With the World at Odds….I find myself creating something Positive

Hi Bad Girls! It’s been a while…sheeesh….everything was going great and then the world threw all of us a curve ball…that is, I understand, a gross understatement. COVID19 Is something very serious and can I first offer everyone out there who has gotten sick or lost a loved one or family member, my deepest apologies and know my prayers are with you.

It took me a long time to gain my bearings with Bad Girls Couture. I lost all the help I had and I am at the time running this entire company by myself. I am the everyone person. So instead of seeng the negative part of this pandemic I have strived to be positive. I rolled up my sleeves and wondered how in the world could I take this on alone? There were a lot of ways I got lucky though….I had tons of Vintage Fabrics that I always wanted to use to create The Haute Mess Art Journals in. The problem was that there wasn’t enough of these specialty fabrics to mass produce them. Hmmmm…..I figured that was ok with me. This was the perfect time to stock up on some inventory by making them myself and creating as many as I could so I could treat everyone with a new release every week. Sure…there will not be a lot of each one, but how special will it be to have a one of a kind Art Journal with a gorgeous one of a kind fabric?!

I hope I can shed a little bit of hope and happiness and make this time of staying at home a little more creative and joyful!

The Mixed Media Journal Box “Naked In The Rain” is my answer to feeling so vulnerable, like I am….Naked In the Rain. I will continue to address what is going on in the world with more releases…I have another one coming in a couple days to address the unrest with the death of George Floyd.  More about that tomorrow, but please know I am at the forefront of support for Black Lives Matter and the support of black owned companies and protestors. My prayers are with all that have been effected. My soul seeks answers and I find myself doing a lot of soul searcing at this time. I feel it’s all I can do to keep my sanity with everything going on.

On a positive note…I love this Mixed Media Art Journal Box…here it is everyone….NAKED IN THE RAIN!!!! Do you love it? Yep! It’s Totes Adorbs!

LOVE all of you girls…if there’s a time to be BAD….do it now! Enjoy your time while youre at home and start creating more! xoxo



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I don’t know about you, but Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have no idea why, but I get more in the mood for shopping (lol) and creating! I am not a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors….so I created this Art Journal page with a BOHO color vibe. Reminds me of my pink Christmas Tree! *swoon* I used the Haute Mess Paints from the Haute To Trot Collection and the Smokin’ Haute Collection.

I also wanted to make a Christmas Gift for someone special in my life. I started with a canvas fabric using the same bright and fun color palette but I also added our Neutral Pallette…Haute Off The Press. For the Bird Silhouette I used white felt and painted it with Haute Mess Couture Pink. Once dry I cut it out and stitched it to the finished canvas.

 Hope I have inspired you and enjoy your next stop along the Blog Hop…Happy Holidays!


Wendy La Croix

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xoxo Wendy

So Grateful | an art journal page by Dale Ann Cubbage

Well, here we are at the end of October, and I’m feeling grateful for another blessed year, so I wanted to create a page with an autumn theme to express my gratitude.  I have some pictures to walk you through my process.  I started with a natural colored canvas page in my Paper Doll Palace art journal from the Haute Mess Collection.

The Process

The first thing I did was dry brush some Dive Bar and some Distortion across the canvas page.

Next, I used a leaf stencil and sponged some, “fallish,” colors through it.  I have used Torrid, First Crush, Oops! My Bad, Guilt Trip,  Million Dollar Baby and a little bit of C-Note.

My next step was to scrape some white gesso across the page, then I placed a white piece of paper on top of it.  I proceeded to rub my hands across the entire page, pushing the gesso down into the texture of the canvas and then pulling some of it away when I lifted the paper off.  It gives a nice grungy texture.

I grabbed this cute little leaf stamp I have and randomly stamped it around the edges of the page after dipping it  in the same paint colors I used before. They looked so cute!

Then I took a baby wipe and the leaf stencil and rubbed some of the paint off the middle of page with the wipe.  I also flicked some black acrylic paint and the other colors across the page a little bit.

After that I created my sentiment piece.  I made it by tearing off a piece of that paper that I used earlier to remove some of the gesso with.  It had some of the paint and texture on it and I burned the edges of it a bit with a lighter.  Then I used double sided foam tape to attach it to a piece of torn paper that I had made with the gelli plate recently. Finally, I used gesso and scraped around the edges of the page for extra detail and grunge then I added a little bit of black & white polka dot material to the bottom for added texture, and called it done.

The Final Page

Here is my final piece. I hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram at @lovingoutloud_ministry! We’ll see you next time!

Hugs & Kisses

Dale Ann

I’ll Follow You Anywhere | art journal page by Dale Ann Cubbage

The Inspiration

This is Dale Ann here to share a page that was inspired by a song.  If you ask me what my favorite song is, I usually can’t answer just one song. And I usually tell you that it changes from day to day. Today, I have a clear answer, it’s a song called, “We Rise,” by Cageless Birds, and it has been like a spa for my soul this week. I cannot get enough of it. Here are some of the lyrics.

We rise by bowing, We live by dying

When we give what we can never keep

We gain what we will never lose

Like beauty from ashes, and joy from mourning

Only You can take brokenness

And make it something beautiful

The line about taking something broken and making it something beautiful reminded me of these #tinycollages I’ve been making lately. They are actually made from little bits and scraps of paper. The parts I didn’t want or use in another project. Some people might look at those little bits of paper and thought it was just trash and thrown it out. But then there are those people who look at those discarded remnants and see the beauty in them. A couple of days ago my daughter walked in the house and asked me what I was doing. I said, “gluing pieces of trash to other pieces of trash.” She just shook her head at me. I guess she couldn’t see what I saw. I saw little pieces of promise. Little bits of beautiful things that can be made into more beautiful things in the hands of a creator.

That my friends is what inspired this art journal page. I’ve been those broken bits that probably should have been thrown out. But He looked at me and saw the beauty hidden in the pile of my bits and pieces.  There is a lyric that says, “I’ll follow You anywhere. I’ll follow you anywhere You wanna go.” When you find someone who accepts you and all your broken pieces, you don’t want to let them get away.

So here’s my page, I hope you like it.

The Page

The Details

Here is a close up of my tiny collage.  It is attached with double sided tape.

I let the tiny collage determine the colors for the page.  I have used the following paints from BGC”s Haute Mess collection on this art journal page.

Caution Tape


Sweet Candy Kisses

Drop Dead Gorgeous

The Process

I have mixed the Caution Tape and a little Distortion to get the warm shade of yellow I needed.  Then I made that my base color.

Next I scraped the very last bit of my Sweet Candy Kisses out of the jar and spread it through a stencil to get some color, texture and floral design on the page.  After that I used some white gesso to push the bright colors into the background a little.  I then proceeded to splatter on some Drop Dead Gorgeous and a black acrylic paint across the whole page.

The words came directly from the song, and I printed them out on my printer and cut them out.  I took a pen and drew messy lines around them and splattered them with some black and Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Then I just attached with a glue stick.

The Final Look

I just love how my Paper Doll Palace art journal is filling up! I love to have the pages opposite each other coordinate.  It’s almost full and so beautiful!

Here is one more photo, up close.

Well, that’s a wrap for me!  I only have one more page left to post for this month!  Be sure to come back and check out all the gorgeous work from my fellow Bad Girl Couture Artists!

Dale Ann

Finger Prints | an Art Journal Page by Dale Ann Cubbage

I don’t know why, but I love rainy days and Mondays.  I know it’s weird.  I also love autumn, it’s clearly the best time of the year.  All of these things get my creative juices flowing!  {Yes, it is raining while I’m writing this post, btw.}  So let me inspire you today on this Monday, with a new page in my Paper Doll Palace art journal.  This one feels right on brand for a Bad Girls Couture Artist!  You are also going to get to see the whole process in my video below.

I hope you found some inspiration to create something fun and lovely today.  Here are some photos of my finished page.

Bad Girls Couture Products Used

For this project I started with the Tab page in my Paper Doll Palace art journal, you can order and customize your very own Haute Mess art journal here.  Here is the list of Haute Mess acrylic paints and mediums used.

White Gesso

Naked acrylic paint

Bad Girl Gaudy acrylic paint

Sweet Candy Kisses acrylic paint

Matte Gel Medium

Thanks so much for coming by to check out the blog! Come back often, and check out all the beautiful art work being posted by the talented Bad Girls Couture Artists.

Till Next Time,   Dale Ann

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A Romance of Life

Happy Friday girlies!!

Today I’m mixing things up with some vintage sheet music, a tag, some string and fun embellishments.  And of coarse the yummy Haute Mess mediums and acrylic paints.

I started out by using the Matte Gel to apply the sheet music on to my Cobble Stone Lane Haute Mess Journal.  Then I smeared on some gold crackle medium I had in my art stash and allowed it to dry well.  As that was drying I moved on to my tag.

For the tag I wrapped some twine around the tag and then smeared it with a generous amount of molding paste and allowed it to dry well.  You can use a heat tool to speed the drying process up a bit.  Once dried I applied some watered down acrylic “Dive Bar” paint.

I then applied the tag as well as my other embellishments on to the page.  I painted the ribbon flower with the same watered down “Dive Bar” paint and then painted the center stone with “Drop Dead Gorgeous” as well as doing some dry brushing along the edges of the flower.

I added some Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel and allowed to dry to various places on the page.  Next I applied some watered down “Drop Dead Gorgeous” just under the embellishments and added some paint splatters of watered down “Torrid” and “Million Dollar Baby“.

I finished it off with a Tim Holtz paper doll die cut, some title stickers and a metallic gold rub.

Thanks for stoping by today!  Now y’all go make something beautiful this weekend!


Hello dear friends!
Today i’m with a new Mixed Media project.
I was inspired by the sophistication of ancient statues.
 And I wanted to make an object reminiscent of that era.
Confess I never liked decorating bottles, and this time I was pretty skeptical.
However, the result that came out thanks to the chipboard exceeded all my expectations!
I got great satisfaction from both the process and the result!
Now I urgently need bottles of all sizes and shapes because I just fell in love with this format!
First, I primed the bottle with Premium White Gesso and stuck the chip:Checkerboard Panel
I wet the chipboard with water so it wouldn’t break and stuck it to the bottle.
Then I painted it with Bad Girls Couture paints. I used these shades: Make it rain и Last Sin
If you look closely you will notice a lot of gears of different sizes under the main composition.
Since they are painted to match the bottle, they are difficult to immediately notice.
However, they add volume and layering to my composition.
I used three sets of gears.:
One of the main decorations – chip Crown.
 I painted it with paints:
In the same colors I painted the Clock Face Frame and covered it with Glossy Accents by Ranger.
And additionally a little tinted alcohol ink
I took this lovely little key off one of the paint cans.
To add flicker to my work I tinted with wax
None of my work is complete without toppings.
I glued beads and glitter with Clear Gesso
I have made with the products by Bad Girls Couture:
I shall be delighted if you like my work and inspire you to create your own unique bottles.
Don’t be afraid to try something new and come back to topics you didn’t like before!
Life is full of amazing discoveries, let them fill your life!
Love, Elena!
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A Girl And Her Gelli Plate | a Mixed Media Tutorial by Dale Ann Cubbage

Good morning all you crafty bad girls!  Are you sleeping in this morning?  I wish I was!  By the time you’re reading this I will be on my way home from a weekend out of town.  I am writing this post on Friday, before I leave.  Can I tell you, I am already tired and I haven’t even left yet?  Probably because my laptop locked up on me, and I have been working feverishly all week to get this video tutorial together, edited and uploaded from my husband’s tiny tablet, so you could watch it today.  It has been a traumatic ordeal to say the least.  With that said, let me apologize for the quality of photos and video, as I have had to operate without my usual tools, and am feeling very insecure about the results you are getting ready to see.  I’m hoping the content will make it worth the poor quality visuals.

But enough about that, how about we talk about one of my favorite mixed media tools, the totally sexy Gelli Arts printing plate!  That’s right, this little piece of gelatin like, squishy rectangle is so hot right now!

There happens to be an Instagram challenge going on right now with Birgit Koopsen, centered around this magical tool.  So, I decided to do a tutorial video with mine using my Haute Mess Acrylic paints! That’s right, the Haute Mess collection is fabulous on the Gelli plate!  Here are a couple of my favorite prints from this session.

I do have a tip when using your Haute Mess paints with the gelli plate. Since our line of acrylic paints are thick and creamy, and made with the best ingredients, they do tend to dry quicker than those craft paints you can buy at WalMart.  This is a testament to quality of our product. However, when working with the gelli plate, I like to create layers with stencils and multiple colors. Using a cheaper craft paint that contains more water in it as your last layer will help to pull the entire print off the plate.

You can use stencils and any kind of mark making tools you would normally use in your mark making.  I have used the end of a paint brush, my fingers, various sized lids, toilet paper rolls, straws, bubble wrap and clear polymer stamps.  The possibilities are endless!

You can get great layered affects by putting on a layer of paint or marks, then letting it dry naturally or use a heat tool or hair dryer.  Once completely dry, you can add another layer of color or marks.  The more you play with it and experiment the more fun you will have!

You will see that I like to use a selection of different kinds of papers to print on.  In this session, I have used art paper, card stock, paper bags, printer paper, vintage book pages and paper tags. I also like to use magazine pages, waxed paper, parchment paper and sheets music.

Once I’ve created these prints, I use them as the base for lots of things!  I usually add doodles or more paint to them, and then use them as collage papers or make things like tags and cards out of them.  I am currently using them to create a unique and very personal junk journal. But that’s for another day.

Here’s a look at some of the tags I made.

I have prepared a video for you,  so you can see the process. I hope you

Thanks for watching friend! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here, and I’ll happily answer!

Until Next Time,  Dale Ann


Art-journal page Wonderland by Elena


Autumn is my favorite time of the year, magical .. Fresh cool air, warm light of windows, nature incredible colors and sun rays illuminating this splendor.

And all of this inspired me. I created a page in my “COBBLESTONE LANE” Art Journal.

To make the background I used Haute Mess Paints.

I chose both bright and delicate shades. I wanted to combine them together for the best result.

To make a dark background, I painted Natural Cotton Canvas Page  with Bad & Tatted and then  Make it rain

I added paper cutting, hand-made flowers, metal key and photo of girls-caterpillars. Finally I added  paint splashes. The last one was the inscription.

 I have made with the products by Bad Girls Couture.

Haute Mess Paints:



Your Elena

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