Tag with Cupid by Elena Martynova

Hello! Today, Elena is with you.

Creative people are very interesting personalities. For years, we can save up all the garbage to one day remember about it, and turn it into something beautiful.

Here I am! I bought a knife sharpener that was attached to a wonderful cardboard tag! What scraper in his right mind can throw away this treasure?

I decided to decorate it with a funny picture of the boy-Cupid, which I found in Pinterest.
For a start, I painted the tag with Premium White Gesso, and then made the background brighter with colors Couture Pink and Sweet Candy Kisses

I added stamps and cut out pictures from AB Studio paper. Chipboard 2Crafty in the form of a dial attached to the plaster thing. I wanted  to contrast it with the background, so I painted it shades of blue and green: Make it rain and Million Dollar Baby

Added a sticker with the inscription from 7 DOTs.

Combined all the elements with a Glass Bead Gel
It perfectly stuck to the micro-beads, art-stones and glitter.

  I made brighter Stamps and cut flowers . Just spread the paint with water and ran a brush on the elements.
The Bunny holds in paws the same key that was attached to paint cans.

I was glad to inspire you today! See you soon, bye-bye!

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Bad & Tatted 

Make it rain

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    Nicole Martel says:

    This is neat…different. I like it!

  2. DaleAnn Cubbage
    DaleAnn Cubbage says:

    So adorable! Love that cupid! And your layering and colors are just lovely!!

  3. Lisa Amiet
    Lisa Amiet says:

    This is stunning Elena!!

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