Repurpose My Packaging…….Why Not?

Hello Bad Girls,

For my repurpose post this month I wanted to show you a great way to Go Green by reusing the packaging that my stencil came in.


For years Prima has added beautiful designs on their packaging, and as you can see this beauty is of no exception. As I pulled my stencil out I could already envision of what I wanted to create using the backer card before thinking about the stencil. I knew that I wanted to back it up with black cardstock to make it pop as I did here.

Next I had to think of what I would create using the stencil. In my craft stash I found this mini would frame that I picked up at my local craft retail store. I thought a cute doll would fit perfectly within the frame. Using watercolor paper and archival ink I stamped my doll and water colored her skin. For her clothing I knew I would incorporate the stencil. Using my BAG GIRL GESSO included in this month’s kit, I applied a generous amount over my stencil onto my cardstock for the dress, and used a heat tool to speed up the drying process after it was applied.

Once my gesso had completely dried I was ready for the next step. Using a sponge I rubbed the wax paste in Old Silver color all over the design. Although it looked beautiful, I felt like it still needed color, so I added my water color paint in a burnt amber with a fine brush to follow the swirls in the design.

Once I had all my pieces glued together I added a black spray of glittered stars and beads to frame. I then used pop dots to add dimension to design. Once it was all glue on I knew it still needed something to make it stand out, so I added more glitter on her dress and hair. I then went back to my kit and found these beautiful beads to make her a necklace for that finishing touch.

Hoped I was able to inspire you…….Always, Michelle Rossibell


Full Of Color Layout


Hello Bad Girls,

For my Color Splash posting I wanted to share this beautiful paper called Welcome to Paris from Prima Marketing. I loved the reds and yellow tones in this collection and thought the picture of my niece Erin would be perfect for me to create with this paper collection.

I knew I needed to make the layout colors stand out so I needed to find a color that will make it pop…….and I choose black as my accent color. Using my Fiskars boarder punch I started creating a lot of strands of scalloped edges. I then cute stripes of the paper collection and started gluing the borders to then.

Once I had safely glued all the pieces to my layout, I started to look for the finishing pieces to tie it all together. These beautiful flowers in this month’s kit are from the Zella Teal collection by Prima. As I added them to my page I felt like I still was missing something so back into my stash I went and found these canvas adhesive letters and painted them to match the flowers.



Thanks for stopping by…….Always, Michelle Rossibell

Welcome November Guest Designer Mou Saha!

Hi Bad Girls!

I am so excited this month to bring to you our Guest Designer: MOU SAHA!

I have always admired Mou’s artwork…she is very creative and is great at thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX which is very evident in what she created using the Vintage Kit this month: PARISIENNE PARADISE….

Lots of Authentic Vintage goodies from France in this kit!!!! Including hand painted french silk fabrics and Lotto cards and wooden lotto markers! Here’s a couple of the pictures of the project and  tutorial Mou created with this kit…

To read all about Mou and see the TUTORIAL for this project please CLICK HERE and to purchase this AMAZING KIT please CLICK HERE. This kit would also make a GREAT GIFT for someone who loves to create unique and gorgeous mini books!

If you don’t have the mediums in your stash and you need the GEL MEDIUM or MOLDING PASTE used in this project you can purchase HERE IN OUR SHOPPES.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and please share what you create with our kits here in our GALLERY…we look forward to seeing all your creations!

Happy First Day of FALL

Hello Bad Girls,

My favorite time of the year is here, so HAPPY FALL YA’LL

The Fall season is so full of rich colors and this layout is full of it.

I wanted to add texture and dimension to my layout so I pulled out my hexagon die punch, and also went through my floral stash to find just the perfect shades of Fall to tie in the papers and embellishments.

In my October kit I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find the clear acrylic pages that had these amazing beautiful frames, and how awesome does the distressed print look over my Vincent’s face. It kind of looks like it a very vintage photo.

I cannot wait to see what you create with this months kit, I hope I was able to inspire you today.

Thank you for stopping by, and also wanted to say that I just received my November kit and it has me dancing like a crazy maniac……I love it so much, and I cannot wait to show you what I have created.


Flying by the Seat of your Pants is Soooo BAD GIRL SEXY!

I’m just gonna be honest…most times when I sit down to create I have no idea what I am going to do. Rarely do I plan ahead. I just sit down and let my supplies inspire me. And that is what being a BAD GIRL is all about…and that is how we are BRINGING SEXY BACK! If art is something that was going to stress me then why would I do it??? So that is what I encourage you NOT to do…NO STRESS…just play girlies…and most of all HAVE FUN!

So when I sat down to create this Layout, again my mind went to the book that I started making for my husband to hold love notes. So this is another page. I really love the Gypsy on the 7 Gypsies paper so I decided to highlight her. But I love the fabric and the moulds and the flash card…and the transparency…yep…her we go…I have to put it all on the page…*sigh*….lol…

I went a little crazy with my sewing machine…*gasp*…what else is new???!!! hahaha…

I cut out the numbers on the flash cards and grunged them up a bit with the cream paint…holy crap I love that paint…when they say HIGH IMPACT they really mean it…super opaque…gets the job done in one swipe! Take notice that all that is holding my numbers in place is the stitching and to add interest I put half the numbers behind the transparancy…who’d a thunk??? lol….

The Gypsy photo is held in place with the 7 Gypsies ephemera as hinges and I added a shabby half frame around Ms. Bad Ass Gypsy that I created with the Prima moulds and I colored them with the Gold Glimmer Glam. I wanted to #keepitreal which is why I left the frame white where I have the break…I wanted it to appear like a worn broken frame…another reason why I didn’t trim neatly around it.

I added turquoise paint to the background to add contrast in a #badassway! Look closely and you will notice I also added a touch of the Gold Glimmer Glam over the paint on the bottom to create harmony with the gold frame and the gold in the fabric.

I formed pockets to the side by stitching and made three tags with assorted papers in the kit. Take notice at the top I folded the fabric backward at the top and created a place to put a pen…this way I can grab the book at any time and not have to look into the black hole where all the pens disappear into…LOL…

Here’s a closeup of the gorgeous 7 Gypsies ephemera…gosh I am so in love with it…it adds so much interest and texture…and look at how amazing the fabric looks with the transparency on top of it. So girlies…get your kits out and just PLAY…have fun and DO NOT be afraid to be BAD and just try ANYTHING…mx it all up and create something SEXY! Have a fabulously BAD ASS DAY!


Wendy La Croix

Vintage PLUS Color….WHY NOT??!!! #justbecauseIcan

Happy LATE Wednesday girlies! I have been super duper busy with shipping out our kits and enjoying my husband today on his day off! So when I sat down to do an impromptu layout…ya know I just felt like playing! Sometimes I want to get into it and out 20,000 things on the page..LOL…but sometimes I just crave more simplicity…today was one of those days! So I don’t like RULES…everyone knows that about me and sometimes I just don’t want to scrap with a photo…so I started thinking about my husband because he was right next to me working on his own project and I had the AHA MOMENT! I thought why not make him a book that I can place on his nightstand and I grab it whenever I want and write hime a love note (well…sometimes it might be a not so in love note…LOL)…so I made the cover of the book….take a look…

I love vintage but I also love color and again…NO RULES…I just add a funky twist..NO FEAR girlies! So even though this months Kit “Road Side Thrift Shoppe” is very muted…you can add little bursts of color here and there to give it a little more energy! I added all the Ribbon from the Ribbon Add On Kit #justbecauseIcan…..and I love it!

For the letters I wanted to use last months letters in the kit but I wanted to use the Glimmer Glam in the kit…so I just peeled away the top layer and then added the Gold and I love the effect. I also stitched around the page leaving the right side open and then stitched across the page to make a divider for 2 notes. As you can see I used the paper from the kit to create little note tags and then I attached the tiny tea stained tags from your kit. Please share any ideas you have also to use color with Vintage…and JUST HAVE FUN!


Wendy La Croix

October Kits are HERE!!!!

Hello my BAD GIRLS! I am so EXCITED about the October Kits…with a VINTAGE GYPSY theme these kits were so fun to create!


To subscribe so you never miss out on our Scrapbook Kit please GO HERE! You are under no obligation and can cancel at any time!

Bad Girls Loves Mixed Media and this kit…“PARIS FLEA MARKET” is AMAZING! It comes with 5 French Mirror Images and Bad Girls Couture Matte Gel Medium so you can create IMAGE TRANSFERS on the enclosed canvases.!!!! This kit is loaded with Vintage French goodies to create with…take a look at this months MIXED MEDIA KIT!!!!

Next up is our VINTAGE KIT and I have been saving the TINTYPES that are in this kit for a long time for something special. They are very expensive to purchase so I had to look for a long time to try to find them at a decent price so I could share with my BAD GIRLS. I have always been intrugued with tintypes. It fascinates me the trouble they went through in the Victorian era to display their little photos. They certainly spared no expense! Because I didn’t have that many tintypes or the cute little mini luggage you get there are not that many of this kit…if you absolutely love it please grab “VAGABOND GYPSY” before they sell out!

For our HOME DECOR KIT I once again went to my shelves that house all of our Vintage and Antique goodies…and the Antique Crystal Door Plates were a favorite of mine. Truth be told when I purchased them they were going to be fitted into my last house…alas I never got around to it and my new house in a true antique house and it already came with antique crystal knobs on every single door. So…what’s a bad girl to do??? Yep…share of course with her BADDIES!!!! LOL….So…these are really GORGEOUS…and I had to come up with a design that I thought would be pretty….with this design I added solid wood moulding to a solid wood base and then added two pretty little hooks that you can hang your keys or tea towels from…or ribbons if you put it in your art studio…whatever suits your fancy….take a look at “GYPSY SHACK”!!!!

I truly hope you enjoy all of our kits this month! If you have any questions please email me at: You can also call @ 909.247.0608. Not only do I offer Antique and Vintage kits with a vibe from yesteryears, but I also believe in good old fashioned customer service. In a world where everything is email and text now we like to answer your calls if you’re a little old fashioned yourself! Have a fabulous day and CREATE WITH PASSION!


Wendy La Croix




Inspired By the Obvious with Michelle


We all know inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere!  But sometimes we overlook the obvious.  Sometimes we get our kits or our new scrapbook supplies and we just get so excited by how pretty they are we immediately just try to “match” them to our pictures without really taking a good look and getting inspired by them.  This month when I got my kit I saw that 7 Gypsies paper with the big graphic numbers on it and was inspired to use them as big bold title pieces.  I knew I had just taken the boys back to school pics and they would be perfect to use for that.

So basically the entire page was inspired by those big graphic letters!  I built the whole page around them.  I love how the bold graphic of the letters were still simplistic enough to allow the photos on my multi photo layout shine, which was important to this layout.  And they really do pop on that robbins egg blue card stock that I adore!  All all it really took was cutting the letters out of the paper, inking them up and stapling them on, yes I stapled in my scrapbook…I told you i’m a rule breaker!  LOL!  I added some ribbon to give some texture and I love the effect that added.

So I hope this has inspired you to look more closely at your papers and supplies and truly get inspired by them and get to cutting!

Junque Journal: A Journey of Self

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! I love transforming Trash into Treasures and that was my vision when I came across a very old set of Books entitled “The Book of Knowledge”…take a look at the Book first….

This is the Book that is in the SEPTEMBER MIXED MEDIA KIT “CARICATURIST”.

Here is how I transformed the cover…

I wanted to make it happy, funky, bright and whimsical….the little window on the top opens up….

It holds a Matchbox that comes in kit and inside mine is a little key and a private note.

This kit is brimming with lots of mediums…Gesso, Clear Gesso, Moulding Paste, 6 colors of metallic paints…etc…I want this to be an ongoing journey…after all it is a large book with many pages to alter so I am going to open a dedicated forum for this project and I want to take a journey with the BAD GIRLS who purchase this kit…a journey into SELF DISCOVERY…a book to call your own little private haven where you can go to express your innermost feelings. And I want you to evolve as an artist…So in that forum I will give you tips on how to use the mediums and how to alter all the goodies that are in the kit. There is metal,  crystal, paper, transparancy, etc. I will teach you how to make a window like above in your book and more. I want us to share our pages in that forum and learn from each other. It is going to be FUN!!!

Here are a few pages I have done so far…it has been a blast into letting my artist self RUN FREE….NO RULES….NO FEAR…I’ve just been HAVING FUN!!!…TAKE A PEEK INSIDE…

I to teach…so I always challenge myself…I ONLY used the paints in the kit (plus some turquoise)…so I had to create flesh tones with only metallic paints and only with gold, orange, green, silver, light pink, fuchsia. I learned early on the importance of not being reliant on the colors you have but how to mix colors to get what you need. So, I will also teach you to do the same.

This shows detail of how I used the Moulding Paste with the Fleur de Lis stencil in the kit…and I treated the metallic acrylics as watercolors. Above is the big white clip in the kit with ribbons from the kit tied to it. I am using it to save my place where I am working in the book and also to hold notes.

A close up of same page showing watercolor effect with acrylics and migrating the paint into the moulding paste relief.

Close up of another page to show detail of the metallic paint now used both full strength AND as a watercolor.

I would love for you to join me in this JUNQUE JOURNAL JOURNEY….If you don’t already have the kit you can purchase it HERE

Have a wonderful day!





Bad Girls Couture Grand Opening!


Hi Everyone! Today is an exciting day! We celebrate BAD GIRLS COUTURE GRAND OPENING!!!! Please grab your cuppa cause I have quite a few things to share with you! First our theme this month is CARNIVALE!!!!

Everything this month is so FUN!!! Bright and Colorful but with our signature Vintage flair! You can see everything the Design Team created HERE….You will be there for a while…trust me girlies…everything is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

The kit the Design Team created with is our Scrapbook Kit “HURRY, HURRY, STEP RIGHT UP”

Once the kit went up it SOLD OUT quickly…eeeekkkkkk!!!! To make sure you DO NOT MISS OUT on next months kit (which is to.die.for) please email and request to be added to our WAITLIST. We will notify you as soon as we have a subscription spot available for you!

Also offered this month is our VINTAGE KIT

Such a Fun Kit!!!! Lots of painting, use of Gesso, learn to make balloons that are suspended in air, and the Vintage mini crate from Kraft is outfitted hy us with Antique lotto markers from France that actually do work! We will be creating this….

Also offered for our Grand Opening is our MIXED MEDIA KIT!!!! Very special to me it comes with an Antique “Book of Knowledge” which can be altered into a Junque Journal….this kit is loaded with Goodies! Take a look!

And my favorite of all is the HOME DECOR KIT!!! Such an AMAZING KIT to create something you can hang up inside or out or prop up on an entry table or dresser…and please know that you can choose your own colors which I will explain…me myself…I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone….I usually create something I love when I do that!!! But with this kit you just LEARN SO MUCH…how to create on wood, how to do an 8 step paint process on resin appliqués to create the ultimate in an aged patina….and boring? No way….look at all that color…I will also help you overcome your fear of mixing and working with color…and by the way I had this appliqué created specially for BAD GIRLS…it’s GORGEOUS!…You learn a lot about color theory and how that effects you in your home. How to add color to your home. How to work with so many different mediums within a small space (your wood is 7″ x 9″)…and you learn to do with mega aesthetics.Notice the Vintage fabric, the upholstery nail heads, the vintage leaves, the gorgeous red heart…bestill MY heart!… DO NOT MISS THIS ONE GIRLIES…it is truly one of a kind!

You will create this….OMG!!!!!



Please make sure to look around our new website…join our PARLOUR and chat with us and JUST HAVE FUN!


Wendy La Croix