What My Dreams Are Made Of | A Paint Tutorial in Art Journal

Ever notice how there are no songs written about Tuesdays?  I guess Tuesday isn’t a very sexy day of the week.  But here at the Bad Girls Couture blog, we usually like to “Junque It Up!”  However, I didn’t use any junk for today’s post.  What I did do was take one of the amazing pages you can choose to have in your very own Haute Mess Art Journal, and I threw some paint at it and totally JUNQUED IT UP!!  Here’s how the lovely Pocket Page started out before I got my messy fingers on it.

As you can see, this page is beautiful just as it is.  It is made with a beautiful piece of card stock with handwriting on it, which I adore.  Then there are three little pockets with a scalloped edge, and it’s all stitched up so cute.  And of course there are these three tags, just begging to be drenched in paint!

This page was so adorable, it’s taken me eight months to get up the courage to make a single mark on it.  But I had so much fun once I got started!!  The first thing I did was try out a new technique I recently learned where you take a page from a magazine, and place a stencil  underneath it.  Then you take sand paper and rub it gently over the magazine page.  It’s kind of like making a rubbing of a coin.  It scratches the design of the stencil into the image and removes particles of the paper and ink in the process.  You just move your stencil around and keep sanding till you get it good and textured up.

The Tags

My next step was to cut out sections of these lovely images and glue them onto my tags.  Aren’t they gorgeous??

If I had stopped right there I would have been perfectly happy.  But, I didn’t.  I got out my Haute Mess White Gesso and splattered it around with a palette knife and through a polka dot stencil to get even more texture going.

I decided to let the colors in the magazine pages inform my color palette.  The colors I used are as follows:  Make It Rain, Kiss and Don’t Tell, Torrid, Sweet Candy Kisses, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Last Sin, Bad & Tatted, Grunge and White Gesso.  Next I took some of my favorite stencils and the paint, and I added these sweet images to the tags and then did some outlining in a black pen and white gel pen.

They just needed a little something more.  So I grabbed my ink pad, and inked up the edges and then splattered some watered down Bad & Tatted on them with a paint brush!  I put the ribbon and string back on them, and that did the trick! Here’s how they ended up.

The Finished Tags

The Pocket & Background

Now it was time to work on the background page and that scalloped pocket.  The first thing I did was sponge some of the Kiss and Don’t Tell paint on the pocket using an inexpensive make up sponge.  To protect the background paper I folded up a piece of clean paper and tucked it in the pocket, being careful not to get it on the page underneath.

Here’s a visual of the next few steps I took.

I couldn’t find the exact sentiment I wanted, so I just wrote out the words I wanted on it, then cut them out in strips.  Using a glue stick I adhered them to the page, and outlined them in black pen to help them stand out from the page.  Next I splattered some of that watered down Bad & Tatted on the background and pockets for some darker values on the page.

The Finished Project

That just about wraps it up for me.  I have lots more eye candy for you, so you can see more of this fun project. I hope you like it.

We are so glad you dropped by to visit today and check out this post!  While you’re here, go visit the shop and see all the fantastic products that Wendy has put together for you!  That’s all for me today, I will see you soon!

Dale Ann

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