Guest Designer

Cari Fennell

Cari Fennell has been paper crafting for over 12 years and has been published in idea books, magazines and catalogs for Prima Marketing. Many of her designs and projects have been featured in several publications such as Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers Idea books, Scrapbooks Etc. and Paper Crafts Magazines. Her designs have also been featured in distributor catalogs and other various publications around the world.

Currently, Cari is the Coordinator and an instructor for the Live with Prima program, which broadcasts live classes to crafters all over the world. She is also the coordinator for the Prima Global Education Team and has traveled to many venues to teach for Prima Marketing over the years. Cari was also a part of the Prima design team for over 5 years, before she started working for Prima as the Live with Prima coordinator.

One amazing aspect about paper crafting for Cari, is to be able to share her ideas and concepts with others who love the hobby as much as she does. She has first hand experience teaching at Trade Shows, on Prima Tours worldwide and for many local retail stores as well.

Born and raised in upstate NY, Cari is busy raising her two beautiful boys, enjoying the good life in a small town, surrounded by loving family and friends.

Cari used to be on the BAD GIRLS DESIGN TEAM years ago and having the pleasure of working with her for quite a while I felt quite at home with a mini interview…It was fun catching up with you Cari!!! Join us please and be enlightened about this AMAZING ARTIST!!!!…

Hi Cari….it’s been quite a while since you were a Design Team Member for Bad Girls…what have you been up to since then?

Since being a part of the Bad Girls team-my life has been full of opportunities and amazing adventures. My two boys have grown and become wonderful young men. Jack is in Manhattan attending college and living a full life of fun and excitement. Bryan is in high school, filling his days with studies, baseball, golf and fun times with friends. I am employed by Prima and have traveled the globe teaching workshops and doing what I love. Peter and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary and life is good. I wouldn’t trade the memories for the world.

It’s amazing how long you have been designing for Prima…and by the way, they are one of my FAVORITE manufacturers…can you tell us where you will be teaching in the upcoming months so our BAD GIRLS can take one of your classes?

I LOVE my job. I have been working for Prima for around 8 years now (designing for them for over 10 years). My bosses are amazing and I am so lucky to be able to work from home. They are my extended family and I adore all of my fellow Prima peeps. I will be attending Planner Con in Brussels in October, then flying out to South Africa for a Prima Art Venture for Scrapbook Studio and the Autumn Escape event in New Zealand this spring.

Your style is so GORGEOUS and SOFT and FEMININE…tell us how that works with having all guys in your family!…do your boys ever complain about all the flowers on their Layouts? Or do they just say…OMG…MOM…that’s soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! LOL..:)

LOL! This question is the best! My boys (including Peter) are very supportive and love what I do. They are very proud of me and appreciate the albums upon albums that will someday become their own. They don’t mind the flowers or frilly bits. I create for myself and I think they can look upon the albums and see very clearly that they are loved. It’s also about knowing who their Mom is and what she is passionate about.

Please girlie…tell us your secret to all that gorgeous art…what inspires you?

My photos inspire me the most. I want to tell a story and have the photos be the focal point of my art. And reliving that memory is so amazing. Its crazy what will come to mind about that particular moment…simple or intense-I feel it every time. My job is to make it come to life all over again. And I don’t scrapbook every photo-just the ones that are special to me.

Thank you Cari for being our Premiere Guest Designer…it just wouldn’t be BAD GIRLS without you….in parting do you have anything to say to all the BAD GIRLS out there? And…try not to be too BAD!!!…LOL ……

I loved every part of being a Bad Girl. Working with these exclusive kits truly pushed me out of my comfort zone. And it was amazing what would happen when I sat down to create-I just had FUN! Some of my most favorite layouts and projects were from the amazing kits that Wendy put together. I met some of my closest friends to date from this club. Being bad is fun and exciting! Enjoy the kits, create without restrictions and let it all flow—you will discover that’s when you create the best! Being bad is part of the fun in it all. Xoxo

Look at the AMAZING artwork Cari created with “HURRY, HURRY, STEP RIGHT UP!”….