Hello, our creative friends! Today is Thursday and that means a splash of color! But ….. the mood does not have to rainbow colors. I have a monochrome and these are my feelings today! I have a period of transformation … My Art journal is an opportunity to express your emotions and relax. Today I want to show you an interesting technique. This is a thread drawing! Everyone in the house will find a coil of thread, I think))) We need to take a small piece of thread and apply paint to it with a brush.  Carefully lay out the thread with paint on a clean sheet of the art journal. I used  matte acrylic paint Haute Mess Bad  and Tatted.


Then we put a clean sheet of paper on top of the thread and hold it with light palm pressure. Slowly pull the thread and raise a sheet of paper!

We get an interesting abstract drawing, it looks like a whirlwind of my thoughts.

I used this thread after it dried out as an additional element of decor to create volume. It fits very well and in meaning.
Under the photo, I made a substrate of velum white.



As accents, several black polishes are a butterfly and a phrase.

Be creative and experiment! And I still have a lot of different texture pages in this Art Journal. It inspires new ideas!

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