OK…FIRST of ALL….I have to say I MISS ALL OF YOU! I feel like I have dropped off the earth for a while…but all for good reason! So…of course a girl has to get her SHOP ON…and YES!!! The ENTIRE STORE is 40% OFF (code: 40OFF)…with FREE SHIPPING (code: FREESHIP) on US orders $100 and over! So please…help a girl out (I’m eyeballing the Miu Miu’s) LOL…and GET YOUR SHOP ON!!! Go get all those pretties you’ve been wanting and create something GORGEOUS!

HONESTLY…Labor Day is a Great time to shop, but it came at the right time…We need to clear out all of our inventory to get ready for our NEW VENTURE….YESSSSSS…that’s correct!  I always dreamed of developing my own line and as much as I tried to do my kits and work on that, there was only so much time in a day. I just couldn’t make it happen. So I decided to discontinue the subscription kits and JUST FOCUS on being the manufacturer that I always wanted. I love to DESIGN! And as an artist, I always picture what I want…and how I would design…so it was time!  For those of you that have been with me since way back in 2007 you may remember I tried to do it back then too…but same problem…not enough time!

I must say…it has been quite the journey! I have laughed, cried, sat back and wondered what I was doing…LOL, but mostly I have learned OH.SO.MUCH!!! I will soon tell you the whole dang story and what our new mission is…but I tell you this…I AM SO DANG FREAKING EXCITED AND SO PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED! I will spill the beans on a couple of issues I am most proud of….

  1. Everyone knows I am super proud of being a staunch protector of the environment…and with that being said I have made a solid decision to be a GREEN art company. We WILL reduce our carbon footprint! We will manufacture eco friendly products! We will package with the environment in mind! We will teach how to recycle our goods! More about that later too! There is soooo much more to brag about!
  2. One of the products we are releasing in about 6 weeks is a paint line that I developed with ummmm….27 COLOURS!!!! WOW!!! I KNOW….I told everyone here I was starting with only 10…and I couldn’t contain myself…I designed all the COLOURS myself and I just couldn’t STOP…LOL!!! I had to basically  have it all…but trust me…I am not done. Lots more will be developed in the near future. Again….much more about that later too! OH YA…the paint? Completely ECO FRIENDLY! Yayyyy!

So, get ready to see some changes around here while we get ready to be a wholesale manufacturer…but I am still going to be my same old self and YEP…you guessed it…I am going to do things my own way and break all the rules like I always do…heaven help me…hahahaha. You will still be able to make purchases here on our website and there will be limited edition items that we will only make available here for our clients. I KNOW you are going to love what we have planned for you!  Not only that, but I know you all love our kits and our Vintage flair so I am NOT abandoning YOU! I am still going to develop Limited Edition Kits. More on that later too! We will still specialize in AUTHENTIC VINTAGE and you may be wondering just how we are going to do that. Re-read above…..about the laughter and the tears….LOL…it took some time to figure out how to squeeze in all I love, and alas…I figured it out. I think we will all be happy. excited. life is good. a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my customers who have stayed by my side and sent me emails and checked on how I was doing and asking me “Where is my BAD GIRL fix”? LOL…

So, you will start to see some activity around here. You will see the site change a little…not too much! You will see a Design Team call go up tomorrow. You will start to see postings with more information and some sneaky peeks soon! We are slotted to release our new line appropriately called “HAUTE MESS” mid October! Get ready to see the ART JOURNAL (oops)…Its BEYOND GORGEOUS and unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

We will talk soon and if you have any questions, comments or just wanna say hi…please send me an email to:

((((HUGS))) xoxo


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