In Bloom – A Collage & Painting on Canvas

Happy Saturday to all you bad girlies out there! This is Dale Ann, back again with another project to get your creative juices flowing again!  Today, I’m sharing a canvas that I painted for a dear friend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t start taking pictures at the very beginning of my process, but I think I can catch you up on what you’re missing as far as pictures!  I started out with a blank 11×14 wrapped canvas.  I painted the background in different shades of pinks and peaches, layering them and dry brushing as I went.  The colors I used were Plastic Angel, Broken Doll, Couture Pink and Mannequin. These are my favorite colors of the whole line, and I just keep coming back to them!

I already knew what I wanted to do on this canvas, so I continued to work toward that end.  I used a stencil of a damask pattern and scraped some of the Haute Mess Molding Paste through it with my fingers, getting it on good and thick all around the canvas.  Next, I wanted to draw a face of a lovely lady . . . here’s how she started out.

I had drawn her on copy paper, then attached her to the canvas with some Haute Mess Gel Matte Medium. The colors I used from the Haute Mess paints were Mannequin and Plastic Angel. I also used some golden color I had for shadowing and darkening her skin.  I used some of the Clear Gesso and the White Gesso from our line of mediums to blend the shading and skin tones together until I liked it.  It took a couple of layers of everything to get the smooth look I wanted.

I used an ink pen to darken up the lines and make her features stand out more.  For her hair, I wanted to create a “flower fro.”  So I fussy cut LOTS of flowers in pinks, golds and blues and arranged them carefully around her face to create this bodacious head of hair!  There are also some butterflies in there as well!  My friend that I created this for helped me title her.  She had seen another page I had done like this in an art journal and said she reminded her of a woman in bloom  So I titled the original painting, “She Blooms,” and this one, “In Bloom.”

At this point I wasn’t really liking the color of flowers on this pale background. So I decided to bring out the blues. I used Haute Mess paint in the color Make It Rain on the background.

That was a good move I think.  However I felt like I lost the lovely damask shapes.  To remedy that I took a baby wipe and started removing some of the paint off the damask parts.  It was distressing it and giving it a kind of rugged denim look. I was digging it!

To further add to the distressed look, I also sprayed on some of my Dylusions Shimmer Mists. I used Some blue, green and a golden color.


She was really coming along great.  I loved the shabbiness of the background!  And although I loved her sweet face, it seemed like she was missing something.

The eyes.  Her eyes needed color.  How about blue?  Yes, please!  After a little more distressing, and putting some blue and some light back in her eyes, she came alive!  I finished her off with a protective layer of Mod Podge, and now, I get to wrap her up and send her off to my friend, who will hang her in her art studio! I’m so excited to have one of my pieces of art in someone else’s studio!

Well, thanks again for following along with me! I hope I’ve inspired you to get messy and make some beautiful art today!  If you haven’t ordered your Haute Mess paints and mediums, what on earth are you waiting for!

Until next time!

Dale Ann

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