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Welcome all you bad girlies, to another Junque It Up, Tuesday! This is Dale Ann back with you, bringing you some inspiration from the pages of my very own Haute Mess Paper Doll Palace art journal!  Have you been drooling over these gorgeous journals yet?  They are absolutely stunning, and you can go check them out and BUILD YOUR OWN in the store right now!

These beautiful journals can be totally customized, which means YOU get to create your journal exactly the way you want!!  They are truly unique to each artist and how they would use it!  It doesn’t get any better than that! Just look at some of the page options you have . . .

That is an actual page made of WOOD!! How cool is that??  There are different cover options, vintage papers, you can choose to have stitched edges on your pages, pages with tabs and there will be the cutest little jewelry you can even adorn it with!!!  Eeeek!!  I totally geek out every time I look at them!!  And guess what, you can even order different sizes!!


My Latest Project

Now, that you are totally ready to go build your journal, let me show you just what you can do in that art journal!  I would love to show you my latest project, and show you exactly how I did it!  First, I chose to work on one of the plain cardboard pages.

I decided to lay down some paper scraps first, with some Matte Gel medium, to get some texture going and to break the blank page.  Once I had them down, I put another layer of the Matte Gel medium over the top of it to seal and protect the surface.

The next step was to spread some white gesso around the page to connect the pieces of paper, to give more cohesiveness to the page.  I  just used my fingers and rubbed it around the paper edges to get rid of hard lines.

My first color choice was to scrape some Haute Mess Grunge over the page, which is a great gray color. I love it with everything!  There were some paper window panes I had laying around that I cut with my Cricut, that I wanted to use on this page.  So I tried them out after putting the Grunge down.  I also auditioned some sweet flowers, that I thought would give the impression of a window box under the windows.

Those pretty little flowers informed my next color choice, and I grabbed the color, Oops! My Bad, which is a lovely coral shade that matched those flowers perfectly!

At this point, I was totally loving all that texture and grunge going on!  A romantic garden theme was starting to emerge in my imagination . . . and that called for a cobblestone path!  To create that effect I used a stencil and some spackling compound I picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1.00!  I used my palette knife to scrape it over the stencil.  It worked like a charm!

Just look at those cute little stone like patterns! (This could have also been achieved with the Haute Mess Molding Paste, but I have used mine all up!)

The Window Panes

While I let the spackle dry, I pulled out those window panes. I had decided I wanted to paint them and give them some character and patinta.  The color I used was C-Note, which is a soft green.  I also used some Distress Ink in Peacock Feather and a black ink pad to grunge up the edges and help them pop off the page a little.

Here’s how they turned out . . .  (Do you notice that blue behind the window?  I had a piece of canvas paper that I had stenciled a blue damask pattern on.  I glued it to the back of the window pane, and it gave the appearance of a blue sky and clouds.)

Well, we are almost done with this page!  I stuck everything down on the page with either hot glue or glue stick and  I layered two sizes of that flower bunch on, raising the smaller one slightly on top of some small sponge pieces for more depth and dimension.  Next I added a sentiment I thought was appropriate.  You can see here that I also added some paint in the color Distortion, which is a warm brown color, to the stone pathway.  It’s just what it needed.

My Final Piece

All in all, I think I was able to bring my vision to life and put it in my art journal forever!  Here is a look at the final piece, I love it! I hope you enjoyed watching me create it, and that it inspires you to get out your paints and do some art journaling today!  Go on and express your bad self, girl!

Here is another list of the Haute Mess acrylic paints and mediums I used on this project:

Grunge (gray)  Oops! My Bad (coral) C-Note (green) Distortion (brown)

White Gesso, Matte Gel medium

Thanks so much for stopping by today, don’t forget to head to the shop and order some of these beautiful paints and mediums and check out the Haute Mess Art journals while you’re there!

Till Next Time, Dale Ann

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