When are new kits released each month?

All new kits are released on the 1st of the month.

I love your kits and wanna be a BAD GIRL…how do I sign up?!!

Click on the subscription page HERE and hold on tight…you’re in for an AMAZING ride!

The artwork and projects here are STUNNING…how can I learn these techniques?

Our goal is to nurture you and make sure you learn a different technique every month. There will always be tutorials, question & answer sessions in the forums and optional classes. You are not alone here! I promise we will definitely develop the artist in you. All I ask is that you have fun!

When can I see a preview of upcoming kits?

Look for previews of upcoming kits starting on the 27th of each month. Previews will continue until new kits are revealed on the 1st. Previews will be on our Blog, Design Team Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and of course right here in our own Forums too! Sneak peeks are also sent out via our Newsletter…you can sign up for it HERE.

Your kits are sold out…how do I get one?

The best way to ensure you get a kit every month is to order a Subscription. You can sign up HERE. Some kits don’t have available subscription due to fluctuating price every month, but you can add yourself to AUTO SHIP for that particular kit. Send an email to: Admin@BadGirlsCouture.com. Indicate which kit/kits you want each month. We will send you an invoice every month for the duration you want to stay on AUTO SHIP.

Your subscriptions are Sold Out…how do I get one and how long will it take?

We only accept so many subscriptions at a time. If they are sold out please send an email to: Admin@BadGirlsCouture.com and put WAIT LIST in the subject. Include your name, address and email address that you want to be notified at when we have an available spot for you. We usually can accommodate you within 1-2 months.

I would like to guarantee I get all your kits every month…how do I go about that?

We can definitely accommodate you. Please send an email to: Admin@BadGirlsCouture.com and request AUTO SHIP ALL. You will have first priority to all our kits every month.

How are your kits shipped?

We ship our kits via USPS Priority Mail.

Do you ship kits and store merchandise International?

Yes, we ship everything we carry worldwide. Go ahead and shop with confidence. If we have any questions or need to charge you additional shipping we will contact you.

Some of your kit and store content say “Vintage” and “Antique”…what’s the difference?

All our Vintage and Antique items are AUTHENTIC…. NOT REPRODUCTIONS. Industry standard is that an Antique is at least 100 years and Vintage at least 50 years old. If I add something that is not at least 50 years old I will date it with the year after the word “Vintage”.

How can I make sure I get all your updates…I don’t want to miss a thing!

We keep all our BAD GIRLS updated many ways…make sure you visit our Forums here every day and you can check on Facebook also. Please make sure you subscribe to our NEWSLETTER HERE. You will get advance notice of new releases and Limited Edition kits!