She Blooms – Mixed Media in Repurposed Art Journal

Welcome to the Bad Girls Couture blog, you’ve landed here on a Girl With a Repurpose Thursday!  And I have a project I’ve done in a vintage children’s book that I have repurposed as an art journal!  I’m really excited about this spread, and I hope it inspires you to make some art today!  I went a little snap happy with the camera, so I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking for me!

I started my first layer with some pretty scrapbook paper and the Haute Mess Matte Gel medium to adhere it!

I used several of the luscious Haute Mess paints with various stencils to get some texture and color going on the background. I also attached a face that I drew on plain paper, glued it on with the Gel Matte medium and put another layer on top of it to protect it.

I hand painted (watercolor) and cut out some little pansies that I wanted to use on this page to give the girl I drew a flower fro.  So I arranged them on the page at this point to get an idea of what to do next.

It didn’t make my heart sing yet.  So I took them off, and actually added another flower  to the top of each flower to give them some dimension.  I also thought the background was too colorful and it kind of took away from the flowers. So I decided to tone it down a bit with some more paint.

At this point, my creative juices started flowing so quickly, I forgot to take more process photos! So, I guess I’ll show you some peeks at some of the elements of the page before I unveil the whole thing.  Here are some of those darling pansies I mentioned . . .

I used a cutout of a leaf I made with my cricut on black cardstock. I left it black, because I liked how it brought out her eye and some other details I had painted on with the Bad & Tatted Haute Mess paint throughout the page.

How about a shot of some of the delicious texture I created with the Haute Mess Molding Paste, Haute Mess White Gesso and stencils . . .

Are you ready to see the whole page yet?

Ok, ok, I’ll show you!

This lovely lady was inspired by Mother’s Day, and the celebration of all mothers!  Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs there is.  It’s hard when your kids are little, and hard when they are school age, and then SOOO hard the day you realize you’ve just been raising them so they can grow up and leave you.  It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Even though it’s hard watching them grow up and prepare to leave you, the ups and downs of motherhood do make us more resilient, don’t you think?

But even as difficult as it is, it is very rewarding. It’s a blessing to be a mother, even when it hurts.

Even in the midst of teething, temper tantrums, potty training, trials and tears, we mothers do what we do best in the midst of trouble. We bloom.

The colors used in this project are as follows:  Bad & Tatted, Bye Felicia, Oops! My Bad, First Crush, X-Rated, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Distortion, C-Note, Fallen Angel, Last Sin, Guilt Trip, and Mannequin.

I hope you were inspired to repurpose and recycle something into a magnificent piece of art today!  And if you haven’t gotten your Haute Mess Acrylic Paint set yet, what in the world are you waiting for! Go now, do it! You’ll be so glad you did!

Till next time, Dale Ann

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