Altered Fall Sign

Ok, I admit that last time I blogged I was supposed to give you a real repurpose and I didn’t really do that.  Today I’m repurposing an old sign I had in my garage that I wan’t loving…one from the Dollar Tree at that and making it into something that I love now and will happily hang on my door!

First I removed all the elements before I began painting it.  (You can see the before and the process in the video below).  I made it very classic and kinda farmhouse-ish by gessoing it first then giving it a crisp coat of of “Fallen Angel” Haute Mess acrylic paint.  Then using a ruler I lightly drew some pencil lines to make it look like wooden boards.  I came back over the lines with “Grunge” Haute Mess acrylic paint and a fine brush, making sort of rough and imperfect lines.  Next I used foam letter stamps and using the same “Grunge” paint I stamped the word “Thanks” on to the top burlap section of the sign.  I then freehand painted the word “Thanks” in the Haute Mess “Bad and Tatted” acrylic paint.  Finally I glued it all back together and distressed the edges with some black paint.  I added a black letter “S” that I found at the craft store to personalize it for our family.  It’s the perfect timeless addition to our home that I know we will use year after year now!

Click here for the process video!

Thanks for joining us today!


Stronger Than Yesterday – Clear Canvas

Happy SundayFUNday!!  I hope ya’ll are having a fab weekend!  Today I’m showing y’all a fun way to do a “canvas” in an unexpected way.  A CLEAR canvas!

For this project I used small square of acrylic.  The acrylic is actually a clear insert for a welding face shield that I purchased at a welding supply center.  I’m sure my husband just loves when I tag along on his hardware adventures lol!

I started off with a rubber stamp that had some distressed lines on it and applied some “bad & tatted” Haute Mess acrylic paint then stamped it on to the acrylic.  You can mimic this look by using the side of an old gift card and dip it in a bit of the paint then stamp it on to the acrylic square and just repeat.

I also brushed a little of the same paint along the edges to give it an inked distressed look.

For the embellishments I made a clay key hole embellishment and painted it with a wash of diluted Haute Mess “hippie in high heals” then some diluted “torrid” and rubbed with a bit of “kiss & don’t tell” before apply a touch of the Haute Mess glass bead gel.  Finally I applied a rub of gold.  I did a similar effect on the key and paint brush as well.  The key has a base coat of “bad & tatted” then rubbed with “kiss & don’t tell” and the paint brush has a mix of all the colors i used in the project!

The tag had gold crackle on it previously but I wanted to incorporate it into this project so I applied some of the colors I was using to give it a warm background.  I diluted some “torrid” first and then applied some drips of diluted “hippie in high heals” and then rubbed with a smidge of “kiss & don’t tell”.

The whole project is finished off with a Tim Holts paper dolls die cut and a sticker sentiment.

I’m pretty obsessed with the transparency of it!  I want to do MOOORRREE of them!


Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in Bad & Tatted, Torrid, Hippie in High Heals, Kiss & Don’t Tell
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel
Tim Holtz Paper Dolls
Paper Clay
Prima Clay Mold
Vintage Key
Old Paint Brush
Large Tag
Acrylic Square


Nothing to Bark At

It’s Sunday Fun Day y’all!  I hope you’re doing something beautiful;)

Today I’m bringing new life into something discarded.  I recently had a city work crew doing some digging and working on plumbing in my yard…in the process they scuffed up some bark on trees.  While I was out there cleaning things up I was just so struck by how beautiful these bits where that I scooped them up and saved them for just the right piece.

I began by applying some Haute Mess molding paste with a pallet knife.

While that was set aside drying I painted a clay face with Haute Mess “Bad & Tatted” acrylic paint.

I then rubbed a bit of “C-note” acrylic paint and then “Kiss & Don’t Tell” paint.

Now that the molding paste had dried I applied a coat of “Bad & Tatted” Haute Mess acrylic paint

I then glued the clay face on and applied some Haute Mess glass bead gel liberally to the edges and fanned it out.   I also rubbed a bit on the face itself to give it a little texture.

Once the glass bead gel dried I brushed on some Haute Mess “Make it Rain” acrylic pain and came back over it with a wet brush to blend it.

I did the same blending with the Haute Mess “Bye Felicia” acrylic paint.

After all the paints were dried I did a metallic rub to give it some shine and glued some green reindeer moss at the bottom before calling it done.

‘Enjoy the little things’ by Lisa Amiet


Hello Bad girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you.
I have been doing a little painting in my
‘Park Ave Penthouse’ Art Journal.

‘Enjoy the little things’

I have started with a coat of Haute Mess ‘Clear Gesso’ to seal my page.
I then gave it a coat of Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in ‘C-Note’.

I have then used a mix of Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in
‘Dive Bar’ & ‘Distortion’ for the framing trees.

I have then used Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in
‘Drama Queen’ & ‘Million Dollar Baby’,
to add foliage to the trees, in a pattern that resembles Wisteria hanging.

I have then added flowers using Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in
‘Hippie in High Heels’ & ‘Bye Felicia’

I have then added some background scenery,
a path using a mix of Haute Mess Acrylic Paint in
‘Grunge’, ‘Dive Bar’ & ‘Distortion’.

Some hills, and finally some trees in the distance,
I have mixed together some ‘Million Dollar Baby’ & ‘Bad & Tatted’,
to give me a dark rich green.
I have also used some ‘C-Note’ & ‘Distortion’

I hope you like what I have created, it was fun to have a play.

Until next time!


Bad Girls Couture Products Used:

Park Ave Penthouse Journal
Haute Mess ‘Clear Gesso’
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in
‘Drama Queen’
‘Million Dollar Baby’
‘Dive Bar’
‘Bad & Tatted’
‘Bye Felicia’
‘Hippie in High Heels’

Canvas Moon by Elena Martynova

Hello! Hello friends, Elena here with you today with my new inspiration!

 I decided to decorate the canvas using photo of me and my daughter and  chipboard by 2Crafty

and excellent products by Bad Girls Couture.

 For my project, I used wonderful sprays by Lindy’s  to create the background.

   To make the surface more voluminous and textured, I applied the Haute Mess – Molding Paste through a stencil

 I used a lot of different colors from Bad Girls Couture for coloring chipboard.

Mixed them together to get smooth color transitions.

Then covered it with embossing powder.

This made the colors brighter and added gloss.

I used chipboard Boho Floral Arrow.   I’m just in love with this wonderful design !!!

  I added Prima’s flowers as a base for the chipboard and creating layers and volume.

 I have made with this products by Bad Girls Couture.

Haute Mess Mediums:

Haute Mess Medium – Clear Gesso

Haute Mess – Molding Paste

Haute Mess Paints:

Bad & Tatted 

Fallen Angel

Last Sin


Well that is all from me today. Have a great weekend and a beautiful week ahead.

Until next time happy scrapping.

Elena xo

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A Necklace A Mother Could Love!

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, to your mothers, and any fur moms!  Hope your day is beautiful and you are spoiled.  I certainly was spoiled this morning!  Mimosas, pancakes and a mani/pedi!  It is a treat for sure!  It was a busy week but I did manage to sneak in some creating time.  My project is a re-creation (one I created with other materials in the past) since I sold the original at an art weekend event.  I had photos so I made an exact duplicate for ME!  I loved this necklace so much.  

I used the Haute Mess Acrylic colors: Make it Rain, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Guilt Trip, and First Crush for the canvas part of the necklace. I mixed the paints with water to thin them out and blend them better on the canvas fabric.  ** I’m so sorry to say that I didn’t take process photos (I really got into my limited creating time and my fingers were quite messy!)…  I started by brushing the watered down First Crush onto areas of the canvas.  Then, blended Guilt Trip over areas.  I mixed Drop Dead Gorgeous with Make it Rain to create some blue greenish hues by overlapping areas.  Also, I left some areas more transparent with more water.

I stamped with a permanent ink and used some silver texture paste I had through a stencil to create the circles.  Once dry, I added the buttons, brads and gems.  I used fabric glue to add the ribbon and velveteen backing to finish this piece.  A tip… cut both the canvas and backing at the same time so that they match seamlessly.  

I will be wearing this piece to an art opening reception soon!  It’s a statement piece for sure!  I hope you will get a bit of creating time for yourself.  Happy Mother’s Day to you all and Happy Sunday!

Oh Snap Scrapbook Layout | Donna Espiritu

Hello, Bad Girls! Donna here back with a new project. I made a scrapbook layout for you today using some Haute Mess Mixed Media products.

I started with white cardstock as a background. I dry brushed the acrylic paints (Kiss & Don’t Tell, Drama Queen, Sweet Candy Kisses) and then splatted with diluted Bad & Tatted.

I did a lot of fussy cutting too from different papers in my CK Full Bloom April kit. I love the mixture of colors with a pop of black. The paints matched perfectly with the palette from the papers and embellishments I used.

I prepared a process video for you all and you can watch it by clicking HERE or the video below.

I hope you liked my project today.

Thanks for dropping by!

Happy crafting,

Supplies Used:
Haute Mess Acrylic Paints – Kiss & Don’t Tell, Drama Queen, Sweet  Candy Kisses, Bad & Tatted
Haute Mess Medium – Clear Gesso

Clique Kits April Kit “Full Bloom”, White Cardstock, Paige Evan’s Cut file, White Doily, White Thread

‘Don’t be Afraid to Edit’ Art Journal Page


It’s Lisa here today to share an Art Journal Page with you.

I have started with a pink canvas page from my Park Ave Penthouse Journal.
I have given it a coat of ‘Clear Gesso’
then used ‘Molding Paste’ to stencil some patterns that I liked.

I have then adhered some gauze & tissue paper with my ‘Matte Gel’ Medium,
and then ‘Glass Bead Gel’ to add some texture.

I have then added some colour, using ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Distortion’, ‘Broken Doll’,
‘C-Note’ and ‘Bad & Tatted’.
A little bit of stamping

I have added some tags, stapled on.
Some elements from my papers, Word Stickers and chipboard pieces.

Loving the stitching on this page!

I hope you like what I have created.
I will be back soon with some more to share with you!


Bad Girls Couture Products Used:
Haute Mess Molding Paste

Haute Mess Clear Gesso

Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium

 Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel

Haute Mess ‘Fallen Angel’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘Distortion’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘C-Note’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘Broken Doll’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘Bad & Tatted’ Acrylic Paint

Be Brave & Bold – Mixed Medium Painting

Greetings Bad Girlies!

Hey, all you Bad Girls! This is Dale Ann, back on the blog again, with another project to inspire you!  My task today was to create a unique project using my Haute Mess Paints and Haute Mess Mediums! I made a mess for sure, but I loved every minute of it!  Are you ready to see what I created? Not only will you see some detailed photos of my piece, but I’ve also created a video to show you the step by step process. You will find the video at the end of my post.

Something Different

Here at Bad Girls Couture we are all about repurposing and recycling, and since I wanted this project to be different than anything I’ve done yet, I’m using something I found in the trash at work.   I don’t know what you would call this thing, but it was used for presentations.  I think it’s flip chart, but it’s got it’s own easel attached that wraps around it like a cover, and it’s about a 14×14 square.  The pages are kind of slick, but I think it will make a fun portfolio style art journal.

A Little Bit of Everything

I used all kinds of fun stuff on this project!  There are several different colors of the Haute Mess acrylic paints used here. I even used two colors to create a new color!  I wanted a warmer, more mustardy yellow, so I combined Caution Tape yellow with some Dive Bar, which is kind of a beige color.  The Haute Mess paints are so creamy they blend together effortlessly!  I pulled out all my mediums for this one, and you can see that these mediums all work very well with each other!


There are a couple of my favorite stencils used here, as well as bubble wrap, which I love to use as a stamp!  And of course I had to use some of my Dylusions Shimmer Mist and my Tim Holtz Distressing Ink in Peacock Feathers!  You will see some doodles made with a Posca white paint pen and a good old ballpoint pen!  My sentiment was created from my collection of Illustrated Faith Wordfetti.  That’s enough jibber jabber, let’s get to some art!

Close Up Photos


I love how you can see layer upon layer of paint!

I used the Molding Paste with my bird stencil to create this lovely bird!

Isn’t that texture yummy?? Gesso plus Glass Bead gel makes amazing texture!

Paints & Mediums Used

I am so proud to be a part of the Bad Girls Couture creative team, and that I get to share these incredible products with you!  I highly recommend these paints and mediums for all your crafting endeavors! They are of the highest quality and eco friendly!  They contain no VOC’s or any other harmful ingredients!

The Haute Mess acrylic paints I used in my project are as follows:

Bad & Tatted

Dive Bar

Caution Tape


I used the following Haute Mess Crafting Mediums:

Matte Gel

Glass Bead Gel

Molding Paste

White Gesso

Final Project

Here’s a look at my final project . . .

I have created a video showing you step by step my process. I hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to create some unique and messy craft projects today!

If you’d like to see the video in better quality you can click this link:

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and happy crafting!


Art-journal page Magical elixirs by Elena + Tutorial

Hello scrappy friends!

I’m back today with page in my “COBBLESTONE LANE” Art Journal.

I chose a page with a black background, and it was an amazing adventure to decorate it!

To create the background, I used the Haute Mess Paints: Hippie In High HeelsGrungeMake it rainDrop Dead GorgeousKiss & Don’t Tell and Glass Bead Gel with a stencil.

I invite you to watch my video tutorial to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

Here you can see a few more photos:





Hopefully, I have given some ideas!!
Happy Scrapping!