Share Your Mess: Rae’s Desk


Hello friends!

It’s Rae with you today, and I’m sharing MY MESS!  I am lucky enough to have a whole room for crafting, but today, I am sharing my desk. It’s not exactly a mess right now, but it usually is! :)


So this is my workspace:

This is my new glass top desk that is height-adjustible, which is wonderful for sitting or standing! I have all of my mists/sprays, pastes, and some of my paints on these shelves that are IKEA photo shelves. I have these right in front of my face so I can see all of the colors I have and USE them! The mists are arranged by brand.

Under the shelves are some metal sheets that I hung on the wall for my Prima Artisan Powders and Art Alchemy Waxes.


On the left side of my desk, I have  storage shelving that has my heat tool, adhesives, and other things that I frequently use.

I keep a regular self-healing mat and glass mat on top of my desk. (I just upgraded my glass mat with the new one from Tim Holtz (Tonic Studios). I have a few bins that I keep on my desk as well- one for supplies I am using for whatever project I am working on (the larger metal one), one small bin for inks, and one for flowers. I TRY to clean up after every project, and emptying out these bins every time I complete a projects helps me to that. When I am working with a Bad Girls Couture kit, this is where all of the products go, but I am in between kits right now and working on something else. :)


On the right side of my desk is my old tool carousel- it has all of my brushes, pens, and other tools I may need in a compact space.


Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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  1. Wendy La Croix
    Wendy La Croix says:

    Rae…this is AWESOME! I love your desk and how organized you are…it’s so colorful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing! xoxo ?

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