Let me INSPIRE you!!!!

Hello everyone! Today is all about INSPIRATION! It is all around us…everywhere you look you can glean some type of inspiration …whether it be color, shape, line, architecture, etc. I usually start with something very simple in concept and then I just keep adding and it’s hard to believe what originally inspired me. AND…that is exactly what I am after most of the time!

So, let’s take a look at what my inspiration was….

I love.love.love this message board of mine. What do I love about it? I adore the distressed wood frame, the designer fabric, the upholstery tacks, the ribbon, and I especially love how it’s padded so I can use my pretty little pins to post notes and reminders on it. So….I wanted to translate that into a smaller piece that I could also add little notes to if need be…but I wanted to make it more of a work of art and put a funky twist on it….this is what I came up with…

Wayyyyy different right???!!!! But…note…I added my designer fabric with stick pins so I can add notes like I wanted. It also is built on a wood surface that I distressed with gesso and paints. I added ribbons on top, and note how I added the upholstery tacks to anchor it to the wood. This enabled me to slide the card in from the side for even more reminders or a cute photo…whatever I want. The little envelope on top can also hold a note or memento. I am tickled pink with how it came out. I started out pinning some vintage leaves on it with a glitter heart and a gold metal frame that is attached to a paper frame….what I absolutely LOVE is that I can easily change the look just by pinning something else to it! And this is one of our kit offerings this month….”Kisses: 5 Cents”. If you want to create one for yourself and at the same time learn a lot of different techniques please order yours today HERE! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderfully BAD ASS DAY!!!!