Canvas Journal Page Tutorial

Hi everybody! Have you seen Bad Girls Couture’s one of a kind journals? These beauties are crafted by hand by artisans in the USA. These journals are hardbound and they are 100% cotton. They are one of a kind and there are no journals on the market like them.

I love how each page is held together using ribbon. You can also add more pages to the journal! Inside the journal, you will find a variety of mixed media pages such as Kraft, patterned paper, pocket pages, cardstock, canvas, and transparency that include a zig-zag, stitched border. Most importantly, these journals are Eco friendly.  We take pride in saving the environment. Therefore, these journals are made from recycle materials.

Seriously, the entire journal is beautiful!  If you want to make these journals your own, the canvas cover can be painted or inked! There are no limitations when it comes to these beauties. Grab yours today!

Today, I am sharing a canvas journal entry that I created using some molding paste, paint, punches and washi tape. These size was so easy for me to scrapbook since I tend to scrapbook smaller sized photos. To begin, I mixed some of the Haute Mess Drop Dead Gorgeous paint with some molding paste to thicken the paint up a bit. If you do not do this, the acrylic paint will smear underneath the stencil and your design will not come out clear.


I used a paintbrush to frame the edges of the page. While the gesso was wet, I added a strip of washi tape at the top and bottom part of the layout. The gesso will act as a glue so I was not worried about the washi tape not sticking.

I decorated the layout using hand-made die cuts I created using a variety of paint and stamps. Look for a tutorial soon on how I made the flowers and butterflies next Wednesday!


Thanks for visiting today! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Colorful Journal Page

I’m going to show you a page from the new journals today!  I needed more color in my life… it’s grey and snowy here in New York and I’m feeling a bit blah.  I love color!  It brightens even the dullest day!  So, for this page, I’m using a TON of acrylic color as a background.  I have a video to share with you on how I apply the Haute Mess acrylics and mediums here. Check it out!

This is my finished journal page.  I used a cardstock, stitched page from the new Bad Girls Couture Journal.   I love anything rainbow colored (I am an art teacher after all…)!  Starting with the following colors to create a background, brush a swipe of each across the page.

Haute Mess acrylic paints (from top of page to bottom):


Bad Girl Gaudy

Sweet Candy Kisses

Guilt Trip

Oop!  My Bad

First Crush

Caution Tape


Drama Queen

Million Dollar Baby

Kiss & Don’t Tell

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Make it Rain

Bye Felicia

Hippie in High Heels

Whew!!  That’s a lot of colors!  It makes a beautiful, rainbow background… sure to brighten any day!

I wanted lots of interesting fonts for the quote on this page.  I scoured my stash of stamps, letter stickers, and Thickers to create this fun quote.   My thought was to make it as artsy as possible.  I love this quote ” When we stop fearing failure, we start being artists”.  It is true.  Failures are chances to learn in art and learning helps us grow as artists.  Having fear of failure, stunts our growth because you will be afraid to start anything.  Materials can be pricey but if you just buy materials to look at them and not use them, well, are you really being an artist? or a collector?  Get that stuff out and play!!!  Haute Mess paints are so much fun to play with and I intend to use them right up!!!

I love the little containers that the Haute Mess containers come in and each one has a bit of twine with a tag painted in the color that the container has inside so you can see what it looks like dry.  It also has a beautiful metal key attached!  I took these off the container (I know… gasp!) and knew I wanted to use them on this page!  I tied them all together and make a little banner of sorts. It makes me super happy to see them all there!

I hope you enjoyed my journal page tutorial and are inspired to add a little color into your life (whatever season it is for you)!

Haute Mess Paint is made by hand by artisans here in the USA (Southern California).

We are a SMALL BATCH COMPANY. Every single color is mixed by hand ONE GALLON AT A TIME to ensure freshness.  There is a unique BATCH NUMBER on every single bottle of paint. We are able to tell by that number who mixed your paint and what date it was mixed on.

Haute Mess Paint is completely free of VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds). Paint has chemicals that can stay in the air for years. It can also give you headaches, allergies, nausea and other health problems. Not Haute Mess! We are Eco Friendly. No VOC’s. Recyclable container. Container can be repurposed.

Paint Tutorial Journal Page & Journal Flip Through + VIDEO

Hello Bad Girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share my first post with you all.
I have been so nervous and excited to show you not only what I have created,
but to give you a flip through of my Haute Mess Art Journal before I started.

This is my first set of pages, I couldn’t decide on one hahaha so I have a double to share with you.

I have decided on creating a bright, uplifting journal spread, using some happy colours.

I have worked on a chipboard/cardboard page and a music sheet page. I have added Haute Mess Acrylic Paints using brushes, and stencils.

If we don’t have our dreams what do we have?

I have slowly built up my layers with some stamps and embellishments and this is the end result.

You can watch the full process and flip through of the Haute Mess Art Journal

I hope you like what I have created.
Thanks for stopping by!


I have used the following Bad Girls Couture Products:
Haute Mess Medium – Clear Gesso
Haute Mess Medium – Glass Bead Gel
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints – Broken Doll, Kiss & Don’t Tell, X-Rated, and Drop Dead Gorgeous

Haute Mess Paint is made by hand by artisans here in the USA (Southern California).
We are a SMALL BATCH COMPANY. Every single color is mixed by hand ONE GALLON AT A TIME to ensure freshness.

There is a unique BATCH NUMBER on every single bottle of paint. We are able to tell
by that number who mixed your paint and what date it was mixed on.

Haute Mess Paint is completely free of VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds). Paint
has chemicals that can stay in the air for years. It can also give you headaches,
allergies, nausea, and other health problems. Not Haute Mess!

We are Eco-Friendly. No VOC’s. Recyclable container. The container can be
repurposed. Haute Mess Paint and Mediums swatch book included. Swatch book is ACTUAL
paint and mediums. NOT computer generated images. What you see is EXACTLY what you
get. Inspirational Post Card with ideas to inspire your muse.

Junque it Up: Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor

Hello friends!

It’s me, Rae, and today I am sharing a project that I made using items from the October Mixed Media kit, Paris Flea Market, and some broken embroidery hoops I had bought for a different project some time ago, and accidentally stepped on the bag the y were in and cracked them. I knew I’d be able to use them for something else, so I didn’t throw them away. All I had to do was cover up the broken parts, and that huge purple flower totally works!

Here’s the finished project:

In the kit there are pieces of canvas and some amazing transfers. I love this one with the birds, so I used the Bad Girls Couture Matte Gel Medium to transfer it onto the canvas. It was a pretty, bright white, but I wanted it to be somewhat dingy, and even looked a little stained, so I added some light brown mist to achieve that look.

I painted both of the hoops with blue Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam, then added some brown ink for an antiqued look. I added the canvas to the smaller hoop, then adorned it with pearls that I glued on individually, and I also added the resin “shell” that I painted with the pink Tattered Angels Glitter Glam, also in this mixed media kit.To complete the design of the smaller hoop, I added this amazing vintage purple flower and leaves.

I traced the larger hoop on the 7 Gypsies paper, then cut out and glued to the back.

On the outer hoop I added the beaded trim, also in the mixed media kit, so it would hang below once it was hung up.

There are still some of the Paris Flea Market kits in the store and it is FILLED with amazing stuff, so be sure to grab one HERE!


Thanks for stopping by the Bad Girls Couture Blog today!


Pink clouds

Good day my creative girls! Today I want to show my most airy page !!! How do you like this pink fantasy? Sometimes I’m asked to remove pink glasses))) Yes, yes! I like to dream!   In the photo, my daughter and she is a big dreamer! This patterned paper – Garden Club from  February Kit is my love! I immediately chose him as my favorite))) And even it was a pity to cut it, but he inspired me! I rarely make pages of this format. but the composition of the balls and basket was stretched vertically, this determined the choice of the format of the page. At the edges I made two strips from another sheet. They also create an additional vertical.

I really liked the February kit! I love stickers of  Chipboard Ephemera and Words (Gold Foil Accent): American Crafts. This mix set is simply gorgeous. in it there are inscriptions and birds and frames and hearts))) all that we love so much girls!For the basket I used the second part of the sticker. This black frame had a strange shape and I cut it into two parts. The first part I used in my work with Celenge. And the second is now for the basket)))) The title in the page is very important: it sets the meaning of the work, tells something about its design, but at the same time it is a decorative element.

This page is very simple, the balloons I made from Vellum. I have a balloon knife and I used it, but such balls can be cut on a plotter or simply with scissors. The usual pen with black color I drew the strings for the balls. Small hearts from a set of stickers decorated with balls added to the work of additional volume.

I wish you a rosy mood and creative inspiration! I hope you liked my page and it will inspire you to dream! Until early meetings in the blog of bad girls)))

Journey Layout with Junque!

Hello, everyone!

Today I am sharing a layout I made using the January scrapbook kit. This was the last project that I made with the kit, so it was the perfect time to come up with some junque to use because I had already used so much of the kit. I had already used the flowers from the kit, but those flowers really got me thinking about how I had some old artificial flowers that I had planned on tossing because they were falling apart, but I pulled them out to see what I could do with them, and they became the “junque” that I used on this layout.

Even though I pulled out these white leaves, I did not use them. The berry stems I did use however, after I painted them with some Bad Girls Couture gesso, which I also added to the photo, mat, and the rest of the layout to mimic snow.

I also added a broken resin frame from my stash, which was also “junque”! 🙂

In this closeup, you can see that I used some of the pink Tattered Angels Glitter Glam on some chipboard. I also used it on the white handmade roses.

I love how the Hambly Screen Prints Vellum paper looks over the 7 Dots paper! I also added some snowflake stenciling to complete the look.


Thanks for stopping by the blog today to check out my layout that’s “All Junqued Up” with artificial flowers. If you aren’t already a subscriber, go to the shoppes and grab yourself a kit!



Use that Junque Wisely!

One of my favorite ways to use up the “junk” on my studio desk is to collage it all up! And, thats exactly what I did for this project.

To get started, I grabbed the binder ring from the mini book included in this month’s kit, and a couple of the old bingo cards.

I then just started layering up lots of bits…

Under paper from my desk, chipboard pieces from the kit…

I even took the plastic packaging from the flair badges in the kit, filled it with sequins, stitched it on, then hung some ribbon (that I dyed using the simmer paint from the kit) from it! What a fun addition to this collage!

Lots of paint, plenty of stitching, some face sketching, a couple of feathers, and some splatters pull it all together!

A magazine clipping inspired the title… “Wise.”

Now, all I need to to is frame it up in a lovely shadowbox and hang it!

I love turning “Junk” into something pretty!

Have fun getting junky today!

Junque it up Mini Art Journal

Now you guys know I like to use some junk and reclaimed stuff in my projects.  But this month we had some pretty cool stuff in this kit, including this amazing mini book made with vintage game cards.  WHA?  That had to be utilized and showcased in all it’s Junque it up glory!!  So, I did what any bad girl would do and I rocked that journal!!  Those old cards could have been easily tossed out as junk but Wendy scooped these amazing treasures up and included them all bound with rings and ready for us to get our creativity on!

I really liked the idea of turning this little mini into an art journal and it turns out there was the perfect little title sticker in the 7 Dots stickers that came in the kit.  SCORE!  So that was really my jumping off point.  And there were some great square stickers that made the perfect tabs so I used them to tab off each game card as separate sections in my little art journal.

Then I just got into painting and layering and just laying on some texture to give the cover the look I was going for.  I wanted to have a really dimensional cover filled with texture and rich colors without being too bright.  The flower was perfect for that but I didn’t want it to too new or store bought.

So I went to work on deconstructing it, only using one layer of the flower.  I painted it with a generous coating of the Bad Girls Couture Gesso.  Once the gesso dried I applied layers of watered down brown acrylic paint with my finger till it was toned down and aged looking.  For the center I use a couple of the chipboard cut outs and painted them with the teal Tattered Angels paint.  I also mixed some texture beads into some gesso and applied it to the edges and over the center pieces for more texture and interest, then a bit more brown paint.  I did the same with the other chipboard cut outs and applied the 7 Dots “art journal” sticker with glue dots to give it a title.  Finally I filled it with water color paper between the tabbed sections and gave the cover and all the game cards and tabs a good inking.  Now it’s ready for all my art journaling and painting needs!

I really love how the flower is totally transformed and almost looks porcelain.  Hopefully you will find some inspiration to get junquey and painty and make a fun mini like this!

~Michelle Sanders

Happily Ever After

Here’s a photo from when my son Nick and his fiance Aron were first engaged. There was supposed to be a professional photo shoot happening, but down by the water in Galveston, winds were gusting up to 60 mph. Not very good for hair and make-up so carefully done by professionals hired for the occasion. Aron decided to postpone the shoot, but she had her dad take photos anyway. Rich and I were invited to the beachfront hotel also, and of course I took as many photos as I could. Imagine all the emotions here with both families so thrilled about the kids finding someone wonderful, and settling down! There are just no words for that.

To make this page I took some 7 Gypsies paper and glued on some cheesecloth. I layered the cheerful Prima papers and put the photo on top. I used a couple layers of foam core board to add dimension. I surrounded the layers with lots of flowers I made. I used plain cardstock, water colors, and a flower die to make them.  I got the stamens in the cake decorating section at a local store.  I cut the flowers, and dunked them all in the watercolor, spread them on a craft sheet, and dried them using both a heat gun and just air drying.I glued the layers together, curled them with tiny round tipped jewelry pliers. and glued in the stamens.


I added a big felt flower, Thickers, Bohemian Crystals,fussy cut flowers, grey pearls, metal glitter, micro beads and a ribbon.

The blue on the ribbon is one of my favorite colors, and I dyed the paper for the flowers to match it.


The butterflies were fussy cut from a Hambly acetate overlay. It’s no coincidence that all the colors in the kit coordinate.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great Bad Girl day!





Life is beautiful

Hello, crafty friends! Happy new year! I am glad to meet you in the New Year! I love this photo, it conveys the mood!It was a wonderful day and I wanted to keep it in my memory. I wanted to create a light and airy page, such as my mood on this day!

I did not use many colors, it’s only white, black and gold! On the page are different golden accents and they play with each other! These gorgeous gold glitter stickers! Oh! I can not take my eyes off this flicker)))I love the gold accents of foil. I used Reactive mist from Heidi Swapp. Just spray with Heidi’s spray, put a sheet of foil over it and rub it with your finger. These golden splashes look great! I like that when you hold a spray you do not know what the result will be))) You get what you get!I did not think at all what composition this layout would be))) I just created! First, spray sprays and foil, then I cut off put the photo on the sheet, it became clear that it should be highlighted. A piece of black and white sheet in stripes was what you need!

I printed out a photo from instagrams in a special machine – the device that stands in the mall. I like that the photo goes to press together with the comment. It acts as a journalist))) I do not like my handwriting, it is always difficult for me to make a juranling handwritten text. I love Nicole’s handwriting on her pages!


The title ideally fits the meaning and mood of the layout. I made this layout very quickly and easy, try how to just create with these awesome sets!

Enjoy your time and creative inspiration! Thank you for visiting me today! Have great days!