With the World at Odds….I find myself creating something Positive

Hi Bad Girls! It’s been a while…sheeesh….everything was going great and then the world threw all of us a curve ball…that is, I understand, a gross understatement. COVID19 Is something very serious and can I first offer everyone out there who has gotten sick or lost a loved one or family member, my deepest apologies and know my prayers are with you.

It took me a long time to gain my bearings with Bad Girls Couture. I lost all the help I had and I am at the time running this entire company by myself. I am the everyone person. So instead of seeng the negative part of this pandemic I have strived to be positive. I rolled up my sleeves and wondered how in the world could I take this on alone? There were a lot of ways I got lucky though….I had tons of Vintage Fabrics that I always wanted to use to create The Haute Mess Art Journals in. The problem was that there wasn’t enough of these specialty fabrics to mass produce them. Hmmmm…..I figured that was ok with me. This was the perfect time to stock up on some inventory by making them myself and creating as many as I could so I could treat everyone with a new release every week. Sure…there will not be a lot of each one, but how special will it be to have a one of a kind Art Journal with a gorgeous one of a kind fabric?!

I hope I can shed a little bit of hope and happiness and make this time of staying at home a little more creative and joyful!

The Mixed Media Journal Box “Naked In The Rain” is my answer to feeling so vulnerable, like I am….Naked In the Rain. I will continue to address what is going on in the world with more releases…I have another one coming in a couple days to address the unrest with the death of George Floyd.  More about that tomorrow, but please know I am at the forefront of support for Black Lives Matter and the support of black owned companies and protestors. My prayers are with all that have been effected. My soul seeks answers and I find myself doing a lot of soul searcing at this time. I feel it’s all I can do to keep my sanity with everything going on.

On a positive note…I love this Mixed Media Art Journal Box…here it is everyone….NAKED IN THE RAIN!!!! Do you love it? Yep! It’s Totes Adorbs!

LOVE all of you girls…if there’s a time to be BAD….do it now! Enjoy your time while youre at home and start creating more! xoxo