So Grateful | an art journal page by Dale Ann Cubbage

Well, here we are at the end of October, and I’m feeling grateful for another blessed year, so I wanted to create a page with an autumn theme to express my gratitude.  I have some pictures to walk you through my process.  I started with a natural colored canvas page in my Paper Doll Palace art journal from the Haute Mess Collection.

The Process

The first thing I did was dry brush some Dive Bar and some Distortion across the canvas page.

Next, I used a leaf stencil and sponged some, “fallish,” colors through it.  I have used Torrid, First Crush, Oops! My Bad, Guilt Trip,  Million Dollar Baby and a little bit of C-Note.

My next step was to scrape some white gesso across the page, then I placed a white piece of paper on top of it.  I proceeded to rub my hands across the entire page, pushing the gesso down into the texture of the canvas and then pulling some of it away when I lifted the paper off.  It gives a nice grungy texture.

I grabbed this cute little leaf stamp I have and randomly stamped it around the edges of the page after dipping it  in the same paint colors I used before. They looked so cute!

Then I took a baby wipe and the leaf stencil and rubbed some of the paint off the middle of page with the wipe.  I also flicked some black acrylic paint and the other colors across the page a little bit.

After that I created my sentiment piece.  I made it by tearing off a piece of that paper that I used earlier to remove some of the gesso with.  It had some of the paint and texture on it and I burned the edges of it a bit with a lighter.  Then I used double sided foam tape to attach it to a piece of torn paper that I had made with the gelli plate recently. Finally, I used gesso and scraped around the edges of the page for extra detail and grunge then I added a little bit of black & white polka dot material to the bottom for added texture, and called it done.

The Final Page

Here is my final piece. I hope you like it.

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Hugs & Kisses

Dale Ann