Watercolor Art Journal Page

Good morning!! I have a fun tutorial to share with you today. For today’s project, I decided to experiment a little with my acrylic paints to create a watercolor background using the Vintage Music Note Page. I must admit, I love, love, love how this layout turned out. It is sooooo freaking pretty. I can’t stop looking at it. And…I created a video so you can see, step-by-step how to apply this technique the next time you want to get your hands dirty.

Before I applied the paint, I covered the Vintage Music Note Journal Page with Clear Gesso. Once the gesso was completely dry, I mixed a tiny drop of acrylic paint with a teaspoon of water using three different colors of paint: Caution Tape, Sweet Candy Kisses and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Then I covered the background using all three paints, using a heat gun to dry each color one-by-one before adding the next color to prevent the colors from bleeding.

I especially love the stitched trim along the edges. It looks sooo nice with the watercolors and I didn’t even have to pull out my sewing machine.

I mixed the Molding Paste with a little of the Caution Tape to add stars in the background.

I used Pink Paislee’s Horizon collection to embellish this layout once the paint paint was completely dry!

Here it is! I just love it… I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this video I prepared for you.

Thanks so much for visiting today!