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    Wendy La Croix
    Wendy La Croix

    US SHIPPING: All of our kits are very large so we utilize USPS PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE which offers the best pricing. We are experts in the field of shipping and we have done lots of research on which shipping would be most cost effective for our clients.

    When you are ordering multiple kits we will always try to stay within FLAT RATE. But our main concern is packing your merchandise safely. Please rest assured we will always choose best way shipping for you. If you owe shipping money due to the shopping cart not charging enough we will send you an invoice prior to shipping. We do not uncharge shipping and we do not profit at all on shipping. Unfortunately the shopping cart cannot differentiate if what you have can fit into a certain size box.

    If you require a rush and need your package Next Day, Two Day or any other shipping circumstance we are here to help. We can ship to you and accommodate any situation. Just send an email to: and if you need immediate attention because you need something tomorrow please call us at: 909.247.0608.

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: All of our kits are very large kits weighing over 2 pounds. We ship all of our International Kits via USPS FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL Depending on where you are at in the world this may take 1-4 weeks to get to you. This also depends on your Customs. If you require quicker shipping please contact us and we can gladly get you your merchandise expedited for additional fees via PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL or NEXT DAY or TWO DAY.Send an email to: to make any special requests or to ask any questions in regards to your shipping. Please do not ask us for any accommodation in regards to Customs forms. We are a very honest company and we take great pride in our integrity. We will not risk our company by fraudulently filling our Customs forms with misinformation. That is punishable in the US as a federal offense and we want to be around for years to come. Thank you for your understanding.

    Thank you so much for your business and support of BAD GIRLS COUTURE!

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