Photophone Shutters by Elena

Hi friends! Hope you are having a great day :)

For today’s post, I’ve created a altered-art project “Shutters”.

I’ve used newest papers from LemonCraft – ‘House of Roses Extra’ collection, HDF products by Agateria aand lovely amazing Bad Girls products!

For starters, I covered the blank with paint Grunge

Then I glued the paper and with a palette knife applied paint strokes Naked

To complicate the background and add color, added strokes of paints C-Note and Plastic Angel

Molding Paste added texture to the background.

Additionally decorated the background with stamps

Added Art-stones with  Matte Gel

More photos of the shutters:

Thanks a lot for your precious time :)

Stay Blessed!

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Beauty of Nature with Lisa Amiet

Hello all!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you.
I have an art journal page that I have created from my
‘Park Ave Penthouse Journal’ 

You may recognize the first half of this spread, from
when I first started my journal. I knew then that I wanted to work the next two pages,
with the same theme.

I didn’t want to alter the acetate page too much, so I simply stenciled,
with my ‘Molding Paste’, this lovely damask pattern.

I have used the same colours and elements, to give a natural feel to this page.

I have used my Haute Mess ‘Gesso’ and ‘Matte Gel Mediums’,
along with some papers and acetate pieces.

The acrylic paint colours I have used are
‘Mannequin’, ‘Dive Bar’, ‘Grunge’ and ‘Distortion’
I have finished with some ‘Glass Bead Gel’

I love how these pages tie together with the acetate sheets and embellishments.
I hope you like it too!

Until next Time!!


Bad Girls Couture Products used:

Park Ave Penthouse Journal 
White Gesso
Matte Gel Medium
Glass Bead Gel 
Molding Paste
Acrylic Paints –
‘Dive Bar’ 

‘Draw New Lines’ Art Journal Page with Lisa Amiet + VIDEO

Hello Girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you.

I have created an Art Journal Page,
from my ‘Park Ave Penthouse Journal’.

I have started with one of the black card pages,
with black zig-zag stitching around the edges.

I have then used my ‘Haute Mess Clear Gesso’, to seal my page.
I have then added some ‘Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium’ to add some texture to my page,
as it will set, if you can see brush strokes, they will stay as texture.

I have torn up some pieces of collage papers and used my ‘Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium’,
to adhere them to my page.
I have then mixed some ‘Matte Gel Medium’ with my ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paint’ in ‘X-Rated’.
I have roughly added patches of the yellow, leaving lines and lumpy bits that will set.

I have then used a stencil and my ‘Haute Mess Molding Paste’, to stencil a pattern.
I have then used ‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paint’ in ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ to stencil through the same stencil,
with a sponge.

I have then mixed some of my ‘Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel’ together with some
‘Haute Mess Acrylic Paint’ in ‘Sweet Candy Kisses’.
I have applied it roughly, with a palette knife.

To finish I have added some more collage papers torn up.
I have added a quote that I love,
and some letters to spell out my title.

I also have a process VIDEO of exactly how this page came together.
You can

Until next time!


I have used the following Bad Girls Couture Products:

Park Ave Penthouse Journal 

Haute Mess Molding Paste

Haute Mess Clear Gesso

Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium

Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint Drop Dead Gorgeous

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint Sweet Candy Kisses

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint X-Rated

One Little Piggy

Good morning! Nicole here with a really fun project! I picked up this little piggy from Target about a year ago since it was on the sales rack. I figured, I could alter it… make it pretty, but it sat on my desk for a year untouched until a few months ago I decided to add several coats of gesso on him. My thought was I’d be more motivated if I just got the process started. Know what I mean?

I added about 3 coats of gesso by the time I was done with the base. I wanted to make sure that none of the pink and black showed. Once the gesso was completely dry, I tore bits and pieces of pages from an old book and sealed it down on the piggy using Matted Gel.

I added a few stickers here and there. And then I sealed them down using some more Matte Gel Medium. I added a thick layer of gel to add some texture.

Once the gel was completely dry, I added a thin layer of the Caution Tape Haute Mess acrylic paint.

Once the paint was dry, I glued some buttons where the pig’s eyes should be. Then I added some Broken Doll Haute Mess acrylic paint to tone down the yellow a bit.

I put him aside for a few days to think about what else I wanted to do with him since I was out of idea, but I wasn’t quite happy with how he was turning out… A  few days later, I added some butterflies that I punched out from an old book. I glued down some cork hearts and gems. I added some word stickers and stamps in black.

Here he is! This piggy was a lot of work, but I am happy with the final project! He is sitting on my shelf again, looking prettier than ever.

A lot of details and thought went into this little guy. Here is a closer look at him.



Thanks for visiting today! Don’t forget to stop by the shop to see all of the gorgeous colors we have available in the Haute Mess Acrylic Paint Line. These paints are easy to work with and totally fun! Once you start playing with them, you won’t want to stop.

Color Blocking Journal Spread

Hi everyone. I decided to mix a few acrylic paint colors that I normally would not use together. I wanted to create a pretty, but funky layout! This helps me step out of my comfort zone a bit to try new things.

I painted the chipboard art journal page using the black a Haute Mess Acrylic Paint (Bad & Tatted). This paint is so pretty once it is try. It is more of a charcoal color!

Once the black was dry, I used washi tape to create lines across the chipboard to create a fun color block background. Watch the video at the end to see how this was done! Then I painted in between the washi strips using the X-rated and Broken Doll Haute Mess Acrylic Paints.

I added a few strips of washi tape down the center of the spread to add more designs and color to the spread. Then I added some black foam butterfly stickers on the black to add dimension.

I used a Matted Gel Medium to stick the book pages down on the chipboard prior to embellishing. Then I used Molding Paste and a stencil to create the butterfly. I did not plan on using so many mediums on this piece, but I was feeling very creative! This layout was so much fun to make. I really enjoyed the process.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope I inspired you to try different mediums on your next project. My video will show you how simple these mediums are to use!

‘Don’t be Afraid to Edit’ Art Journal Page


It’s Lisa here today to share an Art Journal Page with you.

I have started with a pink canvas page from my Park Ave Penthouse Journal.
I have given it a coat of ‘Clear Gesso’
then used ‘Molding Paste’ to stencil some patterns that I liked.

I have then adhered some gauze & tissue paper with my ‘Matte Gel’ Medium,
and then ‘Glass Bead Gel’ to add some texture.

I have then added some colour, using ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Distortion’, ‘Broken Doll’,
‘C-Note’ and ‘Bad & Tatted’.
A little bit of stamping

I have added some tags, stapled on.
Some elements from my papers, Word Stickers and chipboard pieces.

Loving the stitching on this page!

I hope you like what I have created.
I will be back soon with some more to share with you!


Bad Girls Couture Products Used:
Haute Mess Molding Paste

Haute Mess Clear Gesso

Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium

 Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel

Haute Mess ‘Fallen Angel’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘Distortion’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘C-Note’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘Broken Doll’ Acrylic Paint

Haute Mess ‘Bad & Tatted’ Acrylic Paint

Mixed Media Trinket Box + VIDEO


Hello Bad girls!
It’s Lisa here today to share a project with you.
I have created a Mixed Media Trinket Box,
using my favourite Haute Mess Mediums & Paints.

I have started with a simple cardboard trinket box from my $2 shop.
To start, I have added some lace around the edge of the lid and a chipboard frame to the centre,
with my Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium.

I have then coated it all in Haute Mess White Gesso.
I have adhered tissue paper and other elements with my Matte Gel Medium.
I have then used my Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel, to add texture to the box.

After more gesso, I have added some colour!
I have used my Haute Mess ‘Kiss & Don’t Tell’ Acrylic Paint.

I have then lightly brushed it with Haute Mess ‘Fallen Angel’ Acrylic Paint.

To finish I have lightly rubbed it with some metal wax.

You can watch the VIDEO below.

I have used the following Products from Bad Girls Couture:

Haute Mess White Gesso

Haute Mess Matte Gel Medium

Haute Mess Glass Bead Gel

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint ‘Fallen Angel’

Haute Mess Acrylic Paint ‘Kiss & Don’t Tell’

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Hey guys!  Michelle here and I’m getting all messy in my journal today and I know I say this every time…I am having way too much fun doing it!  Today’s piece didn’t end up anything like my original vision but it’s totally ok because I love how my vision for the page changed as I was working on it.  I did “junque” it up a bit by using a vintage hymnal page as part of my background.  So let me show you how it all came together!

I started out by preparing my page with a nice layer of molding paste

Next I painted over the dried molding paste with a thin coat of the Haute Mess Acrylic paint in “Grunge” and watered down some “Distortion” paint to give it a subtile aged effect.

Once those layers had all dried I moved on to applying the vintage hymnal page by brushing on a thin coat of matte gel under the vintage page and on top.  Again allow to dry before moving on.

Next I applied some strokes of Haute Mess Acrylics in “Last Sin” and “C-Note” with a pallet knife, making sure to leave some texture for added interest.

After that had dried I rubbed and dotted on some gold acrylic with my fingers before applying a thick line of Haute Mess Matte Gel with a brush to the center of towards the bottom of the page.

I then sprinkled coarse gold glitter over the matte gel (do not allow this to dry)

Before this has the opportunity to dry I came back over it and fanned it out with a brush and more matte gel medium.  This forms an anchor for my title and the photo that will go on the page.

Finally I applied some phrase stickers and a cardstock cutout of a vintage girl and inked the whole thing up with a black stamp pad.  Turns out it’s one of my favorite pages now!


Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Molding Paste
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Matte Gel
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic Paint “Distortion”
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic Paint “C-Note”
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic Paint “Grunge”
Bad Girls Couture Haute Mess Acrylic Paint “Last Sin”
Phrase Stickers & Cardstock Photo Die Cut – Tim Holtz
Vintage Hymnal Page
Gold Glitter


Repurpose Journal Page by Lisa Amiet

Hello all!
It’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you!

I have a page from my ‘Park Ave Penthouse Journal’ to show you.
This page speaks volumes about me, and it’s about something that makes me very happy :)
“Drink Tea & Read Books”

For this page I have used one of the white card stock pages from my journal.
I have then painted my page with ‘Clear Gesso’.

I have then used ‘Molding Paste’ and a stencil to give some texture to my background.

I have then added some colour to my page using my Haute Mess Acrylic Paints in
‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Mannequin’ & ‘Broken Doll’.

I have recycled an old watch face, that I have used on my page.
I have also repurposed some old book pages, into doilies.
I have used ‘Matte Gel Medium’ to adhere my paper pieces.

I hope you like what I have created, I had a lot of fun with this page.

Lisa xo

I have used the following Bad Girls Couture Products:
Clear Gesso –
Matte Gel –
Molding Paste –
Fallen Angel –
Mannequin –
Broken Doll –

Haute Mess Paint is made by hand by artisans here in the USA (Southern California).
We are a SMALL BATCH COMPANY. Every single color is mixed by hand ONE GALLON AT A TIME to ensure freshness.

There is a unique BATCH NUMBER on every single bottle of paint. We are able to tell
by that number who mixed your paint and what date it was mixed on.

Haute Mess Paint is completely free of VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds). Paint
has chemicals that can stay in the air for years. It can also give you headaches,
allergies, nausea, and other health problems. Not Haute Mess!

We are Eco-Friendly. No VOC’s. Recyclable container. The container can be
repurposed. Haute Mess Paint and Mediums swatch book included. Swatch book is ACTUAL
paint and mediums. NOT computer generated images. What you see is EXACTLY what you
get. Inspirational Post Card with ideas to inspire your muse.