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Hey there, Nicole here with you today! So, us bad girls want to know what’s in your closet? Are you a plain Jane kind of girl, solid colors, or patterned kind of girl? Does your closet look like your patterned paper? Hey, if it does…no shame there… We just wanna know!

Just recently, I decided to do some spring cleaning so I went through my clothes and started a giveaway pile. I did Edward’s as well. Gotta do it when the mood strikes because it doesn’t happen often. LOL, while I was going through my clothes, I realized that I wear lots of patterns in all sizes and shapes. My favorite colors are blue and green. At one time, my closet was mostly blues and green until a co-worker asked me once, “Nicole, is blue your favorite color?” And so…I though, I should add some more colors to my wardrobe. 🙂

I never considered myself a flower kind of girl until I looked into my closet. I do wear a lot of flowers. Also, I wear plaid, paisley and birds. I am NOT a big fan of red. You will see a shirt in here that is red, but when I bought it online, It looked pink…but since it’s not a solid red, I wear it occasionally. 🙂

I wear a lot of solid pants (olive green, black and blue) but I do love my palazzo paints with it’s fun patterns and fun shapes. I need to add a few more pairs to my collection. Oh, and let’s not forget polka dots! The ladies laugh at me when I wear them.

Toby wanted to help me organize. 🙂

 Where do you shop for your clothes? I love New York & Company.

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  1. Irina Volzhina
    Irina Volzhina says:

    I was interested to see your wardrobe))) I like how you characterized it) I live across the ocean from you and I’m interested to know you closer! I’ll be preparing to show my wardrobe …

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