fearless again!!

I used Creative Memorie’s Circle Cutting System to cut circles from more patterns to frame the photos.

Then I just moved the matted photos and flowers around until I was satisfied with the arrangement. This took me some time…

I tore a few pieces of patterned paper and added them at the bottom of the layout to fill in the space a bit. Then added a few die cuts and the chipboard title to complete the layout.

What do you think? Do you ever have a hard time cutting into pretty paper? I do, but sometimes, it’s so worth it!!

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Altered Wall Art

Hi everyone! Today, I have a very fun project to share with you! A few weeks ago, I was thinking I needed something for my wall in my scraproom. I searched online for something pretty with lots of color and shapes/patterns and saw some paintings that were a few hundred dollars…and I didn’t even like them that much! So, I sat at my computer searching other websites and I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I talked to Wendy for a little bit on the phone and was like, I gotta go… LOL, I have an idea. hahaha, I just love when that happens.

I didn’t waste any time. I pulled out a piece of white cardstock and applied lots of Bad Girls Couture’s gesso to it. While it was drying, I pulled out stencils, paints, mists, Nuvos, stickers and buttons. I had a vision!!

When applying gesso to cardstock, I don’t worry about making sure it’s completely smooth because I want to add some texture to my project. Notice the messy look… You’ll see what I mean later in the post. 🙂

I used several stencils on this piece with a variety of different bright colors. I started with the darker color (blue) first using a mini circles screen. The brayer helped flatten the acrylic paint. Then I added some orange mist and blended it in with a baby wipe. Initially, I was going to use a pink butterfly. If you look closely, it’s there… but isn’t really clear. I decided to use the white paint to mute it down some. I used the cap to add a few bigger circles in the background, here and there. I used a scribble stencil at the top left-side of the paper using the orange mist to give it a rougher appearance. Once the paint dried, I added a little bit of lime to break up the orange, blue and pink a bit by applying a small dot on the brayer and rubbing in on the layout… By using a little at a time, I had more control over the color.

Here is a glance at the stencils I used…

I used Bad Girls Couture’s Molding Paste and a triangle stencil to add more dimension to the background. I decided to keep it white so it would pop off the page more… rather than mix it with some acrylic paint.

I was going to stamp a girl with wings to the center and it didn’t turn out well… so I covered her up with some more paint and splashed some more orange paint to the background. That is one thing I like about creating a mixed media piece…you can easily cover up your mistakes!

I love a little touch of black with bright colors… So I used this splatter stamp and some black ink. Then made swirls in the center of the splatters. Once the Nuvo dried, I added Jillibean Soup Buttons to the center using Tombow Glue. This glue is awesome… Nothing is coming off this page with this glue.

As an after thought, I added the chipboard hearts as well. I left them in their natural color since I had enough color… These chipboard hearts are by 7 Dots Studio. I glued some Doodlebug rhinestones to the center of the buttons just for fun.

And here is the final piece! I just love this piece and I especially like the fact that I didn’t have to pay a few hundred dollars for it! What do you think?

And here’s what it looks like framed. I was looking for a 12 x 12 metallic frame, but then I decided to just go with a gray frame.

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I’ve inspired you to experiment with your mixed media products. It’s sooooo therapeutic and fun. I totally want to try this again. 🙂

Snow Breakfast With a Rainbow?

Wait, snow and a rainbow? YEP! When you have a picture of a snowstorm and some watercolors, anything is possible!

This layout is all about how my girls and I ate breakfast and watched the snow fall. You see, here is Georgia, snow is quite rare, so it was a treat to sit inside, all warm and cozy, and watch the snow collect all over our garden.

To give this page the warmth of the story it tells, I decided to paint out some rainbow inspired watercolor goodness!

I then cut out some frames from the frame patterned paper to embellish with, and included one on the top of this interactive photo mat. It opens to reveal another picture, and the journaling.

I just love the vibrant paint against the cool and calm snow photo!

I hope this has inspired you to get colorful with your paints today!

Care Bear Colors!

February’s kit is FULL of lovely colors! For this page, I was inspired to use strips of most of the papers included, to showcase all the prettiness that this kit includes!

And, I am such a sucker for a rainbow of pastels!

I layered them up, including strips of the fabric in the kit as well, and stitched them down!

Some watercolor action, along with some of the beautiful Prima flowers in the kit finish it off!

My journaling tag is in a pocket behind the photo and it holds the story about how when I was little, all I wanted was a Care Bear. They were quite spendy, so my crafty mother made me one instead. I had a one-of-a-kind Care Bear! It doesn’t get much better than that, right?!?!


Happy hump day all! Today I am back with another layout using several pieces of fabric and the ribbon from this months’ kit! I love working with fabric because it adds such a homey feel to my projects. I don’t know how to explain it… it just looks so good!

Using ribbon or fabric on projects doesn’t need to be complicated… And although, it may look intimidating to use, it is not as scary as it looks. I used scissors that I have on my desk that I use ONLY for fabric. Do not use scissors that you normally cut paper with. If you do, you will not get a clean cut and your ends will fray. One of my favorite adhesives is Fabri-Tac. This glue works WONDERFUL with fabrics. Seriously, once you apply the glue to the fabrics then place it on the cardstock… it’s not going anywhere. Trust me.

Once the glue dried, I matted the photo collage on a few different pieces of patterned paper then adhered it to the center of the layout. I splashed some mist on to the layout then added the chipboard pieces using foam squares.

I used thread and a button from my stash to add to the center of the butterfly to make it pop.

I love the chipboard sentiments! I added a few pieces to help frame the collage then stapled the heart chipboard to the bottom of the collage, using a tiny heart to off set the larger heart.

Thanks so much for visiting today! Are you ready to pull out your fabric and create something beautiful with it? I promise, it’s not that scary once you start cutting into these beauties!


Altered Art Journal

Hello everyone! I am back today with a fun altered art journal I created using the chipboard from this month’s kit. I love creating mini books/altered art journals. They give me a chance to just paint, get messy and have fun. When I first pulled the album out, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do so I turned on some Taylor Swift, pulled out my paints, stickers, buttons, chipboard and just started painting some of the pages with the Glimmer Glam. The butterfly on the cover was a stamp that I stamped on to patterned paper then cut it out to use for the cover of my art journal. I cut the “art” sentiment from the Hambly vellum paper and glued it to the flair.

And for a few of the pages, I added white gesso so the paint really stood out… Then I painted the splattered chipboard pieces in pink. Wendy will be proud… I am normally not a pink person, but I like this shade of pink and it looks great with the teal!

I glued several pieces of the splattered chipboard throughout the journal. Then I added a few stickers that were perfect for an art journal. And I love buttons… so I added a few of those as well to add a certain charm to my journal. Some pages were left blank so I can go back and write down my journey…

I love the lotto pages! Totally vintage and cool!

What do you think? Honestly, this journal is super simple to make once your pages are prepped! I just love the green, teal and pink with a touch of black.

Thank you for visiting! Don’t forget to add your projects to our gallery. We’d love to see what you create using this month’s kit!