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Good morning bad girls!! I am sharing my little space with you today! I used to have my own little room, but my husband kicked me out of it… he wanted a walk-in closet, but I decided we needed a guest room for his mother instead…for when she visits. I was getting tired of giving up my bedroom…

So, I took the dining room instead! We rarely eat in there anyway and we have a table in the kitchen so it worked out. I am still getting my new space set up, but here’s what it looks like so far. After seeing Rae’s space… I think I need some shelves in the corner. :) Thanks Rae! You enabler… This is what my space REALLY looks like when I am scrapping. A hot mess, I know. I throw stuff where ever I can when I am crafting. I don’t have time to clean as I go… I worry about that later.


I bought these make-up holders a few months ago on Amazon to store some of my most used embellishments, paints, stamps etc. LOVE them. They are really good quality acrylic.

Love the “She’s badass with a big Heart” frame. I bought the print on Etsy then framed it.

I like the floral arrangement, however, I have to hide it because the cats keep trying to eat the petals! And yes… I am a feminist. :) I store more embellishments and papers in my little organizers and paper holders. I bought these from Since I do not have a really big space, it’s really important that I stay organized. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where anything is.

I love this metal storage rack that I purchased from last year. If I had the space, I’d buy another one.

Here is where I type all of my blog posts. :)


Here is what my space looks like after I tidy up. :)

Thanks for visiting today and I hope you have a great weekend!!


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  1. Irina Volzhina
    Irina Volzhina says:

    I seemed to visit you at a party)) Very cozy!

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