What’s in my closet…

Hey there, Nicole here with you today! So, us bad girls want to know what’s in your closet? Are you a plain Jane kind of girl, solid colors, or patterned kind of girl? Does your closet look like your patterned paper? Hey, if it does…no shame there… We just wanna know!

Just recently, I decided to do some spring cleaning so I went through my clothes and started a giveaway pile. I did Edward’s as well. Gotta do it when the mood strikes because it doesn’t happen often. LOL, while I was going through my clothes, I realized that I wear lots of patterns in all sizes and shapes. My favorite colors are blue and green. At one time, my closet was mostly blues and green until a co-worker asked me once, “Nicole, is blue your favorite color?” And so…I though, I should add some more colors to my wardrobe. 🙂

I never considered myself a flower kind of girl until I looked into my closet. I do wear a lot of flowers. Also, I wear plaid, paisley and birds. I am NOT a big fan of red. You will see a shirt in here that is red, but when I bought it online, It looked pink…but since it’s not a solid red, I wear it occasionally. 🙂

I wear a lot of solid pants (olive green, black and blue) but I do love my palazzo paints with it’s fun patterns and fun shapes. I need to add a few more pairs to my collection. Oh, and let’s not forget polka dots! The ladies laugh at me when I wear them.

Toby wanted to help me organize. 🙂

 Where do you shop for your clothes? I love New York & Company.

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Nicole’s little space…


Good morning bad girls!! I am sharing my little space with you today! I used to have my own little room, but my husband kicked me out of it… he wanted a walk-in closet, but I decided we needed a guest room for his mother instead…for when she visits. I was getting tired of giving up my bedroom…

So, I took the dining room instead! We rarely eat in there anyway and we have a table in the kitchen so it worked out. I am still getting my new space set up, but here’s what it looks like so far. After seeing Rae’s space… I think I need some shelves in the corner. 🙂 Thanks Rae! You enabler… This is what my space REALLY looks like when I am scrapping. A hot mess, I know. I throw stuff where ever I can when I am crafting. I don’t have time to clean as I go… I worry about that later.


I bought these make-up holders a few months ago on Amazon to store some of my most used embellishments, paints, stamps etc. LOVE them. They are really good quality acrylic.

Love the “She’s badass with a big Heart” frame. I bought the print on Etsy then framed it.

I like the floral arrangement, however, I have to hide it because the cats keep trying to eat the petals! And yes… I am a feminist. 🙂 I store more embellishments and papers in my little organizers and paper holders. I bought these from Scrapbook.com. Since I do not have a really big space, it’s really important that I stay organized. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where anything is.

I love this metal storage rack that I purchased from Scrapbooking.com last year. If I had the space, I’d buy another one.

Here is where I type all of my blog posts. 🙂


Here is what my space looks like after I tidy up. 🙂

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Ashli’s Messy Studio…

Hi there!

Welcome to my mess!

I am blessed to share a studio space with my four daughters. We all have our own little space and love being in there creating together.

Here, you can see what my desk area looks like as you are headed into the room…

Filming lights, and quite a mess!

As you can see in the next photo, we have an awesome window seat that allows for great natural light. And, my daughter has put one of her pastel pieces on my desk for me to spray with fixative. It’s important to me that my girls know they have access to my desk too. Its an equal opportunity studio!

Next up, you can see a closeup of the pile that lives to the right of my work space on my desk. Its a mess, yes?!?! HA! It works for me… I am always pulling from that when I create.

The next photo shows you what is behind my back when I am at my desk creating. It’s probably the cleanest part of my space because it’s mostly storage… albums, art journals, and stamps. Plus, you can see my studio lights as I am too lazy to fold them up after each filming session.

And finally, a view of what I see when I look up while at my desk… the entrance to the rest of the house, as well as some industrial storage, and lots of other things!

Our studio space used to be the two car garage in our house. The previous owners converted it into an interior space and it’s one of the things that sold us on this house. We love it and spend a lot of time in the space. Thanks for visiting!

Share Your Mess: Rae’s Desk


Hello friends!

It’s Rae with you today, and I’m sharing MY MESS!  I am lucky enough to have a whole room for crafting, but today, I am sharing my desk. It’s not exactly a mess right now, but it usually is! 🙂


So this is my workspace:

This is my new glass top desk that is height-adjustible, which is wonderful for sitting or standing! I have all of my mists/sprays, pastes, and some of my paints on these shelves that are IKEA photo shelves. I have these right in front of my face so I can see all of the colors I have and USE them! The mists are arranged by brand.

Under the shelves are some metal sheets that I hung on the wall for my Prima Artisan Powders and Art Alchemy Waxes.


On the left side of my desk, I have  storage shelving that has my heat tool, adhesives, and other things that I frequently use.

I keep a regular self-healing mat and glass mat on top of my desk. (I just upgraded my glass mat with the new one from Tim Holtz (Tonic Studios). I have a few bins that I keep on my desk as well- one for supplies I am using for whatever project I am working on (the larger metal one), one small bin for inks, and one for flowers. I TRY to clean up after every project, and emptying out these bins every time I complete a projects helps me to that. When I am working with a Bad Girls Couture kit, this is where all of the products go, but I am in between kits right now and working on something else. 🙂


On the right side of my desk is my old tool carousel- it has all of my brushes, pens, and other tools I may need in a compact space.


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Share Your Mess!!

Ok so I’m gonna be honest, the thought of sharing my workspace is a bit of an anxiety inducing thought!  You see, I don’t really have a dedicated workspace exactly.  When you live in a tiny little house with two young boys and run small business from home on top of that, a lot of spaces have to play double duty…sometimes triple duty or more!

So my work space is also my dinning room table, homework station, office, and family coffee shop!  My dining room table is a small round wooden table that at one moment will be strewn with permission slips to be signed, homework assignments to be done and school projects to be completed and the next moment lined with dinner plates filled with a home cooked meal and mason jars filled with cold drinks and talk of the day’s adventures.  Some days at any given moment it could be surrounded by friends and family having coffee, sharing life, laughing or sharing a good cry and then just as easily switch gears to invoicing customers and packing jewelry orders to be shipped out.  You see my studio is very much a living, breathing space.  Teeming with life, love, art and inspiration.

Theres lots of boxes of treasures and stacks of “stuff” that really have no home to speak of but it all comes together at the dinning room table.  I normally work from a couple of mobile trays that are over filled with my favorite inks, paints and tools and there is always coffee within arms reach.

A clear piece of vinyl is unfolded to create my workspace without any fear of that well loved table getting too messy, although it doesn’t always escape the scars of painting and crafting.

A fresh bouquet of flowers is normally there but pushed to the side as to give adequate work space for whatever project is top on the list.

As for where I probably should be working on these things…well I do have a desk made from an old door just to the back of this tiny room.  This desk, however, is usually filled with jewelry supplies, tools, shipping supplies and random odds and ends that inspire me but just don’t have a permanent out of sight space to call home.

So there ya have it, my well love and well used work space!  I hope this inspires you to share your mess!!

Share Your Mess

I love this theme! It’s always so interesting to look at how organized space is for creativity and storing scrap treasure! LOL… My desk is right at the window, I like a lot of sunshine)))

My motivational board))) This is a magnetic board and I can often change cards and post new photos. I really liked the book “Steal As an Artist” and I printed out a few phrases from a book that I especially liked!

For every little thing I use a chest of drawers. I decorated it myself and it was very fun. I painted it in white with a balloon of aerosol paint.

I made the handles for boxes using metal blanks from PRIM. But I needed a golden color, which I did with gold powder for hot embossing. Handles I just glued to the glossy

Black cardstock made black circles and roses. pasted them on the facades of the commode.

Relax place!