A Dream Come True!

I’ve never been a woman of a few words and I have very few secrets. Always up front about my dreams, aspirations, and ideas I thought I would put together something a little more than an “About Us”. My hope, is you gain a greater understanding of just what Bad Girls Couture is all about. Whether you choose to read it all or pick and choose what I have bolded I am positive you will have a greater appreciation for what we are all about. So please grab your favorite cuppa and enjoy!

Bad Girls Couture is so much more than an Art Products Manufacturing Company.

This is my answer to a long-standing DREAM! I have been an artist all my life and have used a multitude of products.  For as long as I can remember it has been my goal to create my own products.  I had a long list of properties these products had to possess and more importantly HOW they were going to serve our customers. High quality was a must. Cutting corners wasn’t an option. Ordering ready-made product to sell wasn’t an option either. It would certainly make my life easier, but I am a stickler for excellent quality. In my years of purchasing art supplies I saw so many promises of “archival”, “non-yellowing”, “acid free”, etc., only to witness the degradation of said products years later. My question is, as always… “How is this servicing the customer?” Hence, my decision to design and manufacture my own products with my own specifications. This way…I KNOW with all certainty what I am providing. I will promise to represent our products with the utmost of commitment and integrity and to hold my products at a very high standard so you don’t have to worry about your precious artwork!

As a company, my commitment is to never turn our manufacturing over to another company. Two reasons… In my opinion, the only way I can guarantee the authenticity of my product is to manufacture it ourselves, in our warehouse, with our own artisans, that we train ourselves. And I will always manufacture ONLY IN THE USA, keeping our jobs local.

How are we making a difference?

All the materials that we use to manufacture our products are purchased in the USA. We strive to support other small businesses that are also Eco-Friendly.

We are very mindful of our carbon footprint during our manufacturing and we are ALWAYS striving to improve. I have always been passionate about our world, and climate change is a great concern of mine. I am dedicated not only as a business, but in my personal life also, to being mindful of our environment. All paints are poured by hand, not machine. All Art Journals are created 100% by hand. We use only 100% cotton canvas. All our pocket fabrics are 100% vintage, which not only makes your journal super special, we are also helping to recycle! All our Book Board is 100% recycled. Our paint is zero VOC. As we grow, we promise to implement more eco-friendly programs. This will always be our mission!

Being a small batch company means we manufacture in smaller batches. But how does that benefit you? It means that our product is consistently fresh. Shelf life will be extended for you. Our cost is higher, but we are mindful of our customers as consumers. I am a consumer too! With that in mind, I am always doing my best to give you a good value. Long ago I learned to give my customer the best price available right off the bat. Hence why you will not see sales. I have priced our goods at the best price point I can to maintain us as a business. There is no greed here. I will never be a millionaire. My only goal is to provide a great product that will help you to grow as an artist and have a good time doing it! I’m pretty sure you are going to love our product!

I have been around since 2006. My first venture was creating Scrapbook Kits. I still have some of the same customers and I want to thank all of you for your enduring and loyal support of our company. I hope you all will continue to support us into the future. We truly appreciate all of your support.

Much Love and Creativity….Create Something Gorgeous!

Wendy La Croix, Owner