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Good morning, all you bad girlies! It’s a wonderful Wednesday, and this is Dale Ann back in the blogosphere to share a Color Splash Wednesday project with you, and showing you a couple different ways you can use gesso in your projects!

What is gesso? I’m so glad you asked! Acrylic gesso is a product used by artists that adds flexibility and increases the archival life of your pieces. It can also be used for sizing and priming panels and flexible canvas for painting. It is a great tool for preparing any substrate you choose to accept paint better.  The Haute Mess Gesso is no exception! It works great for priming your surfaces, but it can also be used in other ways. Read on to find two other ways I have used it in today’s project!

I chose to work on a page in my Haute Mess Paper Doll Palace art journal that is covered in vintage sheet music! It’s so pretty, I almost hated painting on it!

I also picked out some pretty scrapbook paper with pink and green in it, and then picked out coordinating paint colors from the Haute Mess Collection. (Colors used: C-Note, Sweet Candy Kisses, and Naked )

I started out by tearing the scrap paper into strips and gluing it around my page with a glue stick. Since the sheet music and the scrap paper are both a little busy, I pulled out my gesso, and used it to tone it down a bit. All I did was use a pallette knife and spread it around the page a little. I did not cover up all the sheet music or the scrap paper. The gesso just quieted down the patterns, so you would be able to see the rest of the page.

I pulled out the C-note and a stencil and spread some of that great yellowy-green around the page in a flourish design. I also added some Drop Dead Gorgeous on the page through the stencil as well.

Now, since it’s Color Splash! Wednesday, I had to have a big pop of color on this page, right?  I had this black paper cut out frame that I had been trying to use on several different projects, and just couldn’t find a good fit.  Then suddenly, inspiration struck! I used the Sweet Candy Kisses pink and painted the same shape as the frame in the middle of the page, then framed it with the cutout.  How’s that for a splash of color?

I then decided to add some texture and pattern to that space. I used my handy dandy gesso through a stencil to create this lovely design.

Now that we’re starting to get a focal point, and I decided to use some cut out words I had cut with my Cricut.

To finish up the page, I added some stenciled butterflies in Bad & Tatted around the page edges as well as more of the Sweet Candy Kisses through an arrow stencil.  I added a couple of doodles here and there with an ink pen and my Uni-Ball Roller white gel pen.

Here’s a look at the final page, and I hope the message speaks to your heart! Love the life you’re living! If you don’t love it, then change it!  Life is too short to not be loving the journey!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you’ve found some inspiration today to create your own colorful page, and that you learned something about gesso and why you need it in your life!!  Get yours in the store today!!  Until next time, have a lovely day!

Love, Dale Ann


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