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Hello everyone and happy friday!

I am Zoey and today I will show you how you can incorporate Antiqued/Vintage Items in your projects!
I used a couple of old book pages as the base of this Layout. I love working with old book pages because they already are yellowish and have lots of words in the background that create awesome texture and interest.
I buy my book at the thrift store, so I don’t feel guilty by ripping them because if I didn’t buy them, then they would be trashed. So it is like giving them a new purpose!

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout To start with, I glued together a bunch of book pages – this is very important because book pages can be really thin and since I wanted to use a lot of watercolors I had to make sure the page were solid!

I also added a layer of clear gesso to give it even more strength. I let the gesso dry and then I added Twinkling H20s that were part of the Monthly Kit. I added a lot of water to them, then with a brush I added colors here and there. I used a spray to add even more color and moved the paper around to help the color spread all over the page.

I let it dry again then with heavy gesso I went over to tone the colors down a bit.

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout I used paper included in the Monthly Kit to add interest. I cut a strip of paper that I glued right in the middle of the pages. I did this to give the pages more strength (I was afraid the pages would separate) and also I cut little banners from another paper.

To help these pieces of paper blend with the background, I used the same process I did with the background – Twinkling h2os then gesso.Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout I love how the Gesso perfectly works on these paper. They are not the “usual” scrapbooking papers, they have a thin layer of…mmm…gloss I guess? I don’t know how else to call it! But fact is , gesso works amazingly on them. Look at this detail!

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout Meanwhile I was waiting for the banners to dry, I created my cluster. I cut another piece of paper and simply stacked with other book pages and on the top of it I glued down my photo.

I then took the background to my sewing machine and stitched all around the pages.

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout I glued everything to the background, I started with the banners, then the cluster and finally I added some more details like this beautiful Prima FLower and I spelled out the word “play”. I cut these letters from another paper that was included into the monthly kit.
I really like how this turned out and I think the black and white photo helps to tie everything together!

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout And here is it the final project :

Zoey Antiqued Mixed Media Layout

I hope you had fun and got inspired, till next time!

xoxo Ciao Zoey

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